Why limit the number of items in a change room?

Someone in G+ knows the answer to this… Today I went to the change room at a popular us clothing store with 9 items and joined a lengthy line of ladies wanting to try on clothes. We all had to hang our items and then get a silly number to go into the change room… i was of course informed 9 is 'too many' , 8 is the max… and I would need to get dressed and come back out for the one item.

Annoying. Fine. But when all was said and done and I came out of the change room, handed over the number, but i kept some of the items because i was purchasing them. She didnt bother counting them and i had already walked away.

I realize there is some sense of anti theft security in these number systems… but really.. what is the point? Is she going to run after me because 8 items didnt come out? Never happened to me.. so why not let me take 9 items in

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