I find this funny whenever I hear it. It remins me of the generational things, like when people said rock and roll was evil….

+Katie Couric asked on twitter today “Passionate gamers upset w convo whether violent video games can contribute to v behavior. Tweet the positive side of violent video games? Thanx!”  and google plus earlier this week –

So let’s help her out gamers…. What are the POSITIVE sides of video games :)  GO!

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Amanda Blain

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  1. Pedro Mateus

    Pedro Mateus    

    Mindless violence without repercussions? That's pretty positive to me!

  2. Aaron Lothian

    Aaron Lothian    

    Violence is caused by the actions of society and psychological effect it has on people. Some people are just born violent. You mean to say back in the day of the crusades, they were violent because of a an Xbox 360 game.

    Some people are violent because they lack the intellect or emotional stability to cope with stress. Simples.

  3. Simon Cousins

    Simon Cousins    

    Keeps you out of church.  #Win.

  4. Aaron Lothian

    Aaron Lothian    

    The Xbox 360? The funny thing is, most wars and acts of violence are because of religion.

  5. Freddie Layne

    Freddie Layne    

    Video games are used by military, astronauts and some of the most important jobs in the world use such things to train employees. It improves response, hand eye coordination and much more.

  6. Evan Stitt

    Evan Stitt    

    Chess. It's Chess that is really the problem.

  7. Justin Scoggin

    Justin Scoggin    

    +Aaron Lothian no. They come about because certain fools misinterpret the true tenets of their religion.

  8. Kiko Starkmann

    Kiko Starkmann    

    I watch my son (4.5 years old) … dad's a gamer, so there would be no point in totally forbidding games to him. Cute jump'n'run games like Chordy (Cordy Android Gameplay App Review) definitely improve his concentration, eye-to-hand coordination and problem solution skills ("to get up there, I have to push this box there").

    Creative games like Little Big Planet or some Super Mario games inspire his imagination and creativity.

    Before anyone starts scolding, his "playtime" is very limited, but I think playing selected games with his dad is way better for him than watching television … I guess he watched about 10 hours in his entire life.

    I'd say that this applies to adults as well, adding some recreational value.

  9. Eric Aultman

    Eric Aultman    

    +Simon Cousins that gets you an instant top circle hooping! I'm all over the road lol'ing!

  10. Moe Tousignant

    Moe Tousignant    

    Yeah everyone knows it's RPGs that corrupt our youth these days.

  11. Alex Bynum

    Alex Bynum    

    Counter Strike or league of legends or diablo teach teamwork.

    Most modern violent games are team sports.  

    Which leads to another point: sports were created to mimick war and keep warriors fit for war during non-war times.

    Do sports lead to violence?

  12. Jordan Gill

    Jordan Gill    

    Video-Games have been know for Letting of steam, helping with anger problems. They can help you with your processing and management skills. 
    Video games can do a whole lot more then this. I do always love how people always make accusations about Video games (This violence one as an example) without a proper argument <3

  13. Matthew Graybosch

    Matthew Graybosch    

    The temerity +Katie Couric displays in expecting gamers to justify their hobby astounds me, +Amanda Blain.

    She should justify her work first. What is she? Just some talking head on TV who feeds her viewers propaganda? To the cold ever-night of intergalactic space with her.

  14. Fabio Basile

    Fabio Basile    

    Finding out how many times one of your Sim characters can get electrocuted while repairing a toaster, so you don't have to… you know… go to prison.

  15. Vanessa Cadamuro

    Vanessa Cadamuro    

    I don't agree with this although it does bother me when there are parents that purchase games or allow their children whom are under age to play certain games that they really shouldn't be playing. And they wonder where their kids pick up language, abuse and violence. shakes head

  16. Bela Kampis

    Bela Kampis    

    Violence is most caused by corporations profiting from war, then religion. Religion is merely a tool the powerful use to get the sheep to kill each other, sure it's very dangerous on its own, but the gun lobby and the corporate war machine are the real killers. Scapegoating videogames is pure banality. There is zero political will from the ruling classes to actually decrease violence, because a violent / constantly afraid population is most willing to sign away their rights to the ever-encroaching police state. So you get sideshows like the videogame fear mongering that's going on, that's mostly an appeal to rural bible belt voters who probably play those games just as much and cross their fingers behind their back when they go to church anyway.

  17. Craig Hartel

    Craig Hartel    

    Politics needs a scapegoat for every issue ergo video games blamed for violence. In the picture above you see Christian knights heading into a fight presumably with soldiers fighting for Islam. So you have two books, the bible and koran, compelling thousands to fight for control of Jerusalem. How come the politicians aren't asking for PG-13 or higher ratings for those books?

    Hypocrisy is the hallmark of knee-jerk reactions, and blaming society's ills on games is the most obvious example.

  18. Alex Bynum

    Alex Bynum    

    +Bela Kampis  Violence exists outside the realm of religion, politics or even the invention of money.  

    Animals are violent to each other.

    Eating is a violent act, even when it is grass you are eating.

  19. Eric Aultman

    Eric Aultman    

    +Alex Bynum I'd be more apt to say that team sports could. lead to violence. Certainly a lot more than video games ever could. I grew up playing American football and I'm curious whether it perpetuated or harnessed my youthful violent tendencies.

  20. Terry I

    Terry I    

    Greed for money from drug dealers to religious kings . That's why . Video just teach children which guns are best to kill plenty people . How to use , the various ammo , capabilities and how to reload

  21. citizen j

    citizen j    

    I kill zombies on screens because there are none in the streets.


  22. Alex Bynum

    Alex Bynum    

    +Eric Aultman That was my point exactly, thanks.

  23. citizen j

    citizen j    

    +Terry I, you forgot your pills today bro.

  24. citizen j

    citizen j    

    The adrenalin and dopamine released from killing on screen eases the animal inside that screams to tear the faces off of the fools I interact with on a daily basis.

    catharsis without casualties is good.

  25. Terry I

    Terry I    

    I don't do pharmaceuticals I use real food as medicine . Herbs are also very good !

  26. Ramon Lamberty

    Ramon Lamberty    

    I think video games is an accessory of the situation and it has great influence also second place after music. fbcom/NaturalAlternativeHealth

  27. Erica Marcum

    Erica Marcum    

    I don't think the problem is so much violence as maybe desensitization to violence. A kid who plays shooting, fighting, hijacking, war, and criminal types of games will most likely be indifferent to some violence.

    But not all video games are violent. I thoroughly enjoy "Just Dance" especially during family get- togethers! Good times :-)

    You are dancing, laughing, exercising, and having fun all at once. What's wrong with this??!

  28. Jamie Schultz

    Jamie Schultz    

    Games don't kill people, people kill people :)

  29. Ryan Matsudaira

    Ryan Matsudaira    

    They apparently were sleeping during Roman/Greek History in school. We should bring back live executions in plays and, of course, Gladiators!!

  30. Jim Kelly

    Jim Kelly    

    Hey +Katie Couric did it ever occur to you that video games and movies are a reflection of our society?  They do not cause society to be violent, society causes video games to be violent.

  31. Andrew Byrd

    Andrew Byrd    

    Damn guess I forgot throw a bird those angry birds make me so violent

  32. Terry I

    Terry I    

    I admit I was once a video game zombie , but I realize my brainpower was being sucked into the Matrix for use by the ET's . Since then I've been floating you know " down here we all float" . ;))

  33. vi ha

    vi ha    

    How about cognitive development. Problem solving is the core focus of most video games. Tell me that does not involve some level of critical thinking. So long as kids aren't spending long hours playing video games, it can be a positive.

    as far as violence go, if the parents would stop buying their kids call of duty or GTA, we wouldn't have these concerns.

  34. Jon Cline

    Jon Cline    

    I will say I never thought of putting someone in a coffin with an active grenade to match until I played the Punisher game for XBox back in 2008.

  35. Ryan Prior

    Ryan Prior    

    I'd like to see research

  36. James Karaganis

    James Karaganis    

    Well, I started out as a young lad in ancient Sumeria playing my old favorite, Genghis Khan and the Four Horsemen. That got me started on the whole Apocalyptic thing, but after my final stint as Adolf Hitler I decided to retire.

  37. Rob .

    Rob .    

    So prior to video games, was violence caused by books ?

  38. Ward Bizzell

    Ward Bizzell    

    These insights are astounding and truly an eye opener. The amount of data, one on one studies, cultural and psychological impact reports everyone must have sifted through to come up with such a well thought out and educated answer is amazing. For years as a boy I myself contributed to the decay of humanity by participating in activities like a pong game, frogger, Cowboys and Indians, mousetrap, and dare i say even attended church regularly only to now be enlightened by your comments why I can't differentiate between right and wrong. Many years of working for corporations have obviously fed into my appetite for destructive tendencies. Tapping into that immense sense of hate and violence by typing this I am brought to my knees, paralyzed in fear by what I may do if I let this continue. Oh, wait. I'm a grown man, who in retrospect found positive lessons in life, through peace and tranquility as well as in times of emotional stress, pretend and (wait for it) real violence. Suppression of the act of pretend violence and the attempt at suppression of the thought of same I would contend is more destructive than engaging in controlled, limited real violence and pretend violence in my opinion. You may want to read a book called "Bad men do what good men dream about." I am a man. A neatly dressed, articulate civilized, educated neanderthal that believes in God. Choice and maturity takes me beyond the simple phase of acting on every whim. That stuff mentioned above for the most part in my opinion, poor excuses for unwise people who are too heavily reliant on their aggression to get what they want, or mentally ill enough to not be able to control it. There is a medium between violence and tranquility. And yes I left out happy on purpose. Parents who try to cut out those games and or aggression in any form are raising with equal chance a monster the same as one who has had to much. There is a balance. And a government or neighbor that tells me otherwise is one that I would rather keep out of my home.

  39. Cole Cummings

    Cole Cummings    

    Violence seems to be a product of imagination.  We Imagine Gods to fight over.  We Imagine slights to fight over.  We Imagine jealousy.  etc etc.    

    So blame imagination for violence.  Ban imagination.

  40. Jimbo Rizza

    Jimbo Rizza    

    I am proud enough (and pompous enough) to let everyone know that RPGs of 25 years ago were the reason my vocab skills and reading skills were always the highest in my class!

    Needless to say, my synthesizer skills were also impeccable 😉

  41. Jeremy Loper

    Jeremy Loper    

    "More blood has been shed in the name of religion, than for any other reason." -George Carlin

  42. Skal Loret

    Skal Loret    

    They started with BF -272?

  43. Rob Elliott

    Rob Elliott    

    Violent video games are not something that makes kids violent. It's like saying Alcohol makes people Alcoholics. Billions of people on this planet are able to drink alcohol every day without falling prey to alcoholism. 

    Billions of Men can see a woman at the beach and not rape her. 

    Millions of people can watch violent sports and movies and not kill people. 

    People who hate… and people who are taught to hate commit violence… people who are subjected to horrible conditions commit violent acts. Schools that allow children to be bullied and do nothing have children in their schools that will end up one of three ways, Suicide, Violence, or life long social issues similar if not over laping with PTSD. 

    Violent Video Games can be a warning sign that something is wrong… but it isn't the cause of it. 

    I used to play Wolfenstein 3D, Unreal Turny, Deus Ex, I'd watch action movies, and war movies. I'd watch movies about the under dog defeating or being accepted by the people treating them badly. These were escapes for me. They could have easily become more, but not because they encouraged me to be violent, but because I felt like I had control. It isn't hard to drift off into thoughts at getting back at the people who, humiliate you daily, leave you feeling worthless. One may turn to the violence of the games to find release the same way an alcoholic turns to whiskey to escape their issues. 

    I was beaten, bullied, and for lack of any other subtle term Tortured, when I tried to defend myself, I, not those that beat me, was threatened with expulsion. I'm a lucky case I didn't fall prey to violence, or to suicide. I did/do however have to deal daily with social anxiety and panic issues. 

    Saying Violent Video games creates Violent Children is like saying going to the beach creates rapists, or Alcohol creates Alcoholics.

  44. Greg Gustin

    Greg Gustin    

    Violence is most often done in the case of these mass shootings and bombings by yes people who play games.

    But what are the other social aspects faced by these people, which the media and people against games are leaving out. Most of these people are or have been the target of bullying. Their self image has been shattered and self esteem so low that they vow to go out with a bang to get their 15 minutes of fame which the media gives them.  By giving them their 15 minutes, the next person says, hey I need to do it bigger and more gruesome than the last guy so that they achieve their 15 minutes of fame.

    Repeat repeat repeat…  If you want to stop the violence, stop the bullying, stop giving these people major news coverage and make people responsible to for their firearms.  people need to secure their own guns when not in use. Keep them away from where kids can get them.

  45. Chris Bradshaw

    Chris Bradshaw    

    it can't have anything to do with the fact America has a culture of military fetishism. Or violence is how our government solves 90 percent of their problems.

  46. Chris Bradshaw

    Chris Bradshaw    

    Or that a large chunk of the violence in the US is domestic violence.

  47. william gordon

    william gordon    

    world wars 1 and 2 were fought to stop empirical expansion of Europe i dont know that religion had alot to do with them. although i am sure that every young patriot that died to assure our freedom to this very day has said a prayer or two as they risked their lives for something they believe in. it is heartbreaking to see Christianity made into a scapegoat for every terrible thing that happens in the world when (i believe) that the opposite is true.

  48. Sandy Tan

    Sandy Tan    

    There were two great episodes of StarTalk with Neil Degrasse Tyson whede they covered the science of video games… And they actually go into this a bit and the psychology, etc…

  49. Marty Bluet

    Marty Bluet    

    nops. the highest level of stress that results in short term memory and mental focus is caused by too much video game hours a week. That is scientifically proved

  50. Christopher Yost

    Christopher Yost    

    'Cause people only feel stress in video games.

    I know and have seen others that get more stressed out over other things than video games.

    Scientific fact: disproven…

  51. Tony Scaglione

    Tony Scaglione    

    Wow this is totally gonna be my come back for religion from now in

  52. oscar A

    oscar A    

    always blaming something else other then society us is to blame!

  53. James Lawrence

    James Lawrence    

    This would be right up there with guns kill people.

  54. Jeremy Loper

    Jeremy Loper    

    +william gordon has never heard of the Crusades.

  55. Tyler Herrick

    Tyler Herrick    

    +Marty Bluet Engrish much? I don't feel alert and awake UNTIL I've played an hour of games…

  56. Art H

    Art H    

    I am not a gamer, but i would think that gamers get out most of their frustrations playing the games regardless of the opponent. Golf, goules, zombies, or soldiers. They are all trying to win the round/game. Not much truth in that theory, just an opinion from me and her!

  57. Mark Horemans

    Mark Horemans    

    Violence has been doing pretty well for thousands of years without any computer games…

  58. Dwayne Hing

    Dwayne Hing    

    Guns don't kill people… oh wait… you heard that one already… didn't you??

  59. Mark Horemans

    Mark Horemans    

    +Dwayne Hing maybe we should say guns don't take the initiative to kill people 😉

  60. Erik Collett

    Erik Collett    

    If I didn't have a game that allows me to vent frustration in a … peaceful way, it likely would have come out somewhere else. :)

    Some need sports. Some need weightlifting and exercise. Some need hunting. And some need video games. Any one of those has shown that, taken too far, it can become become self destructive.

    Everything in moderation, as it is said.

  61. Stefan Stefanov

    Stefan Stefanov    

    First player protection of computer games. Quick orientation. Tactics. Logic.
    Once I had to actually do something I've seen in a game Sigourney and to you it happened.

  62. Ian Kelly

    Ian Kelly    

    It is the Video Game of Life.

  63. Gilberto Magpantay

    Gilberto Magpantay    

    this people are violent before they play the game

  64. levi frazier

    levi frazier    

    Increased problem solving and motor skills

  65. Haamiz Ahmed

    Haamiz Ahmed    

    depends on the games you play but games are not the primary source of creating violence or violent people

  66. Jay Matthews

    Jay Matthews    

    Flawed reasoning in the picture.  If I told you new drug caused cancer, you wouldn't respond "Please tell me how there was ever cancer before this drug."  When something contributes to a measurable increase, causing a measurable uptick in the observed effect, we use the word "cause"  to describe that relationship.  This doesn't mean that video games necessarily cause violence.  Is does mean we can do better than this in the level of reasoning as encounter more and more violent simulations for young kids in their formative developmental years.

  67. Kent Nguyen

    Kent Nguyen    

    To pinpoint the sole cause of violence on video games is silly. There can be so many causes for it from any area of a person's environmental upbringing. And as someone said before, maybe they can just be born pre-disposed to it as well. Although it's interesting that a company would pay millions of dollars for a 30 second Superbowl commercial to affect your purchasing behavior, yet to say that hours upon hours, or days upon days of game play have no effect aside from increased motor function on a person would seem odd in itself.

  68. julio zelaye

    julio zelaye    

    "Violence engender violence "…there's thousands of video games …why prefer violence ? Cos I like it ? Or cuz I'm an potential violent ? Video Violence is only more fuel for potential "sleeping violent"…here he he woodpeckers ….bonita señorita 😉 ….psychiatric !!!!!! Where are u at ????

  69. A. KADALKA

    A. KADALKA    

    Depending on many factors, video games may or may not be the cause of violence.
    I think that weak people may come easily to violence with some video games …
    [GTA, Call of Duties, etc.]

  70. Haamiz Ahmed

    Haamiz Ahmed    

    ill disagree to the call of duty part. but gta does effect your behavio to an extent. but then again it depends if you are easily influenced or not

  71. Steven Palmer

    Steven Palmer    

    +Amanda Blain may I suggest scientific research before putting claims in bold. Also you conflate violent video games with non-violent video games. I know you only mean well, peace.

    Rock and Roll is not evil because it's not a music genre that glorifies guns, violence and military – perhaps some niche part of rap music glorifies violence to such a degree, but that's not mainstream. Music is not as potent as visual either, which is far more influential (unless music videos of violence, again, not mainstream). Then we come to games, which are audio, visual plus simulation and are often virtually dedicated towards violence. 

    It's not that violent games make us violent, for the most part they clearly don't. It's that they affect our attitude towards violence, this is scientific fact. They also affect attitudes towards other things

    You can't seriously say with confidence that media does not affect public attitude towards violence when your a citizen of a nation that's virtually been at war for 50 years, has an epic gun problem, mass incarceration and still has the death penalty in some states. Which state is the largest producer of violent media and which is.. ?

    Attitude can be far more dangerous than personal action because it cloaks a problem and gives power to military machinery. You don't have an Apache, Drones, Tanks, Nuclear Subs, lung collapsing Bunker Busters and cancer causing White Phosphorus, your violence is outsourced to guys which do – you are not held accountable under law, you are in fact praised and fund this action excellently with your purchase and tax dollars.

    Ancient imperial Romans were not slaughtering each other willy nilly in the streets. Just a few men, Roman Gladiators, were doing the actual killing, but the whole crowd were cheering on the spectacle – this was their games. Culturally what matters is not the specific incident but the public attitudes towards violence. 

    Video games like many a technology are neutral. They can be good, neutral or bad, depending on content.

  72. Dean Montague

    Dean Montague    

    If they really want to have the basic conversation around this…violence is promoted/encouraged by religion (and governments) for the purposed of control and growth. People who use violence as their only voice do so because of severely limited mental capacity. Millions of people play video games, read books, listen to music and watch movies with violent themes and cause no other human harm.

  73. wil hardiman

    wil hardiman    

    I always wondered what video games Hitler played…

  74. Phillip Ryan

    Phillip Ryan    

    stress relief.

    May the fourth be with you

  75. Joe Dickinson

    Joe Dickinson    

    I think doom was made then.

  76. Kent Morrison

    Kent Morrison    

    I am culturally offended by this image and implication combination. Please apologize, cut off your head and mail it to me, and have a nice day.

  77. Kent Morrison

    Kent Morrison    

    The positive elements of violent video games:
    1. neutral/impersonal emotional outlet for pent-up socialized frustration
    2. improved hand and eye coordination
    3. positive internet community based on gaming
    4. learned behaviors: patience, perseverance, rapid decisions
    5. effective communications methods and skills
    6. multiculturalism
    7. practice in squad level cooperation and movement
    8. geo spatial orientation skills based on virtual terrain association
    9. predictive skills regarding enemy movement on the battlefield
    10. improved sense of humor

  78. Alex Bynum

    Alex Bynum    

    Most/all violent video games are team sports.

    Counterstrike, call of duty, league of legends…

  79. Naomi Alabi

    Naomi Alabi    

    violence is caused by greed

  80. Ar Grover

    Ar Grover    

    better to kill people ingame than on the streets

  81. Naomi Alabi

    Naomi Alabi    

    greed and ignorance i should have added…. why the urge to kill at all?

  82. Keith Hall

    Keith Hall    

    +Freddie Layne that much more you mention is in the case of military, the wanton need for killing the enemy as the game demoralises them into nonhuman status, this is just new training aid for military they've been training this type of thought since army's were formed or before then. The video game just makes it easier to show graphic violence, and there have been too many teenage boys go out and kill some one or themselves after playing the violent shootem' up games.

    To anyone playing those games for hours each day or days on end, Please STOP go out side plant trees mow the lawn paint the house fix your dad's car, walk your dog he has not seen you for way too long, go to Disneyland do something totally different then what the game is, Please don't end up in a box 6 foot under like my nephew. Get away from the games.

  83. jarrad lapsuks

    jarrad lapsuks    

    From a student Psychologists point of view (I'm in my third year) you CAN'T pinpoint violence to a single entity.

    As a gamer myself, I do tend to get annoyed when i die a lot in Halo 4, or AC3 online when my internet lags due to my slow ass Australian connection, but this does not make me want to go out and start hurting others.

    Yes, violent video games frustrate us when we are not winning but what message is actually being put across here? Its not the game, its the reaction of the person themselves. Anxiety is a condition of living, and if you haven't been taught how to control those feelings they'll get the better of you in everything you do.

    Continuing this logic, angry or violent emotional reactions are caused by anxiety inducing stimuli; If you really look at the way our society is right now, its not hard to understand that these stimuli are everywhere and in everything. So wouldn't that make everything else that causes us to feel angry or violent as much to blame as 'violent' video games?

    This whole ploy to accuse violent video games for the excess violence is society is a way for those in power to cover up the real issues that we face.

    Admittedly I'm being very subjective here, but i feel i shouldn't have to go into an objective case proofing mode for this topic.

  84. Maurice Ivey

    Maurice Ivey    

    Some minds cannot handle violence. In games, movies or anywhere.

  85. jarrad lapsuks

    jarrad lapsuks    

    So they should be taught, or teach themselves, how to handle or avoid such stimuli. Take responsibility for our actions!

  86. Luiz Petherson

    Luiz Petherson    

    Amanda i could't agree more, many people say that video games cause a person to kill another but people kill each other long before video games were invented. :)

  87. Adrian Martin

    Adrian Martin    

    This is a great topic, +Amanda Blain — The positive sides? The escapism…one's imagination is fed heartily from it. The catharsis and freedom from stress; whether temporary or not, it can be liberating.

  88. Geremias Amisse

    Geremias Amisse    

    Gent hoje a granda derby. . .ferroviario d nampula e casa issufo. . . .venham curtir o enigmam AMEM0X STAR. . .a xtrear no xtadio 25 d setembro. . . .

  89. shuaib kazi

    shuaib kazi    

    Video games dont cause violence, its the choice of video games that cause violence.
    In the same manner that religion does not cause violence its our understanding of the faith and belief system that causes violence.

  90. Grady Gordon

    Grady Gordon    

    People on the street demand your full attention and disregard you at the same time. That's a problem.

  91. Gianluca GD

    Gianluca GD    

    Yeah, I c yr point 😉

  92. Dhruv Ganotra

    Dhruv Ganotra    

    Sumtimes it caused by video games too games like hitman , batman n others cause vilonce

  93. Enrique Hernandez

    Enrique Hernandez    

    The videogames we like and-or-make are also love in Europe, Japan and China, but they don't have the same degree of gun violence as we do, and you know why?  #sensiblegunlaws  that why!

  94. Robert Eisenbraun

    Robert Eisenbraun    

    I have a wealth of information on the subject. I've been using gaming as a way to snap our seniors out of their comatose states  (from TV) with gaming.  Brain fitness or keeping the synapses firing can be a quality of life issue and gaming can be a big part of that. We're using gaming to help with memory, information recall and response and even pain control with patients too sensitive or allergic to the normally issued medications. We've used these techniques successfully in elder care facilities and hospitals. There's much more to this question than I think people realize. If interested in more information feel free to contact me.

  95. Mike Shelton

    Mike Shelton    

    It just maybe the thought.

  96. Jürgen Erhard

    Jürgen Erhard    

    Why do "violent" video games (every watched a Tom&Jerry cartoon?) have to have a positive side?  Do violent movies?  Ah, yes, they makes lots of money.  Same for games, if that's enough "positive" for ya.

    It's not a question about "do they have positive effects", it's a question of "do they have negative effects".  And the jury is as still out on this as it is on climate change.  Meaning: not at all.   There cannot be a (statistically significant) negative effect of (first-person) shooters because if there were, we'd have not just a few, but thousands of Columbine-style shootings each year.  Where are they?  (No, you conspiracy nuts just sit down and shut it)

  97. don xila

    don xila    

    It all depends on how we look at things!

  98. Señor Smith

    Señor Smith    

    After playing Manhunt i went out and placed a plastic bag over a strangers head and then battered them with a hammer.

  99. axija charles

    axija charles    

    Disagree,violence is what u practice every day,whether it is a game or in real life,u r what u do every day?

  100. morgellon Betancor

    morgellon Betancor    


  101. Christoph S

    Christoph S    

    Answer: Assassin's Creed Real Life ! (at least the christians)

  102. Nana B Nimako

    Nana B Nimako    

    It makes you relax and a best companion as nothing comes your way when you are enjoying it

  103. Funmilayo Amarvi

    Funmilayo Amarvi    

    It helps the brain in terms of increasing one's ability to think fast

  104. Werner Klausen

    Werner Klausen    

    What does it matter? Why do we have to make video games anything else than they are: entertainment? Getting on the defensive side and listing up positive side effects gains no one.

    Video games are equal to a novel, a play or a movie. While you may have positive side effects from all three, they are primarily there for your entertainment. And all new forms of entertainment has met resistance from the established and conservative. 

    Comic books in the 1950s anyone? Yeah, same thing. Now go play a game instead of writing.. oh shit, the Reapers are coming, GOT TO FLY!

  105. Sabri Hemissi

    Sabri Hemissi    

    j aime trop les film comme ca

  106. Arif Shahzad

    Arif Shahzad    

    Mam I am not agree this it just the games and a human relax and children enjoy this.

  107. Tugbenyo Richard

    Tugbenyo Richard    

    why are we on this earth?
    video games like "go to hell"
    so are u telling me uyou are ready to go to hell?

  108. Deepak Tiwari

    Deepak Tiwari    

    even i do not agree with this

  109. M. BILAL DAR

    M. BILAL DAR    

    A violence is not a…dear.

  110. Renox Mulela

    Renox Mulela    

    Indeed that's true, its what you see what you become. mostly things we see have a greater influence on our life's.

  111. Sidney Prescott

    Sidney Prescott    

    V.I.T.R.I.O.L – Oak Island near Accadia (in Canada)

  112. mark garcia

    mark garcia    

    Ok if call of duty texhes you how to use a gum then I'm pretty sure FIFA teches you how to kick a ball

  113. Kareem Sadek

    Kareem Sadek    

    I've played every violent game and I'm still a pacifist!

  114. Ryan Prior

    Ryan Prior    

    a controlled study needs to be done. take 2000 students one group plays ultra violent video games and the other group does not. remove people who may display violence in other possible violent groups. make it safe have only athiests be apart of the study take any religeous belief out of the way. let's see what group is more violent.

  115. João da cruz vieira leite

    João da cruz vieira leite    

    muito bom  Amanda  Blain , é bastante elegante estar sempre em contato com seu site na Internet , porque trás muita esperança de melhorarmos mais nas tangencias de muita coisa que precisamos aprimorar mais ainda. E seu site tem muito a haver ,  me satisfaz bastante em sempre ter em minhas mensagens , mas infelizmente não entendo de inglês, espero que da próxima vez procurarei o editor . Obrigado a todos ai um abraço

  116. Coy Keaton

    Coy Keaton    

    In the case of normal, balanced individuals, video games can actually prevent violence. No matter how calm one is, everyone has a breaking point. If you use video games to get out your frustrations, you don't snap on people and go postal.

  117. Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnson    

    The comment on the poster remarks about 5000 years and is proof of just how much we learn from our mistakes…
    Wars today are economic things, not as in the past Conquest for Territory. PEOPLE GET KILLED just to SELL MORE GUNS and BOMBS…
    Today it's OK to KILL but not to take territory…

  118. Albert Gordon

    Albert Gordon    

    Game com are very rich, they can publish positive reports on their games all the time. I always wonder what they mean of 'cause'.

    I'm quite sure, games won't cause a dog to become more violent, but, I'm very sure, games can cause an human more violent; we all learn fm the "environment".

  119. Denysius Kereemang

    Denysius Kereemang    

    true that but we humans can bring that to change

  120. Gabriel Hasbun

    Gabriel Hasbun    

    Wow, that is the most retarded thing I have ever read. Violent videogames are a major factor for violence desensitization and association with problem solving through violence, according to some scientific studies.
    Videogames have become yet another medium for mediocre minds to spread their repressions(sexual and vehement) and maintain the masses stupid and obedient costumers.
    Where are the smart games that make the mind crunch?

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