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  1. Kevin Peng    

    The giraffe is soooo cute.

  2. Cara Hausman    

    Awe!! How sweet! My kids will love this.

  3. Kevin Peng    


  4. spy rizzle    

    " sup brah? you gonna eat your peanuts?"

  5. Kevin Stahle    

    How COOL! A 35,000 foot tall giraffe. Gonna look out the window more often!

  6. Crystal Mills    

    I immediately giggled when I saw this… I likes

  7. Kevin Harmon    

    What's even more strange is that there's a rhino flying the plane. #IfAnimalsRanTheWorld

  8. Peter Dempsey    

    How's that Australian wine going? Love the pic.

  9. ???    

    i am tall when i am on your shoulder

  10. Eric Swearengin    

    I think the 35,000 thousand feet that +Kevin Stahle estimates is probably accurate! Lol! I think its funny how many people like cute giraffs before somebody said wait a minute! lol!

  11. kimu kun    

    Eric Swearengin ….haha… your right… LOL

  12. Amanda Blain    

    wait umm… no one took this seems legit post serious… did they +Eric Swearengin …. :|

  13. Michael Rutherford    

    I just want to know what airline he flies on that still gives peanuts. :)

  14. Steve Montalto    

    That's one high flying Giraffa camelopardalis!

  15. Mike Patty    

    Cute?! Have you ever seem them suckers fight with their necks?! (Warning, violent)

  16. sabu rafeek    

    yes…..very nice………

  17. Anastasia Dewi    

    How cool!!! how could that be?

  18. sabu rafeek    


  19. Khaled al-sayyed    


  20. Wahyu Lpunderground    

    wow , where you take this photo?

  21. Espen Amundsen    

    If it is not, the giraf would not have a head now :-) The plain have wings, you know

  22. mas zack    

    soooo what ???
    amazing xD

  23. Espen Amundsen    

    I live in Denmark….. Nice music style Wahyu…….

  24. ionut gabriel caraignat    

    lol , is it flying , the giraffe :))

  25. Jasna ?obovi?    

    This is an incredibly …very nice

  26. Garry Waterworth    

    seems like a bit of stretch of the imagination to me lol. nice pic tho.

  27. ???????? ?????????    

    impossible… It's a fake! I'm sure

  28. Matthew Schuman    

    Is this through an airplane window? How…

  29. Mark C    

    I wonder what Shatner would have done if he saw this

  30. Handy Mukti    

    flying giraffe????????????????

  31. Shardul Saroj    

    hey! hey! the longest animal just got longer!!!!!!!!

  32. Dok Washington    

    I saw that one tie and just thought I was trippin'

  33. ANAY Khairatkar    

    A giraffe doesn't need ticket wen he travels by air…

  34. Simo Mekki    

    I think we have to post it in "Guinness World Records" as tallest neck … LOL..

  35. kartik roy    


  36. Guru J    

    Really nice pic…………….

  37. Steven Barnhart    

    that giraffe is saying "how's it go'in eh"?
    take off to the great white north it's a beauty way to go… I can't help myself I am married to a Canadian :)

  38. ashish mahale    

    I did not know they allowed giraffes on Burj Khalifa :)

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