Very Proud Of My 92 Year Old Grandfather Who Is Off to Dieppe

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My 92 year old grandfather, Fred Engelbrecht,  is for the 5th time in his life flying back to Dieppe, France for a World War 2 Veteran's Memorial Ceremony. 

Dieppe is a major battle in WW2  that happened August 19, 1942. The majority were Canadians, including my grandfather. It was a massacre.  A total of 3,623 of the 6,086 men (almost 60%) who made it ashore were either killed, wounded, or captured. He was one of the 'lucky ones' taken as a Prisoner of War.. where he spent the next 3 years, often with his hands shackled and living in unthinkable for most of us conditions.

I grew up listening to these stories from the bravest man I know. The hardships and horrors that war brings, creative thinking to keep yourself alive and never giving up, always finding a way. It has had an obvious impact on my life.

My grandfather has always been a wonder to me, still living alone, still having his drivers license, still living life, despite his age. He embraces technology,  has a cell phone,  watches You tube often… and will definitely read this article and the comments. 

I try not to share too much personal stuff on the Internet, but I am very proud that he made this trip on the 70th anniversary of Dieppe.

♥ Thank you to all veteran for all you do/did for your countries. ♥

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