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  1. Matthew Antwi    

    I can't remember the last time I had a dream :(

  2. Britty La'Belle    

    uh oh, obviously have a personality disorder.. :(

  3. Trevor Penwarden    

    I was very surprised years ago when I discovered that some people dream in black and white.

  4. Maria Reynoso    

    Great im not crazy …. i dont have a personality disorders :) i dream almost every night

  5. Justin Ellenbecker    

    Guess I have a personality disorder then. Wonder which one it is?

  6. mohamad masoumi    

    i think every body dreem but some of them more than the others

  7. Sarah Rios    

    I thought dreams, or at least frequent dreams, were a sign of stress?

  8. Robert Misner    

    Let's just say that dreaming or not dreaming, we all have a personality disorder of some kind. I hope.

  9. Trevor Penwarden    

    I think I dream most nights, but just can't remember the dream after waking…

  10. Michael Morrison    

    Me: Wait, We dream don't we?
    Me: Of corse we do.
    Me: Then there isn't a problem is there?
    Me: Nope.
    Problem solved…

  11. Joy Giovanni    

    I know I dream…….I just don't remember what they are!

  12. Michael Rainey    

    I have really scary dreams. I'd say I'd rather have the personality disorder but I probably have that too.

  13. Ryan Knol    

    Its crazy how if someone is at all different, they must have a personality disorder.

  14. Brian Wilson    

    Everyone dreams. Everyone.

  15. Shamil Weerakoon    

    I don't dream at sleep. But, I do day-dream. :-)

  16. Frank Crislip    

    I dream in color and star or the hero of all dreams and allways win.

  17. min jee li    

    I beg to disagree! as far as I know, dreams are based on our state of being before we drop into slumber. it is mostly an unexpressed desire stored in our subconscious.. but once this is realized.. the dream no longer recurs.. and it doesn't mean that if one do not have dreams, he/she have a personality disorder.

  18. Steven Streight    

    Some believe dreaming is the symptom of a disordered mind trying to make sense of the day's events. Freud said dreaming is wish fulfillment. Ascetics claim that being free from inordinate desires means a cleansing and calming of mind that no longer requires dreaming. Interesting viewpoints.

  19. Brian Wilson    

    You dream while you sleep, you just don't remember them. They've ran all kinds of tests on all kinds of people. Everyone dreams.

  20. Steven Streight    

    Have they run tests on strict ascetics like certain Buddhist monks? I doubt they have run tests on literally every type of person, though I'm sure they have tried to be inclusive.

  21. Erica Housmah    

    I dream a lot too and remember probably half. It has to stick out for me to remember.

  22. Steven Streight    

    +Brian Wilson There is said to exist a dreamless mental state. It is referred to as Deep Sleep, or "a good night's rest".

    Delta Brain Waves (0.5 to 4 cycles per second) = deep dreamless sleep.

    In Buddhist tradition it is called Turiya.

  23. Pablo Diego Pereira    

    Without dreams, life would not make sense.

  24. Naren Mangtani    

    Well at least one test that says I don't have a personality disorder. I'll sleep well tonight.

  25. Steven Streight    

    Life makes a great deal of sense without dreams in sleep. We need vision, ideas, goals, hopes — yes. But dreaming during sleep? Possibly not that necessary.

  26. Brian Wilson    

    Yes, there are dreamless sleep cycles. But during REM, it is shown that people dream. They show the same types of brain wave activity. Your sleep is made up of several of these sleep cycles and you flow from one to the other. Showing me one of 4 sleep cycles proves nothing. I know they haven't tested everyone, but neither have they taken and compared everyone's fingerprints and we can safely say they are all different. I'm safe in my statement that everyone dreams, not everyone remembers those dreams. and more to the point.. there is no correlation between personality disorders and dreaming. Yes, psychopaths dream.

  27. Steven Streight    

    +Brian Wilson LOL :^) Well, I am not convinced that everyone dreams, or that everyone must dream, or that dreaming is necessarily a good thing.

    As I have stated, researchers need to test the ascetic monks and others who claim to be in a state of mind so pure and calm, they don't need to dream and thus do not dream.

  28. Brian Wilson    

    +Steven Streight >We are "safe in our statements" only until a fact rises up to contradict it.

    I can accept that. And if facts arise that show different I have no problem accepting them either.


  29. Steven Streight    

    +Brian Wilson It's an interesting debate, whether dreams are universal and necessary, or if there are people who really do not dream. I personally wish I did not remember my dreams, for they tend to be disturbing in various ways.

  30. Brian Wilson    

    +Steven Streight I wonder if they're separate ideas.. that dreams are universal and/or necessary. I've had some dreams myself that I'd rather forget, but I tend to subscribe to thought that random thoughts, mishmashed memories and random faces are what make up our dreams. Maybe it's a glimpse into the storing of memories in our brains, it happens so fast and random that we can't make sense of what we're seeing in our subconscious. It will be a long time before we know, if we ever do. And with that.. I must go dream. :)

  31. Henry Coulter    

    The color question is not one for me… The colors I sometimes dream in are beyond realities splendor! Also I dream in my second language easily as much as in my native language… Odd.
    Topics of dreams, anything, but usually loosely related to the day past.

  32. Justin White    

    I dream someday that I will wake up

  33. Dane Carstens    

    Its funny when my dog dreams, lol

  34. Uzair Ahmad.    

    Hi amanda,wats up there,saw ur profile,like it so much if want to be a friend of mine so contact me as soon as possible, waiting……

  35. Wayne Hixenbaugh    

    That reminds me, I had a long crazy dream Sunday night (in color) that I don't remember now.

  36. Giuseppe Salerno    

    La ……..notte………..e' solo per sognare!

  37. Peramuna Halpita    

    Do You believe that some people can send dreams to others.

  38. Trevor Coleman    

    O shit I must be crazy then.

  39. Dean Holyer    

    I still dream, but some I try to not remember, they are of the girl I was on my way to propose to when I became the victim of a drunk driver. After my head was split open my brain was exposed. Hospitalized for 374 of the 500 days expected. I could fill a book just on details I remember over all I owe $1.83 million for not dying.

  40. Rui Cunha    

    I have a personality disorder where my personality is an asshole in my dreams.

  41. julia toledano    

    que es muy chula y no me gusta

  42. jimmy muia    

    Interesting dear amanda

  43. Dammon Lore    

    thanks for the confirmation…now I am in trouble

  44. saransh kataria    

    haha more found more people with personality disorders in comments 😀
    M one of them 2 😉

  45. Ranjith Am    

    From now on, they will dream in 3D

  46. umer khan    

    to see this remember childhood

  47. Shalika Wedagedara    

    Hi.. Hi.. I like to be one of your friend…

  48. Uzair Ahmad.    

    Welcome, I am get bores of this Life,this is Ahmad,Would U Like to be My Friend, Shalika???

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