The History Of Caturday

Why are all these cats in my stream every Saturday? Because it's Caturday Folks! But just what IS the furry friend holiday all about?

Caturday has been around since roughly 2006. For some perspective that's older than the public version of Facebook, Twitter and almost as old as You Tube. The tradition is pretty simple. On Saturdays, people on various websites, (starting with 4chan and gaining mass popularity on site "I Can Has Cheezburger") people would post pictures of cats with funny text know as "lolspeak". Lolspeak is a type of broken English, generally grammatically incorrect, almost a type of "baby talk", that can often included well known internet memes. This adds to the humor as you can sort of imagine the cat speaking in that "child like way" to explain the situation it is displayed in.

Putting cats in funny poses with funny text actually dates back to the 1800's such as the example "Five O'clock Tea" below from photographer Harry Whitter Frees.

Caturday is a fun, cute way to express a very old internet tradition. So why not partake? Create your own funny lolcat picture and share with G+!

Now you know!

Caturday Maker –>

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