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Very Proud Of My 92 Year Old Grandfather Who Is Off to Dieppe

My 92 year old grandfather, Fred Engelbrecht,  is for the 5th time in his life flying back to Dieppe, France for a World War 2 Veteran's Memorial Ceremony. 

Dieppe is a major battle in WW2  that happened August 19, 1942. The majority were Canadians, including my grandfather. It was a massacre.  A total of 3,623 of the 6,086 men (almost 60%) who made it ashore were either killed, wounded, or captured. He was one of the 'lucky ones' taken as a Prisoner of War.. where he spent the next 3 years, often with his hands shackled and living in unthinkable for most of us conditions.

I grew up listening to these stories from the bravest man I know. The hardships and horrors that war brings, creative thinking to keep yourself alive and never giving up, always finding a way. It has had an obvious impact on my life.

My grandfather has always been a wonder to me, still living alone, still having his drivers license, still living life, despite his age. He embraces technology,  has a cell phone,  watches You tube often… and will definitely read this article and the comments. 

I try not to share too much personal stuff on the Internet, but I am very proud that he made this trip on the 70th anniversary of Dieppe.

♥ Thank you to all veteran for all you do/did for your countries. ♥

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