Geek things we all think about sometimes...
  1. Zak McGregor says

    PHP actually stands for pre-hypertext processor

  2. Abhay Sanghavi says

    sounds cool………………….!

  3. Oleg Kamikaze says

    Python FTW!

  4. Amanda Blain says

    +Zak McGregor it does now.. but it was released by Lerdorf as Personal Home Page Tools

  5. ????? ???? says

    scripting everything rules/ ?????? ???????????)))

  6. Zak McGregor says

    +Amanda Blain Thanks for that info, I did not know that! I also did not know that PHP was incompatible with the GPL. Good to know.

  7. Ramadani Mahir says

    coincedence i though

  8. Leo Vendler says

    yay ! Python rules

  9. Dinesh Panwar says

    so gud

  10. ????? ???? says

    gud yrs or gud no

  11. Chad Kovac says

    ASP needs a new name… as does JAVA.

  12. Colman Celestine says


  13. Dinesh Panwar says


  14. Oleg Kamikaze says

    ASP needs to be borrowed

  15. Rob Russell says

    Python's named after Monty Python. To follow the pattern it should be renamed to Python, after the snake of course.

  16. Colman Celestine says

    mmmmmhh!!!!!!!! how?????

  17. ????? ???? says

    re ?????????

  18. Tanmoy Bhattacharyya says


  19. ????? ???? says

    ????? ?????

  20. Ruslan Gaysin says


  21. BJ Cardon says

    Yes, Python is the best! 🙂

  22. ????? ???? says

    ? ????? ?????? ????????????

  23. ????? ???? says


  24. ????? ???? says

    "??, ????, ??????- ???????? ?? ??????" ??????? ? ???????….

  25. ????? ???? says

    ?????? ???????

  26. ????? ???? says


  27. Olivia Windward says

    this is so accurate it's not even funny

  28. ????? ???? says


  29. saeful rezal says


  30. Stacy S says

    I would have to disagree with #1

    Because of its popularity, php'isms are abused more than perl and have created some of the hardest to maintain systems.

    I think Malbolge should be on the list as already named appropriately.

  31. Billy Spelchan says

    I thought PHP stood for People Hate Perl 🙂

  32. Bart Locanthi says

    Knife is appropos for Perl, given how easy it is to cut yourself with a sharp one.

  33. Andriansyah Maulana says

    what this is

  34. ????? ???? says

    is this what//// samething like mirrow but samething sameone

  35. rupa mohsin says


  36. saeful rezal says


  37. Randy Fortier says

    PHP stands for PHP hypertext preprocessor.

  38. Amanda Blain says

    +Randy Fortier you actually revived a several month dead post.. so you could post the same thing that was the first comment and said several times through out the post??? Shake my Head at you.

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