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  1. Norman MacLeod    

    and 10 fingers after that 26

  2. Carl Sizelove    

    I'm on W, cross your Fingers!!!

  3. PJ Rosenberg    

    I usually don't go in order.. I go with plan "F" first, next "U" then "C" and "K" I know its strange but I love that plan the most.. 😉

  4. Aaron Brown    

    The best laid plans always go wrong moments after it starts, it is best to be able to come up with new ones on the fly!

  5. Moe Taz    

    how hilariously sad

  6. Randy Sagoo    

    Onto plan "E" as of this moment!!!

  7. Heather Richtfort    

    32 others to choose from in the Russian alphabet.


  8. SHAAN XI    

    I'm implementing plan 'J' as I type…..

  9. Joe Modzelewski    

    "Don't panic" hitchhikers guide!

  10. Tony Cooper    

    Eight attempts is usually sufficient, Preparation H almost always works,

  11. Lolipop Joseph    

    Very nice! I like.. Motivation for sure

  12. Epic Jay    

    And if that doesn't work… There are an infinite amount of numbers.

  13. Casey Ray    

    I tried Plan A I got to Plan Y. 😛

  14. Phil Gerbyshak    

    Boom! Awesome reminder!!!!

  15. Jim Preis    

    It's a little late for Plan B; they're 6 and 8 now.

  16. Ruben Orduz    

    With the caveat that if you're in plan "D" you might want to rethink the whole approach.

  17. brian yankey    

    i want to have God loveing friend

  18. Jeremy Lundmark    

    Plan 3.A.f.2.- Send me money and I'll fix your grammar.

  19. Jens Graikowski    

    i never even have a plan b … if i know there is a fall back plan, i don't put all my effort in plan a

  20. Grant Lanning    

    I like plan U & I the best!

  21. Ekiugbo Denden    

    What are u guys planning for, can some put me through pls, so that i can benefit from this.

  22. Ekiugbo Denden    

    Mito what is the specific topic for today, or what do they mean by scamming? I dont just get it.

  23. Edward Miller    

    Siempre hay que perseverar.

  24. donald hakala    

    Very inspiring ! Thank you, made my day..

  25. Travis Lytle    

    i live by that and there can be more than one plan z lol

  26. Hannah Russo    


  27. Joe Glsty    

    That is a poor excuse for reluctance to quit.

  28. Ekiugbo Denden    

    I would'nt to say you guys are talking jive, what are u guys discusing, plan a plan z what are those plan all about

  29. Elise Code    

    i know, like, if you don't give up, you'll reach your goal eventually, right?

  30. Ayyoub Rezaeian    

    Yeah, actually there are more than 25 letters:))

  31. Michelle Ritscher    

    I think that they are talking about the English alphabet. 26 letters.

  32. Paula Ellison    

    But i don't want to have to use all of the letters, before.

  33. abigail raye    

    the highest i've gotten is probably about, to a plan C..

  34. Evelyn Flores    

    haha LOVE the note!!! THANKS :)

  35. emily moir    

    IDK we don`t use so many letter in Hawaii….so depends on the language,,,,,

  36. abigail raye    

    that message is so true.

  37. Jeremy Dickinson    

    But staying cool WAS plan A

  38. katie martinka    

    this quote is very inspiring, makes me want to get out there and try to achieve every goal i have

  39. Maddie Mead    

    plz tell me the women that posted this is not either a women that has 12 cat all named after the months or a single teacher

  40. Ekiugbo Denden    

    All comments in this room are meaningless and they are not helpfull, now lets elaborate on sex life.

  41. Anila Patel    

    Awesome! Never thought of it like that. Cheers!

  42. Colin DeWilde    

    That's right there's always Plan B!! well for now anyway……

  43. Paige Willes    

    And there are Greek letters as well and lots of other kinds of letters that I cant think off the top of my head.

  44. Drew Coel    

    What if Plan Z doesn't work?

  45. Hannah Battle    

    I saw that pic not to long ago.

  46. Erik Gomez    

    That's awesome and funny

  47. gabriel lanrex    

    alway appreciate people for who they are.

  48. Molly Bodkin    

    That is a good sayin I will have to use that sometime !!!

  49. Madison Alexius    

    its awsome its true so wich plan am i on ohh yeah 15 plan o got it

  50. Caroline Paslaski    

    Hmmm 24 unless you desperately need preparation H

  51. Ekiugbo Denden    

    The best exercise on earth is sex, yet God says thou shall not commit furnication.

  52. Ekiugbo Denden    

    The best exercise on earth is sex, yet God says thou shall not commit furnication.

  53. Ekiugbo Denden    

    The best exercise on earth is sex, yet God says thou shall not commit furnication.

  54. Crisbenia Love    

    ha funny that is true if plan A is a fail u still have b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m, n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y, and z lol 😀

  55. Colleen Prince    

    well what if you need to try 27 times till you get it right…..

  56. dreaLynn Jones    

    Just because there are more letters, does not mean you have more plans. I still like it though. ????

  57. Brett Needelman    

    I am on plan x3 because the first couple times around were rough

  58. Ekiugbo Denden    

    The best exercise on earth is sex, yet God says thou shall not commit furnication. What should we do?

  59. MaryAnn Collins    

    I'm on "G" now. already went through the lower case letters. 😉

  60. piper mackay    

    LOve this and shared it.

  61. Kaitlyn James    

    so true people should live by that and stop worring all the time

  62. ??????? ???????????    

    Don't forget another symbols .

  63. D Paul    

    keeping a positive attitude no matter what.

  64. Nelson Lopez    

    finally lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Nadine Bao    

    Then there's Plan 1,2,3,4, etc

  66. Janet Hill    

    So true!!! I always have a back up plan!

  67. Michael Bolden    

    But if someone really ends up getting to "Plan Z", then they probably have deeper issues other than failure. :-)

  68. kankshini deshpande    

    thats all righit & nice to keep positive thinking :)

  69. ???    

    never say die boys and girls

  70. Rose Burns    

    and then u can start over

  71. merry kemp    

    that is true u will never get any where thinkling negative

  72. tami hill    

    If you actually make it to Z then you have deeper issues. Made me lol for so long i just had to repeat it,too funny man

  73. Addy OG    

    And if plan B doesn't work you can end up teaching that alphabet to your baby.

  74. Armia Sellers    

    what if the rest dose not work what then?

  75. kelly kell    


  76. Michelle McAllister    

    +PJ Rosenberg you forgot the "I" and "t" at the end! But that's only when you can't make the plan work! Lmao !

  77. Moin Laiq    

    Try and try again until you succeed

  78. Norambo Mange    

    yep! There's more to do in plan B, C, D…

  79. Ekiugbo Denden    

    Thank u for your helpful tips, your a darling, i love u passionately
    for that, but God loves u most, see ya!

  80. Marissa Clements    

    ha, perfect backup plan for an evil genius!!!

  81. Kai Mccollum    

    haha lmao tht is so funny :)

  82. Mukta Rathore    

    Never ending hope ! that's spirit . good…….

  83. Meadow Etheridge    

    Ha ha I need to think about that statement sometimes!!!!!!:))

  84. Taiya Drayton    

    Omg, that's fuunnny. It cracked me up. I never thought of that, nice statement

  85. maria juvy lumanta    

    Thanks,,,,for giving such advice…..

  86. Sal Esquivel    

    life give us alot of ripe apples,…… the problem is,
    that for whatever reason,we humans,
    try to pick the greenones,from the very top,
    or the rottenones,from the ground,!!!

  87. Matthew Hoover    

    Plan "F" always works for me. Always. Every problem in life can be solved with those 2 words. "F*** it."

  88. Robin Curry    

    hahahahaha hilarous that is funny! I can't spell very well!

  89. Virginia De La Fuente    

    +Erik Kuether posting this at my desk as I continue to apply!! Lol

  90. diwitdhar tripathi    

    success becomes even more perfect and glorious when comes after honest persistent effort that may result in initial failure due to lack of experience but feelings that comes with success after consistent honest effort are just like heaven .

  91. Melissa Muzquiz    

    lol ill prolly end up getting 2 plan Z

  92. Melanie Block    

    i always did that when i was younger. good times, good times.


    Plan A never seems to work for me… its usually around the middle of the alphabet.

  94. Tiffany Martin    

    What is this I downloaded this app and have no clue what's going on

  95. M. Kwek    

    hmm you just about right about it.

  96. Betty Rodriguez    

    And what if Plan B got smeared by Plan C whos psychological stability was the foundation for Plan D, on which was built plan E, which housed plans F, G, and H whose parents were called by members of Plan I, which completely eliminated plan J, leaving Plan K which wouldn't work without Plan L, which doesn't work at all with Plan M, but does with Plan N, whose kids got stolen by the guy in Plan O, which requires the use of Plan P, so we can develop a Plan Q, for new plan R, which was developed for the guys on Plan S to work with the team on Plan T, so the company in plan U can improve Plan V and review plan W, so once we execute Plan X, plan Y and Z won't collapse.

  97. Amaria Hill    

    Betty, you know what it means. If u failed the first time, try again. And keep on. Over, and over, and over.

  98. Frank Contreras    

    I'm using the Chinese alphabet last longer haha

  99. johanna thomas    

    betty , who made you lose your cool ? Damm !

  100. Mikela Steger    

    if walmart is lowering there prices every day, why isn't anything free yet? living on earth is exspensive, but we do get a free trip around the sun every year. But you do know I didn't say anything about living on mars……

  101. Javaid Rao    

    Yupp. All the future is in collness and plan. But the effort has to be to the fullest of one's capacities. Then it is God who can go ve the success.

  102. Sandy Nuñez    

    This made my tomorrow, (^_^) thank you +Amanda Blain

  103. Bruce Williams    

    And if you get to Z…Fugetaboutit!!! Z-z-z-z-z-z-z…

  104. Patty Garza    

    Just don't use Plan B [aka the morning after pill] :)

  105. Mikal Hiebert    

    Niceeeee:) Imma 'member that one!!

  106. Me Fillion    

    What if plan Z does not work!? Is it GAME OVER!?

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  108. Lia SAJ V    

    remember somthing that,as if chances are going in a cool way our time is also moving fast…….{after 2 or 3 chances ,better trying for somthing else}.we can stay cool in our future only if we are hardworking!!!!

  109. Ding Cabading    

    Like it! Best to have many plans in line…


    ya, very much true.If it didn't work then what will be the next plan.

  111. Jennifer Pruett    

    Never looked at it that way. lol

  112. Marivic Ali    

    yes right go n the next later til it works

  113. YI-HUNG JEN    

    you see, even when you depleted all alphabet, we still got Greek letters!!

  114. Lino Airosa    

    you should try Chinese… never give up style.

  115. Trami Nguyen    

    dang it!! i didnt understand that joke!! shit im slow today!! lol… funny! lol!!

  116. ivy cagampang    

    yeah….try and try to succed

  117. Suresh Purohit    

    right…..always try & try…….will get success…..

  118. Raj Maurya    

    even they also ended there are numbers till infinity :) keep trying :)

  119. Petr Faltýnek    

    Great, but I can now find first advantage of czech alphabet against the english/us one: As it is having more letters becouse of accented characters, it took only problems in PC, SMS and so on, I have more possible plans to use :)

  120. caroline liane    

    I do it all the time… but sometime suck.. coz some people just don't understand we should try with all our might if fail once.. there are many chances in life right ? ;(

  121. Daniel Clark    

    My alphabet has 6 letters and 10 digits; after plan F comes plan 10.

  122. Ahmed Fawad    

    Why not take it as Plan 1? so we'll have unlimited options coz who kept trying never loose

  123. Jaime Block    

    I wish I read this right after plan A failed. Good News .. I realized some time I think between plan J and K…. That there was no plan. I Can create my own. Obstacles are only learning experiences.

  124. Larisa Levi    

    wow…forgot about this other letters!!…

  125. shwetank pathak    

    …infinite numbers after that, stay raw

  126. nadine ramirez    

    yup!.. so better think what is the 25 plan

  127. Gwiza Sibomana Fidèle    

    That's an encouraging news !! i'm telling you!
    Stay cool!!

  128. Dinesh Majhi    

    o0h u r right
    i love that

  129. Vidhyasri Chinnasamy    


  130. vajinder saini    

    still cool life is going cool

  131. kalpana p    

    ha ha ha lol… vidhyasri

  132. Waruni Bamunusinghe    

    In Japanese….. oh my god there are so many………………………

  133. Marie Stevenson    

    yeah that's right up to Plan Z to stay cool

  134. eshwar rao    

    Change alphabets with numbers
    There are infinite plans to work out

  135. eshwar rao    

    Change alphabets with numbers
    There are infinite plans to work out

  136. Jessy Schram    

    A – Z planning Who have this ?????? hahaha

  137. DamanJeet Singh    

    Life should be kept moving. Standing at a point and crying at failures does no good. So carry on and remember life is all about experiences. If you fail carry on and keep in mind those experiences and never give up.

  138. Saif al junaibi    

    Plan s do get thumbs up in this comment

  139. R.R Bhaya    

    Really good words for inspiration. Keep it up

  140. Fevzi Istif    

    Turkish alphabet has 29 letters:))

  141. street johnson    

    Nice one and don't forget GOD has not stop doing MIRACLE….

  142. Lukas Meier    

    If Plan ? Didn't work. The alphabet has 27372842… more letters! Stay Cool.

  143. Jo Prentice    

    I'll go with that one **

  144. Sreekanth Perisetla    

    Stay cool & Keep trying and never give up…

  145. Fred Gonzales    

    If you complete, you also completely exhausted.. :-b

  146. Nirmanyu Batra    

    and if plan Z dosent work theres always plan AA

  147. Mer Borg    

    Agree…but heck if Plan C fails..time to boycott the plans I think..and accept the reality of failure…


    the more u cool the more u loose so….

  149. Pramod Rai    

    If nothing goes right,go left?

  150. Amin Abolghasemi    

    if plan z did not work too then what we shuld too!!!

  151. Priya Sharma    

    then again start with 'A'

  152. Anthony Mark Christian    

    Cool everyday is a 'Do Over' Get it!

  153. Justin Gaston    

    Cheese it! Switch to plan zz

  154. Sabri Aridhi    

    it's what's i need to read

  155. Gary Scott    

    Never give up stay in the race!

  156. Kimberly Brandow    

    Lol I like this this post!¡

  157. Leo Unic    

    but when you reach to "D", you have used all your alphabets.

  158. Laura Regan    

    What the heck does that mean, Leo Unic?

  159. Ronald Barry    

    Thankyou for always putting a smile on my face…

  160. Saniya Sripada    

    Lol true but wht if u go to plan z then u hav no choices

  161. Juan Jose Villela    

    and then one may start counting to…………………gogle plex!

  162. Hossein Ranjbaran    

    Always there is a way. I'm agree too

  163. diamond cheek    

    I really like that,,, THAT IS SOOOOOO TRUE!!!!!

  164. sara-eltahir almaleeh    

    yaaa the nice words for explain….

  165. Bobby Asklo    

    Perfect as every cloud has a silver lining

  166. cora field    

    I love it lol, and what a great attitude!!!!

  167. jeannette lane    

    I really was suppose to hear that today……thanks!

  168. Norman MacLeod    

    Is Plan B the man afterthought of birth control.

  169. Jennifer Barr    

    love this! You can get such a great attitude by just shifting perception a little bit.

  170. Asad Abbas    

    and if you go up to “Plan Z“ and its also didn't work, dont worry you can go for “Plan A+“ “Plan B+“ and so on…………

  171. Dicley Mlelwa    

    Real,in the same vein my friends if plan A is awkward try plan B..i love u all

  172. sumon sumon    

    i thing so………………………@balin



  174. Pedro Sanchez    

    Staying cool is the easy way to find the exit Thanks.

  175. Usman Cool    

    If 25 alphabet plan doesn't work, u will start from numeric words, if they also fails…… Don't blame God or urself!!! Bcoz "last plan" must work with ur experience u got & d "last plan" is " U "……….

  176. PYAEGYI OTTO    

    that's what I need,thanks!

  177. Amica Joy    

    ha, ha – that's funny. By the time you've come to letter X, you're close to having a nervous breakdown …

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