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Grim Fandango Is BACK!

GoG has finally received the go ahead for pre orders for the cult classic that so many have loved, Grim Fandango. For those new to the series or who need a refresher Grim fandango is a dark comedy adventure game from 1998. It…

David Bowie Found Waldo When He Was A Baby

If this picture does not make sense to you... You are not a child of the 80s and you have must go watch the movie Labyrinth immediately. Go now... We will wait for your comments. :) #geekfunny  #Labyrinth #movies   Google+: View post on…

Be Excellent To Each Other

If only we could adopt that idea across the board....then we might have a future of cool dudes in dark sunglasses and neat outfits.#80s #billandted #movies   #inspiration  Google+: Reshared 4 times Google+: View post on Google+