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  1. Amir ex    

    it's not easy ….

  2. Satish Kumar    

    How one can be sure about this …if even world is not enough for the james bond 007….False paradise

  3. Amir ex    

    some time lonely is best therapy

  4. Aaron Brown    

    The only person you need to prove anything to is yourself. And proving stuff to yourself is usually the hardest sale of them all!

  5. Genevieve Pronco    

    another punch in the right! ^____^

  6. Kichu Kishor    

    that was a true statement.;

  7. Genevieve Pronco    

    you are out of bounds… ^____^

  8. Phebe Sawan    

    well I need to prove something to myself. definitely

  9. jumah terry    

    what about your abilities you need to prove them right

  10. jumah terry    

    hey guyz how do i know my talents

  11. Mohsin Bashir    

    if we remain in our natural bounds that is better for us

  12. Satish Kumar    

    Sure.. every one is world of infinite ….need to explore

  13. Krystyn Chong    

    Thanks for this! It's a great reminder and picker upper.

  14. Ameenuddin Mullaji    

    Krystyn Chong you talk my think

  15. Carl Pres    

    [ No share = No Comment = Enough ]
    "Share Your Idea = Plenty of Feedback = Socialization = Get Better Idea"

  16. Mark Xerxes Pronco    

    my two thumbs up for this….

  17. Ashraf Muhammed    

    i'm just trying real hard to figure dat out now

  18. Stephen Milburn    

    Are we guys allowed to share this?

  19. Comfort Serwaa    

    Is true just a matter of believing in ur self.

  20. ??    

    But I think everyone is not alone!

  21. Stephen Milburn    

    I don't believe myself most times!lol.

  22. Carlos Peña    

    Only people with a high level of consciousness, do not have to show anything.

  23. Lyle Rivas    

    thanks for the advice. nobody told me that advice except for you. thank you so much. best friend ever.

  24. Agreement Zairega    

    Think i like the statement

  25. Agreement Zairega    

    @johnson i think its a big no!

  26. Evan Dziedzic    

    Macaroni and cheese or Ramon Noodles?

  27. bryan nava    

    ha whut are you doing

  28. Stephen Milburn    

    Macaroni,with extra cheese grilled on top.

  29. Hemant Apte    

    i also agree with this

  30. Lindha hipsy    

    I love this statement.tnx amanda.advice noted

  31. Ephraim John    

    Dis‘s truelly said,where ur mind‘s,u are in control.

  32. Ephraim John    

    Self responsibility!Ok with me…

  33. Sophia Cartledge    

    Eh….I don't know about that. By the way, nice quote.

  34. Dean Holyer    

    they left out the "but yourself'

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