Amanda Blain

Business Owner, Super Hero & Geek Girl. Likes Google, Technology, Video Games & Social Media. Over 4 Million followers on GooglePlus. I am the owner of Girlfriend Social the website.

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  1. PT Macias    

    Very tempting, lol,  :)

  2. sarkar jamali    

    nice flavour's i like that

  3. sizar adam    

    mmm yammy  i love the colors and ofcourse the taste

  4. Jony Podder    

    nice…i think it should b making fresh to me!

  5. Haywire Dednicat    

    it is set, tonight's menu fruit salad plus juice~

  6. vaughan fisher    

    oooooh yeah baby, mash it up…lol

  7. seddiq qaiss    

    ??????? ????? ?????? ????

  8. Feroz Bakht    

    Total nature is colorful

  9. Ahmed kandil    

    wow   I love this. Is it possible to i eat with you

  10. Nanu Nirvana    

    great idea for wellness—

  11. Asif Agha    

    Great taste, I alredy had all this,

  12. Debbie Di Lullo    

    I love love love cut up fruit 

  13. Galina Pavlova    

    I wish, it will be my lunch!

  14. Md Rashid Hasan    

    looking beautiful…………

  15. Lamarr Wilson    

    +Amanda Blain I hate you. Now I have to go eat the strawberries in my fridge.

  16. Maliha Raza    

    I love all the fruits and the smoothies 

  17. Niza Abbas    


  18. georgy lee    

    ^_^, I'd like to eat …

  19. Juan Pena    

    I look at this and for some reason i see the word GOOGLE in it…

  20. Denny Potter    

    apa nama buah yang berwarna kuning itu ?

  21. Maliha Raza    

    +Juan Pena i can see a "G"

  22. RNL Lydia    

    it does turn me on now..:P

  23. Juan Pena    

    +Maliha Raza just reminds me of the art work they have on from time to time.

  24. Bernard Rivera    

    Didnt know ORANGE is actually YELLOW :)

  25. Dona Lyn Gumapac    

    nice coz this month her is summer!!!! i love to blend,,,,,;

  26. Tucson Adams    

    Assuming it's very delicious

  27. Jeff Bean    

    I cant taste it, But I want to. 

  28. ??    


  29. elgoo said    

    merci a vous c'est délicieux !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Marcus Kemper    

    Looks very healthy – I take the strawberries first! :-)

  31. Anushka Udeshan    

    sooooo coool…….!! nice stuff…..!! cheerzzz…….:D :D

  32. althaf ap    

    i cant see the full rainbow, missing BLUE.!

  33. Irina Comanescu    

    Good start for a Romanian/English conversation, I guess!:)

  34. Sola Elliott    

    Really nice! Been eating lots of pineapple and melon lately.

  35. ???    

    In china, nobody will eat fruit like this, it's really amazing!

  36. Aleksandr Sakhnyuk    

    sexy taste… In UAE lots of people avoid drinking water and prefer only fruit juices. That is why they suffer from diabetes.

  37. Warda ELF    

    wow it's very nice.., colourful., may I taste it???

  38. Jordan Gill    

    I looked at this and thought: I wonder what this Food Spectrum would be in McDonalds Language? Lets have some Mc'Grapes followed by some Mc'stawberries!

  39. Dona Lyn Gumapac    

    fruit is perfect on summer!!!!

  40. Mazen Kassar    

    looking nice yummy i should eat them all would also take 2 cups only but i can eat all other fruits 

  41. dadang hidayat    


    Overall rating

  42. levent inci    

    ? cant find because wery hard working :)

  43. Giorgos Mast    

    ???? ??????? ??? ???????!!!

  44. satyen sing    

    Time management is key to success,so managing early morning is good task

  45. Mesut AYVERD?    

    Amanda fruit colors reflect the beauty of your eyes.

  46. Drame Issa    

    I think it will not be bad for me at this time, im thirsty just seeing that, lol

  47. Norman Kindle    

    Sieht  gut aus,sehr geschmachhaft dieses mahl.

  48. shariff ImissUbabe    

    This delicious drink that can be

  49. Jack Jone    

    Very good!  I  want  to  eat  and  drink  it  ,doyou  agree

  50. Sumit Kamble    

    nice ,……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..,i like that

  51. Reggie Adriano-Morano    

    Makes me look at life a bit more differently… That life can be colorful, delicious, & healthy. =]

  52. Dolidh Young    

    Nom! That looks amazing! ^_^

  53. Richard Hackney    

    loving the colour combinations !

  54. Anita Dwiratna    

    I want jus strowberry ….. hmmm yummi

  55. Brenda Thomson    

    Mouth watering!  I am now headed to make a smoothie for breakfast. 

  56. Fereshteh Feizabadi    

    Wow i love them ! really yummy :)

  57. Matoskawi Fish    

    if i had to chose it be the red one all the way!

  58. Jon Emmett    

    +Amanda Blain  #foodporn  just cracks me up!

  59. Domino Titus    

    Even through these small things, I see God's goodness

  60. Sinda David Twala    

    Nice meeting you Amanda well you are surely a looker and are a flower of many colors. Wow

  61. Warinthorn T.    

    I like fruits. so wonderful.

  62. Amar Immort    

    shake n mak cocktail 2 tri it 2 taste!

  63. Victor Salcido    

    Don't judge a food by its skin

  64. Cameron Silva    

    Now that's what I'm talkin about!

  65. Dbright Umesi    

    nice food but will be so bitter when eaten

  66. Vijay Ashq    

    its better begitables good to health

  67. Eskandar Sokheiravi    

    clear;what i w…ant in warm weather 

  68. Stewart Randall    


  69. Wilfried Miethke    

    Obst und Gemüse ist ja so gesund, aber auch teuer.

  70. John Hamelin    

    Fresh fruits i'm sure it has to be very good

  71. Andrew Bytheway    

    That looks luscious. No wonder this is my favorite food group! (pineapple, honeydew and watermelon are the best)

  72. kamal hossain    

    lot of………………….

  73. Cecilia Gutierrez    

    Yumm-O!!!! Is there a recipe for each lil drink?! :)

  74. Jason Taylor    

    i like you and i went to go out with you and i went kiss you and i and i went to be with you 

  75. K-a-r- e-n    

    Wow that's so pretty! I love fruit! :D

  76. Peninnah Marksz    

    srf1810,04062012. ummmm!dgz

  77. Rahul Verma    

    yes i wanna taste this …

  78. Tab Conwell    

    Kudo's for getting the order correct…lol

  79. ravi SHANKAR    

    colours of my life… i will eat them all :D

  80. Bisalee Thonger    

    Mmmmm beautiful colous :) + It will be Nice to drink :P 

  81. Yollie Taquiqui    

    Wow fruit mix.. Nom nom npm.

  82. Koko July    

    delicious and i'd surely have 'em 'cuz imma fruity person! ;-)

  83. Pankaj Shinde    

    Full of colours and Vitamins.

  84. Marcos Almonte    

    para estar en forma hay que ejercitarse y comer sano
    miren un ejemplo  de una buena alimentación

  85. Marcos Almonte    

    estas frutas ayudan a quemar la grasa del estomago 
    ahora bien hay que saber como usarlas a su favor

  86. Monty E    

    my dog died today liver just Stopped working 2ed Dog in the last year  i just want you all to know a really super Fur Baby i loved my dog i got her to the Vet spent the night bud lost her fight this morning dasie was a Great little Girl

  87. IVAN QUIZHPI    

    Que lindas frutas, así debemos comer todos

  88. Charlie Reza    

    wow ohohohohohoh  ilove it 

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