Why Do So Many 'Experts' Get this Wrong?

I make a valiant effort to read and plus one a good portions of the comments I get on G+.. Contributing to the conversation where i see fit..  I usually die at about 250 of 500 comments… If people take the time to comment I should take the time to acknowledge that. I also respond to most @mentions on twitter.. all tags on facebook and interact on the mentions I manage to actually get on G+… I take time every day to comment on peoples posts on G+ too… Not just major huge posts.. but their " i went to the store today" ones too. It takes me 5 minutes to scroll up and down and add a comment or two to the posts of people I follow. 

The comments reading and plussing take the most amount of time… but all in all I say it takes me less than 1/2 an hour to do all of the above. So why do so many pros at "social media" fail to even +1 your comments on G+? Why do they never bother to come to your page and say Awesome post? G+ more than any other social network I've been on is a two way street. You must talk *with*, not at. Other sites still accept the monologue idea…. but G+ is a passionate community of people who invest time and except you to invest some back in them… At least in SOME way. 

Perhaps because some new people can't be bothered to actually be social is one of the reasons G+ gets the Ghost Town Meme. "But but but my cut and paste sales message that was RT 4 times on Twitter got NOTHING on G+" or the "I got 50 likes from people (but only one sale) on my latest FB fan page post"… when was the last time you saw a brand page comment on your stuff on facebook? Or a major company follow you on twitter and @mention you? This "you have to actually be social" idea is a foreign concept currently  in social media…. But its How G+ works.  And yeah.. sorry media people… it does indeed take some work.

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