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Business Owner, Super Hero & Geek Girl. Likes Google, Technology, Video Games & Social Media. Over 4 Million followers on GooglePlus. I am the owner of Girlfriend Social the website.

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  1. Amanda Blain    

    But this cold has me knocked out… :)

  2. Stuart Duff    

    Single Malt, won't cure it but you'll be too drunk to notice you're sick.

  3. Karin Nelson    

    2000 mg watersoluble Vitamin C and 5000 iU of Vitamin D, take this daily for two days and you should be way better.

  4. Frank Warwick    

    What a challenged, I don't know if I would be putting that out there, good luck to you.

  5. Tyler Cooper    

    Bring it on the world wont end

  6. Miguel Angel Ortiz Camilo    

    well, doesn't sound too polite an kind o_o

  7. Screw Muggz    

    I never saw a fat lady sing for any of these events!

  8. Victor Villanueva    

    And we survive Argentina 2001 Crisis too.

  9. Michael Hodge    

    A sucker punch from the bug. Go to your corner and regroup and come out fighting. +Amanda Blain. Ding!! Group Hug!

  10. Idrialis Castillo    

    I survived all that + the Rapture, huracan George, Huracan Iván, Huracán Olga, the president Hipólito Mejía (00-04) plus others

  11. Bernd Hoeschele    

    there will be more crisis coming, don't worry!

  12. dawn ahukanna    

    It's always the little things. OK, in this case the microscopic virus!

  13. Boy Lincoln    

    beware of bad hospital care … could kill :-(

  14. Ralph Cloud    

    How about marshall law?………

  15. George Hayes    

    But will the nation survive Obama?

  16. Ralph Cloud    

    how about the birth certificate?…lol

  17. Karl Johnson    

    We survived Bush, we'll be fine!

  18. Shawn Cormican    


  19. Taylor Owens    

    lol ………. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED serious face _.

  20. T.C. Deane    

    I live in Japan ………STILL ! Hah !

  21. Tracy Leon    

    What are we fighting for.. " well its 1, 2 , 3 , 4. we're all gonna die"

  22. Kura Mahan    

    considering history didnt predict any of those things for hundreds of years that statement is irrelevant and idiotic

  23. Alexann Zahara    

    But, hey… if the world ends, at least Justin Bieber is brought down with us.

  24. karim kogi    

    is only him to thanks he protect you to be some one today

  25. Austin Ng Ping Loong    

    2012 is a lucky YEAR , damme it don't be so negative.

  26. elfy hoots    

    yea well i survived swine flu

  27. Rich Gomez    

    Poor inocense no clue what so ever. Sad no one can help you but God and humble heart.

  28. Jacob Martin    

    does it look like im dead yet? i dont think so

  29. Kenshin Matsumoto    

    Geez, the world ain't gonna end! What idiot believes it would?

  30. Elisabeth Eubank    

    i hate the stupid end of the world crap.

  31. PINKY U.S.A    

    r u you ready for the end of the world to come. u will shit your pants so stop joking around . watch in a blink of a eye .gone

  32. Joel Wilson    

    same here, I did not take the flew shot during the school years, no-ore have I started

  33. Elisabeth Eubank    

    it didnt happen in 2000, it wont happen now.

  34. Kenshin Matsumoto    

    Who started the stupid rumour anyway? What's so special about 2012?

  35. Natoya Rose    

    The truth is that the Mayans just ran out rock on which they were carving their calendar and unfortunately some people think that means something :)

  36. Austin Barnes    

    Blink of an eye will not be too bad then- as long as I dont have to run from fire, water, or freeze to death.. Ill take the blink ; )

  37. Kenshin Matsumoto    

    Just cause the Mayans ran out of space, it doesn't mean it's the end of everything!

  38. Austin Barnes    

    yea— Maybe their Chisel broke

  39. Kenshin Matsumoto    

    Ha ha oh well, who made the mayans all powerful anyway? Honestly, they're just ancient crackpots.

  40. William Smith    

    2012 We don't really know what will happen but, if we look at the current weather I would say Global warming will be the start of our end !

  41. Tyler Dupre    

    the Mayans did not include leap years in their calendar. Without the extra day every four years, the world should have ended about 7 months ago.

  42. Kenshin Matsumoto    

    Yeah, why do we have to be so wasteful?! And that is true.

  43. Andrey Cherneha    

    Technically, you didn't escape Twin towers, didn't eat mad meat and didn't cure yourself form the flu. So, I'd say: don't poke a bear and keep your pants on

  44. Eduardo Zamora    

    They used a different calender. The calender was based on different number of days. We know the number of days. In order to translate the number of days into a date in our calender, WE need to take into account the leap years. +Tyler Dupre

  45. Kenshin Matsumoto    

    Ha ha gee, you don't take things too literally.

  46. Austin Barnes    

    So far the bible has been right for years- Mankind will destroy earth– cars, nukes, kardashians.. hehe

  47. Natoya Rose    

    And Kenshin Matsumoto , who said it did?????????????????????

  48. Natoya Rose    

    that because they ran out of space the world would end????????????

  49. giovanny medina    

    hey I always keep my pants down o.k strangry

  50. Kenshin Matsumoto    

    I didn't, that's for sure Natyoya Rose.

  51. Natoya Rose    

    yep, you did " Just cause the Mayans ran out of space, it doesn't mean it's the end of everything!"

  52. Kenshin Matsumoto    

    I didn't say it WOULD end, I said it wouldn't.

  53. Ramage Mendez    

    One of these days someone is going to get it right.

  54. Lover Aclane    

    The world is never end till you die.

  55. Matt Esky    

    You don't know how true this is to me!
    Thank you for posting it. Live from NY it's Sunday night, hahahaha!

  56. giovanny medina    

    maybe stranger that I don,t know

  57. Natoya Rose    

    apologies Kenshin Matsumoto – I'm going to bow out in light of my sudden inability to make sense :)

  58. Sam Berry    

    Haters gonna hate and potatoes gonna potate

  59. Austin Barnes    

    I better get my last paycheck before that day I will be pissed if it happens on a thursday!!!!!

  60. Riaz Syed    

    Your world ends when you die.

  61. Paul Deegan    

    I read somewhere that the Mayan calendar, did not have leap years, so according to that calendar — if it was going to happen – it already would have :)

  62. Michael Grube    

    You didn't survive Bird Flu. H5N1 can't be transmitted from human to human.

  63. Kenshin Matsumoto    

    Riaz Syed, the world still goes on if you die.

  64. Ronald Woodhouse    

    Yeah, I survived all that as well as 2 years, 3and 1?2 months at N.A.A.S. Chase Field, Beeville, Texas.

  65. Anil Jagtap    

    Y2K was a non existing computer problem hype, not an attack

  66. Ethan Walters    

    im going to laugh at the myans on New Year's day 2013…

  67. Daniel AstrO Day    

    You Jus wait… untill after you've sleep with me… Hehe!

  68. Charles Guntermann    

    I did too. But now I have COPD Emphysema and heart disease.

  69. Sandeep Deshpande    

    2012 is supposed to be bigger than all of those combined :)

  70. Benjammin Miller    

    Don't forget PTSD and a nervous twitch…

  71. Gerson DeOliveira    

    I even survived myself, that deserves honors!

  72. Jason Riddle    

    Uh oh.. Here come the Walkers.

  73. Eddie Mohan    

    Hey +Amanda Blain,
    I know how you feel! Every year there will be a new disease, super germ, or a lost religious prophecy from an ancient civilization that predicts our impending doom.
    Wouldn't it be crazy if this is the year a simple cold takes us all out? ;-)

  74. Eric Schiffman    

    2012 heralds the birth of Snookie's baby…no one will survive.

  75. Luís Rosales    

    +Eddie Mohan Wasn't swine flu just another cold, and everyone bandwagoned on the propaganda that its so dangerous?

  76. samuel johnson    

    granted, some of those were real threats, as opposed to superstition in misreadings of an ancient religion…

  77. Maitu pham    

    you r a survivor!!!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Wil Owens    

    In Southern Cali, we currently have the prolonged sinus, snot, congestion, cough, leaky nose WTF, for months kind of shiznick going on and it never seems to end. Everybody is suffering one way or the other and it ain't related to allergies. All of the medication is flying off the shelves and we're all still sick. There is something going on and the govt is not sharing, but the pharmaceutical industry is getting rich!

  79. Derek Wright    

    Totally agree with the sentiment

  80. Daniel Schmidt    

    You know, not everyone did survive 9/11 or the wars that followed…

  81. John Cox    

    Yeah no kidding bring it on Mayans ! LMAO

  82. Aditya Chanda    

    dude she's talking bout herself… not those who were lost calm down

  83. William Wilkinson    

    Obviously you aren't prepared for zombie appocalypse

  84. putu mare    

    how you survive 9/11 ? were you on one of the tower ?

  85. sam patrick    

    o I am so sorry am glad you are here with us to day

  86. Jeffrey Lustig    

    The Mayans couldn't predict their own civilization's collapse. I have no reason to believe they could predict the end of earth.

  87. Christopher Laughter    

    The media likes to keep something stirred up all the time,
    just to make sure we stay stressed.

  88. Amanda Kuo    

    and SARS don't forget the SARS!

  89. Alonzo Lopez    

    I didn't just survive any of these.. i was unnaffected by all.. lol

  90. Dexter Gotos    

    Add to the list those end-of-the-world announcements by doomsayers.

  91. Jim Morrison    

    Hey i assume you are bionic woman 2012 Amanda

  92. saibal saha    

    now waiting for Dooms day on 12.12.2012…..a complete circle.

  93. Jane Flowers    

    Wondering what's next after 2012 :)

  94. Jessica Smith    

    Hahahaha that's good! LOL:):)

  95. Simon Jou Zhang    

    Ever consider it's an attempt at mass hysteria?

  96. Amber Thomas    

    It's funny how everyone is talking about the end of the world saying it ain't gonna happen….well if it's not, then why is EVERYONE talking about? Trying to reassure yourselves?

  97. Danning Yu    

    2012 at this rate is not gonna affect you at all.

  98. Terry Neal    

    A quite successful one at that…good observation. They are playing the music…and we dance.

  99. Tod Anderson    

    The world being what it is, I'm praying the Mayans are correct…

  100. Paige Potswald    

    I don't think the end of the world is going to happen for a long time. No one can predicte the future. Only god knows the future.

  101. Kayden Young    

    sweet i doubt it will happen

  102. Kevin Kolari    

    This is too funny and so true

  103. joselito ladines    

    …dont celebrate yet, TDR-TB ( totally drug resistant – TB ) is in the offing…one down in London:(

  104. johnny bolinder    

    no y2k is a point peaple thought all tech eould stop working but it nevr happend the number 2 stood for the year 2000

  105. Juan Saldivar    

    Right on bro! Survival is what we are all about. Hahahaha

  106. Paul Lou    

    The Mayans and Chinese I Chang did not state anything about the end of the world in 2012.

  107. Gisele George    

    you forgot H1N1!!! oh wait…nvrmind:)

  108. clint smith    

    good thing the Mayan calender didnt take leap years into account…… sometime in august 2013 according to the mayan calender

  109. Colin Firth    

    Im only 33 years old and have eaten British beef all my life up until i was 21. Its too early to say whether I have Survived Mad Cow :)

  110. William Mahnken    

    Mayan's used a lunar year, so leap year is a moot point. Their calendar was translated into the Julian calendar, therefore December 21st is correct.

  111. Kath GM    

    Hahahaha… yeah 2012 hit me with your best shot!

  112. Mark Secare    

    Mayans could predict 2012 but couldn't predict Cortez kicking their asses….

  113. Uiese Vaefaga    

    Why? Not even the Angles in heaven knows when the world going to end!!! Ba-hum-ba, to the mayans…..

  114. Tabia Schmidt    

    vote for the cat apocalypse when the end comes :) :3

  115. Joseph Butler    

    we are fighters fighting to survive.

  116. Sanjoy Mitter    

    Fool….. just 1 degree needed!

  117. Lyzz Durbin    

    exactly, the Mayans didnt know about daylight savings time so their little thing should have happened all ready

  118. LeeAnne Kovacs    

    How can the world end in 2012 when my yogurt expires in 2013?

  119. james cheney    

    I actually know someone who had swine flu… he got a tatoo of a flying pig after he got better

  120. Max Fort    

    9/11 was a great tragedy, but was in no way a sing of the end of the world.

  121. David Quinlan    

    "Oh hubris, you will never betray me, right?"

  122. David Chatham    


  123. Kyron Weaver    

    Next century it will be…

  124. Marques Campbell    

    Nostrodamus predicted the end of the world in 2012 also and scientist are expecting solar flare ups and all kinds of atmospheric disturbances. Personally I think the decision hasn't been made yet but what I do know is that we began the year with birds falling out of the sky. Also we have had 11 earthquakes in Ohio and I have never heard of earthquakes in Ohio before.

  125. Becky Daniel    

    Hit that one right on the money!

  126. Robert Scheffel    

    Can you survive another 4 more years of Obama? The dictator

  127. jeanette taurozzi    

    NO I cant survive 4 years years of mr socilaist! we need a real change in 2012

  128. Raymond Lulling    

    Can you survive without water.
    Global warming is real, and already places are having trouble finding water. Soon perhaps all water will be bottled. Even our local utility is starting a new program to regulate and bill for water consumption.
    Make no mistake 2012 does not mark the end of the world as in Armageddon. But it does mark the end of the world, as in this year everything will change. Everything must change. Our planet is changing, everything is changing but us.
    Now, we have no choice, or we die.

  129. chuck norton    

    REM said… it's the end of the world aa we know it… for me? Goldwater… nixon… apollo.. beatles… aquarius… three dog night… end of Viet Nam… life with anothet person… children… GRAND CHILDREN.,.. its the end of the world as I knew it…..

  130. Sonia Vargas    

    until aliens come then were all fucked :)

  131. khushbo nisar    

    Shut up we never know when the world is going to end only god knows

  132. Jennifer Barsotti    

    lmao Hilarious! Funny how many times the world has been coming to an end huh?

  133. kyle miller    

    You mean I gotta wait for aliens to show up to get some action? Wtf?

  134. Tejaswa Jain    

    yeah!!!…….that's the spirit

  135. Daryl Falk    

    Really? Uh like u can survive Gaia

  136. Vipul Rai    

    But nothing can happen dear

  137. Jose Santiago    

    Becareful what you wish for!

  138. kristen hotspells    

    the world will end when tomorrow comes

  139. Reo Cruz    

    You can't really say you survived something if you weren't inflicted in some way, shape or form. You just were an unaccounted statistic.

    So unless you suffered it firsthand or by related means, then you in no way "survived" anything.

  140. Kath GM    

    Oh come on, must we be analytical all time? Have we lost our sense of humor? ;-p

  141. amado salazar    

    You probably had to deal with a simular situation as this one .. My guess is that your gonna blow straight throu this one.. Let me kno .

  142. Seho Won    

    Nuclear weapon at North Korea maybe???

  143. Natalie Rich    

    i serioously doubt 2012 is gonna happen.

  144. simon maina kariuki    

    gotten you right.joking is medicine to fatigue.thanx

  145. Belinda Kamel    

    What else could go wrong. :))

  146. bradley sipes    

    2 things.
    First 2012 is happening, right now.
    And second it just wont end in disaster.

  147. Gary Blewaska    

    After 2012 it will be 2013 and so on ………….

  148. Jason Sandry    

    According to the Mayan calendar, which didn't use leap year, it would be something like July 2013 right now so go on with your lives it has already passed.

  149. amado salazar    

    Before i forget.. If u close ur eyes n evry thing is still around when you open them.ur good if u close them n you cant read the rest of this

  150. Jason Sandry    

    Also 9/11 shouldn't be categorized with the other B.S. on that list.

  151. Aric Garlinger    

    dont ask thats a bad question in my line of work lol

  152. Ganesh Venkat    

    +Amanda Blain so true.. Cold is worst than this end of the world stuff!!!!

  153. samuel kerdel    

    nice to bad ive got them all arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  154. Gerard de Souza    

    Don't make such a big deal about 9/11. It was never the end of the world!

  155. Aurejana Wilson    

    Mucinex liquid in the blue bottle, if you're congested. Will knock. It. Out. Oh, yeah, and ditto, bring it on.

  156. CustomLight UpCaps    

    Lets not forget Aids, cigarettes and the guy that writes the songs that makes the young girls cry!

  157. Osiris Jenkins    

    Mayan calendar just resets. Its the end of their cycle. Plus anyone that takes them serioisly doesnt take into account they believed the universe rode on the back of a rabbit. Not to mention their callendar doesnt have leap year etc which puts their dec date years ago in our past and already happened

  158. Zohaib Ali    

    that's like a brave heart ,,, good to have some one like this

  159. boo Jay    

    If I die before Man of Steel comes out, I'm going to be soooo pissed.

  160. Russell Brunskill    

    The aztec calender didn't use leap years! So the end of the world should have happend months ago…

  161. Sinan Çetinkaya    

    I'll put that on your grave stone :D
    Oh my Allah, I love these funny comments :)
    Have you ever seen anybody alive 150 years old?
    You are going to die as we are ;)

  162. Ahmet Abdulaziz    

    i am too lucky to survive the year 2011

  163. zigzag crixros    

    not lucky sum1 is taking extra care on you.

  164. USAMA MUGHAL    

    9/11 was the biggest lie of the world by america.

  165. Aaron Allen    

    Careful when you cry wolf!

  166. Blake Harms    

    Just…. stop. This "end of the world in 2012" BS needs to stop. It's not funny, it's certainly not true, and it's starting to annoy quite a few people, including myself.
    But don't listen to me, I'm just a guy. Instead listen to a funny British guy explain it:
    It's Not The End Of The World

  167. Aaron Allen    

    Thear calender stopped because other people destroyed thear culture !

  168. Kevin Hart    

    Probably could have done without "9/11" in this one.

  169. Frederick Reich    

    +Kevin Hart I agree. Everyone survived Y2K. Not everyone survived the rest of the list. I know it was meant to be lighthearted but…

  170. Sean Bonner    

    +Frederick Reich I'm pretty sure plenty of people didn't survive Y2K, and plenty more won't survive 2012…

  171. Geno Batchelor    

    there Will b no end of the World in 2012

  172. Sanpeth Maketh    

    heiligen Scheißhaufen! ~900k of people in her circle?!?
    I hate to be the pessimistic nub here, but I hope she survive the lag once Google force the "new design" of their services (ever seen that | Switch to the new look | lately?) on all the users…
    On a completely unrelated notion, after learning the greatness of her profile, I was helplessly troubled from the hideous idea of comparing her to the Toba Catastrophe Theory; which one would have a greater impact to the male genetic bottleneck?
    Whew, with that off my chest, now feel free to troll meh for the lulz- XD

  173. praveen kumar    

    Fight it back that the way we can survive anything.

  174. Brandon Quiter    

    If the end of the world comes we will NOT be ready. The world will turn into Panem. LOL. :D May the odds be EVER in OUR favor. :D Happy Hunger Games.

  175. Stefan Isendahl    

    Just because some ancient people's calendar happened to run out in 2012 is no reason to panic. Our politicians – now there's something to be scared of!

  176. Maiko Gabriel Kinzel Engelke    

    Some people still get paranoic with ancient bullshit…

  177. Mohsin Shaik    

    Tat's cool, Its hard to find such a supergirl who cud survive all this.

  178. Camilo Martinez    

    And you forgot the antrax attack.

  179. Paul Martin    

    Solar Flares are the next threat to Mankind… The Biggest threat to mankind is mankind!

  180. Andrew Mccallum    

    yea those arent even noteworthy ,,, jk we have gone through alot these past years but the future is what makes us

  181. Vinit Lalka    

    Not to mention also all those taxes levied by government & so much corruption & petty people fighting over petty things……..

  182. Hamilton Kulchetscki    

    so…? I survived since 3 years old all of this…..poisonous snake bite,a 43 degrees fever typhus,run over by a car,H .tension electrical shock,train accidente,truck accident ,nearly drowing twice,2 planes crushes,knife point robery,assault,car accident and also the tax man….and I´m not a hero,just another coward strugle´s for survival…Death n Green Ripper may be in love with me,but I still love Life….

  183. Max Pray    

    I beat all those things by sitting on my damn couch. Whatever, man.

  184. Sebastian carmand    

    Yea! I hear you Amanda like Y2K never happened and now…there saying the world is going to end on December 21, 2012 I don't get it's like scientist want to be correct and scientist said at 6:06 the world is going to end but it never happened it's like scientist want to be correct!…I hear you loudly! Maybe they want people to be scared

  185. Charden Ki'ard    

    in 2013 i'm going to an indian reservation to point and laugh

  186. Al Seaman    

    good luck w/ the '12 thing(gonna need it)

  187. Victor Abbott    

    Go on caldera, don't let me down…

  188. Zane Jones    

    You're going to get hit by a bus now…

  189. Windell CAstillo    

    lol….totally agrreeeeeeeeee

  190. Amanda Blain    

    +Sanpeth Maketh if we call came from 1,000 or 10,000 pairs of mating couples… you would think you would be nicer to random people you dont know at all… but then again… Trollz on the internet…. :P

  191. Glenn Vitale    

    Mayans ran out of space on rock, too bad they didn't have Kinkos?

  192. dustin baldree    

    Interesting fact about Mayans they didn't count for leap year like we do so wouldn't the world end like. ..4 months ago like every one claims

  193. Alexandria O'Brien    

    Rock on babe.
    I didn't do that but, i was really sick for a few months cause I have asthma.

  194. Jhon Mondarte    

    Oh and I have survived the Philippines, too, and will continue to do so. Great post Amanda Blain, and oh so true: bring it on!

  195. Kath GM    

    And what happened to you +Jhon Mondarte? If I may ask? =)

  196. rodri Marceli    


  197. jim tabi    


  198. Anthony Barber    

    Shouldn't that list include "New Kids on the Block?" :-)

  199. Shelly Hayes    

    If this is when the Rapture will come , I want to be in that group .

  200. Joel Seltmann    

    ….you've been chipped with self-assembling nano chips and circuits, and you don't even know it!….DOH!

  201. stewart strik    

    You forgot 1975 the end of the earth as we know it JW's armegadon

  202. Taylor Borth    

    The Mayan calendar actually didn't account for the leap year which Caesar started in 45 BC. Since the creation of the leap year there has been about 500 days (with Caesar's system revised) which means we were going slower than the Mayan calendar and that we are behind what it is now, a year and 100 something days which means 2012 happened about 230 days ago. Nothing to worry about errbody :).

  203. Vytautas Einikis    

    i biliv in bautiful fjiucher you hev veri nais pikches

  204. ????? ????????    

    Solomon said "…everything is passing by…" So are your troubles

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