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Do You Twitch Gamer People!?!?

So... looks like I will be starting to game stream on Twitch (that will likely import over to You Tube)....If you want to follow me and check that out you can do so here -Twitch - - …

Really Excited for Dying Light

Lots of great games I was able to play here at E3... But this zombie game ... Dying Light had lots of unique zombie elements that were really fun to play...Stay tuned for more of my thoughts on e3...#gaming #dyinglight #techland #ab…

What Is Your Favorite Video Game?

Any Console, Any System, Any Genre... you get one game you can play .. What is it.. :)And in this graphic there are 375 games with 425 different characters... :) Go! :)#VideoGames   #ab  

Decay And Fall Of Guest Blogging For SEO

 If you own a website and do any part of guest blogging as part of your strategy, it's a must read. If not you have a lovely Yoda photo :)Recently +Matt Cutts put out a lovely posting talking about how for back link SEO for your…

Video Game Alphabet

Alrightee its a little small but a click on it and it gets bigger... How many Can You name from classic Video Games? I'll start you off with M.. Mario! :D #videogame   #videogamethursday   #technology   #ab  

Android Vs Apple – The War Continues

What phone are you playing with these days? Just finished rooting my Samsung S4 Google Edition... :) Have also been played with the MotoX, MotoG, Nexus 5 and .. they all so pretty... :) Each phone has some strengths and weaknesses ... It…