Amanda Blain

Business Owner, Super Hero & Geek Girl. Likes Google, Technology, Video Games & Social Media. Over 4 Million followers on GooglePlus. I am the owner of Girlfriend Social the website.

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  1. Scott Hill    

    If I could answer those questions +Amanda Blain, I might actually have success getting a date.

  2. Marie Axelsson    

    Well I don't believe there ever were any 😉

  3. Matt Delisle    

    …because nice normal socially adjusted people don't exist

  4. Sebastian Germain    

    >socially adjusted

  5. Szandor Xint    

    I think nice, normal, socially adjusted people just don't need the internet to date/socialize.

  6. Scott Hill    

    Hey now +Brandi Bull, I resemble that remark. 😛

  7. David Lee    

    I must have just lucked out. I had the exact same ideas about women till I went online and met my Lady.

    and whats wrong with kittens? Prepared right they taste just like chicken.

  8. Raymond Corsetti    

    lol, I love how women see men as the issue and vice versa.. I have met some awful kinds of crazy from the female population. Its not just men. women carry the crazy too.

  9. Derrick Best    

    I met my partner online dating and still going strong since 2007. So there nice people out there.

  10. Joseph DeFazio    

    I'm not against online dating. I met my wife on ToonTown XD. Although, I wouldn't consider myself normal.

  11. Christopher Stokes    

    i have facebook and thats enough lol. omg is it.

  12. Charles Moore    

    I met my wife IRL. But we grew from casual acquaintances to friends via email. Without those conversations, we would never have gotten together.

  13. Clayton Vernal    

    Stop looking, goto a bar someplace (Real one not a "online" bar) , relax & have fun.
    See how you get on.

  14. Christopher Stokes    

    bars are not great places but you can get layed thou 😉

  15. Michael Durwin    

    Because you're looking in the wrong place with too narrow of a view.

  16. Amanda Blain    

    There are no men vs women remarks in my question thank you very much.. I clearly stated peoples.. :)

    I regularly leave my house… and get introduced to/meet lots of nice married couples and people :)

  17. Martijn van der Meulen    

    I don't think it's that ridiculous. I've tried it twice but for guys it's just as difficult as the picture above implies – it's not easy meeting a 'normal' person. Saying that, meeting a normal person whilst going out isn't easy either. I met my girlfriend in a pub, which is a bit cliché, but if you're trying to find someone who really connects with you it's better to have an open mind on how you might bump into that person.

  18. Cherie DeBrule    

    Alot of men are just on there for sex.

  19. Derrick Best    

    +David Lee you need to come by me for dinner sometime. Be sure to bring your specially prepared kitten

  20. Cherie DeBrule    

    It's hard to find a connection either online or in person these days.

  21. Nikki Volz    

    He may be all those things, but she is emotionally unstable and has an unhealthy diet of computer hardware. We're not all perfect ;).

  22. Christopher Stokes    

    and besides your a very very pretty women guys should be all over you asking for dates…

  23. Barb David    

    Online allows us to be picky and dismissive without much personal discomfort, so some good people (potential mates) are dismissed due to poor grammar or unflattering pics. When meeting someone IRL, one tends to take in the package as a whole. Online allows me to pick someone apart word by word, character by character.

    Full disclosure, I met my partner online in 2004, and he is mostly awesome! :)

  24. Karen Thomas Sherin    

    An age old problem no matter who you are, what you look like or where you live. Like my grandma always used to say .. you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince LOL

  25. Charles Moore    

    I hate bars. Smoke. Loud music I rarely like. Dim lights. That means I can't tell if the peoples can carry on a conversation, look decent, or smell clean. WTF kind of place is that to meet anyone?!

  26. James Finstrom    

    I did online dating. The female population is just as bad. I think I am mostly normal and have been married to a woman I met online 10 years ago.

  27. Derrick Best    

    There's alot of women there just for sex too +Cherie DeBrule

  28. Barb David    

    hurt? I hurt someone? dammit skulks off to find wine

  29. Clayton Vernal    

    +Charles Moore Well the bars I goto are Non-smoking , good back ground music with tranquil garden bars. And guess what… thats where i met MY princess! :p

  30. Yas Mean    

    I work for eHarmony.I just died laughing.

  31. Justin Kettel    

    Good question +Amanda Blain and thankfully, I'm married and no longer have to go through the whole dating hell.

    Your question is timely because I just started working with a guy (also from Canada) who is experiencing the same dilemma. He finds it's easy to meet woman through the sites he utilizes, but complains it's difficult to meet quality woman due to the fact that so many stretch the truth or eliminate key details, etc.

  32. Christopher Stokes    

    +Derrick Best yep i know many like that with my music and art i get so many that want just sex. so your right

  33. EL Bacon    

    in G+ – online no longer means only the written word or static images – you can now do hangouts and HEAR them laugh and see them move and smile or grin – Thank You HANGOUTS!

  34. Christopher Stokes    

    i just did a funny video about google hang outs Google+ Video Chat Room

  35. Yas Mean    

    +Neil Whiteman Don't take anything on the OKC blog seriously. monkeys write their novels.

    +Christopher Stokes Yeah. I've seen. Only about a million times. :p when the crazy cat lady came out my life sucked for like 2 weeks

  36. Amanda Blain    

    +Yas Mean I never used eharmony… but i doubt its better… 😐

    +Justin Kettel Canada you say… which section? 😉

    I hangout a lot. 😉 90% of people who do are also married/relationshiped… or VERY strange.

  37. Tejas Richard    

    I met my wife while drunkenly filling in a darts tournament. That may have shaped our entire relationship.

  38. Stacy Frazer    

    I hang out and I'm not married or strange…….well not real strange

  39. Scott Hill    

    I'd have to concur with +Amanda Blain about the strange part.. as I'm sure I fall in that category myself. :)

  40. Derrick Best    

    +Christopher Stokes +Mark Faine Most are online. Or found a man that is as practical as they are.

    I wanna tell all the women commenting here to lighten up a bit, there are plenty of good men out there. But there are too many jerks around out there IRL for me to be taken seriously.

  41. James M    

    Why? You have all these wonderful choices here on G+, :)

  42. Amanda Blain    

    +Derrick Best 😉 again… i dont hate men.. or blame men… i run a website of women… all human peoples are equally nutbars.. :)

    +Stacy Frazer flattered you want to date darling… but not my style tee hee.

    Thank your commentors… one is never alone on the intertubes in complaint misery.. :) ?

  43. Michael Durwin    

    +Brandi Bull pleez. Every single girl I know has the MOST ridiculous criteria for men. 6-pack, 6-figure salary, wants kids, is a homebody but still has a ton of friends and busy social life, athletic, intellectual, perfect hair, snappy dresser, likes antiquing…
    So, basically a rich gay man with a split personality.

  44. Brett Bjornsen    

    A little late on this one…67 comments and running… +Amanda Blain , it might be that you're surrounded by Canadians… just sayin 😉

    Only kidding… everything was much easier in the old days before electricity…

  45. Tejas Richard    

    /s/ Yeah, and every guy will stuck it in anything wet and warm… Wait, that is true. Damn.

  46. Justin Kettel    

    He is from Toronto's arch enemy +Amanda Blain… Montreal. We hit it off b/c I'm from Detroit (practically Canada) and we both like hockey.

    Besides being French Canadian Amanda, he's quite normal. He writes code for us, a big technology geek, etc.

  47. Vincent Murphy    

    Don't give up hope, I met my beautiful amazing wife on the Guardian Soulmates website. Here is a short vid of a news item featuring our ridiculously romantic traditional English country wedding Henley's humanist weddings

  48. Derrick Best    

    I read somewhere that the only normal thing about people is that they're all a bit abnormal.

  49. Tanea Ramsey    

    I met my husband online. We have been together for 8 years come January, and married for 4 in February. The best decision I ever made was to answer his email..

  50. Christopher Stokes    

    +Stacy Frazer did you animate your face? on your profile i was peeking

  51. Amanda Blain    

    Hmmmm +Andy Cameron mayhaps you have something there…
    Just need to find a math formula for determining someones normalness…. BRING IT MATH GEEKS OF PLUS!

    +Vincent Murphy This video is all about awesome… Beautiful wedding! P.s. Is the brother of the bride single? 😉

  52. Harold Harlander    

    because we rather believe in a fantasy then reality in this ever changing world of electronic gadgets, then the daily reality of real people. Driven by wants and desires, we rather believe than know.
    Really sucks when you have a electronic relationship for month just to find out that your being set up/scammed..

  53. Stephen K    

    There is no such thing as normal cause everyone has that secret about themselves ;), but I've never used online dating and I've always found great girls to date. Some were shy, others were loud. . . i've never dated a socially awkward girl, but not finding dates online kind of filters that out. hell yeah they were all weird, but we all are and that's why we always have fun.

  54. Matt Delisle    

    +Justin Kettel What's abnormal about being French Canadian?

  55. Yas Mean    

    +Amanda Blain oh don't worry. it's not. LOL its all propaganda honey. ours is written by very talented marmots. they can also juggle and do birthday parties. :p its a different world though. I mean neither is better than the other because they are totally different products.

  56. Yas Mean    

    more to your actual question one thing i have learned in my job is the difference between settling and compromise. there are some extremely shallow narrowminded people out there genuinely wondering why they are alone. Makes my job awesome to have to explain that to them.

  57. Vincent Murphy    

    +Amanda Blain Alas not, but my bestest mate in the world is. He has a Doctorate in Parasitology but a couple of years ago gave it up to set up his own very succesful carpentry business. A real smart guy and amazing around the house – good looking as well!

  58. Amanda Blain    

    lol sweet… Google+ introductions! Bring it!

  59. Gordon Duke    

    because my wife doesn't want me dating

  60. Karen Thomas Sherin    

    Maybe we need our friend +Dave Meralus to device a #swaggerday_gplusdatenight or some such. I haven't done much hanging out on g+ but I had a couple of really weird experiences early on so it scared me off because it was glitchy and they insisting on yelling at everyone that they were doing it wrong lol. I need to dip my toe back in the water and would be happy to do so if folks were nice and welcoming. I love the idea of G+ online dating lol

  61. Andy Horton    

    Looking in the wrong geographic region…

  62. Andrés Arrieta    

    Soon you'll have blind dates with several "contestants" via Google Hangouts.

  63. Jeff Johnson    

    It's ridiculous because it can be hard to find anyone to have genuine honest conversation with.

    That or they live entirely too far away!

  64. Tara Mulder    

    I've met lots of wonderful people online, including my current partner (several years now). I also have friends who have met their spouses through online dating. It's a matter of a little luck and some good screening before meeting the person. Even the bad dates turn into entertaining stories later!

  65. Terry Sansom    

    a) She has 3 cats, b) She thinks Average body type is Obese.(Should have known she only has face shots on her profile). c) She's really just looking to get out of her liter box filled apartment for a night. d) She think her $9 and hour job IS a career.

  66. Jeff Turner    

    Trick only date people willing to upload a video to YouTube. That way there are no surprises :)

  67. Andrew Kovacic    

    when ever i see internet dating all i can think of is this – eHarmony Video Bio

  68. yufeng wang    

    maybe someone only want to date a sex!

  69. Barry Istuk    

    I've just read through all your posts and I don't think I need to comment.

  70. Amanda Blain    

    im not even sure what the last three comments mean… ?_?

  71. Charlie Brown    

    I know I am probably the exception but I met my wife of 7 years on Yahoo singles back when Yahoo was still popular. We have 4 kids and are very happy as far as know. I did wade thru a lot of head cases before I met her though.

  72. Robyn Oyeniyi    

    I have to say, I love the picture! Charlie – good for you, I know of others who were successful too – but mainly in the younger age brackets. I ran into a LOT that fitted the above four categories!!!

  73. Colin Campbell    

    Never been there. Sounds too hard.

  74. Élan Karpinski    

    Totally met my husband online. He lived 9,000 miles away, but we made it work and are now happily living together. But yeah, what a fluke.

  75. Ben Collins-Sussman    

    "The world is full of crazies; the internet just makes it seem like they all live next door."

  76. Delacio Brooks    

    I agree that is why I got divorced! LOL. Maybe I'll meet someone good someday

  77. D Sandiego    

    Because we not normal from how things were long ago. That is why things are in chaos right now.

  78. William Mauritzen    

    OMG They made a poster about me! oh wait…i'm not married.

  79. Robyn Oyeniyi    

    I don't think the criteria are mutually exclusive!

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