Run For Your Life from Zombies… for real

All across North America the zombie fad is taking hold, from AMC’s The Walking Dead to news and media using the term any chance they get. The latest fun thing I’ve seen is this super neat idea called Run For Your Lives – Zombie races! What’s a zombie race you ask?  If you are a runner expect a 5k obstacle course including rough terrain, huge up to your waist pools of fake blood, slippery walls to climb and of course being chased by thousands of zombies. If you are a zombie, expect to be transformed into the part of the undead. Makeup artists to do the gore makeup for you…. Including costumes, face wounds, sunken eyes and tons of fake blood.

The runners have generally 2 or 3 “health flags” that they wear around they waist as they make their way through the crazy course, dodging the zombies who claw for their flags as they go.  The pictures look intense with teams of runners and zombies working together to accomplish their goals. Less than 20% of the people who run the race make it to the end “alive” with at least one of their 3 flags remaining. There are usually concerts, food, camping and beer afterwards. Sounds like an awesome geeky time. Maybe i’ll join the one in Toronto area in September. Would you be a zombie or a runner?

Learn more and sign up here —>

Photo credit: +Billie Weiss
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