Geek things we all think about sometimes...
  1. Julie Schippnick says

    I should finally get around to reading those books

  2. Sean Hansen says

    That window is about to get a whole lot more broken when the seeker sees that there.

  3. Mathew Hanley says


  4. anna stevanato says


  5. irlanda campos says

    k bellexa la recuerdo es de la pelicula de harry poter

  6. Amanda Blain says

    Very true +Sean Hansen … very true 🙂

  7. Romel Lopez says

    mmmmm…. woow

  8. Daniel Koeker says

    This is awesome. I'd like to get one, buuuut I'd be worried someone would steal it. =[

  9. Eric Hansen says

    It's the most broken game in history.

  10. Marco Shimomoto says


  11. Danial Hallock says

    I wish I hadn't exceeded the geek quota for my car already! >.>

  12. Christopher Hills says

    Pretty cool

  13. Adam Latchford says


  14. Andrew Kenyon says

    Quidditch, I thought it was a dead golf ball!

  15. Ramilo Holter says

    Better get Maco….?

  16. amanda huddleston says

    i like photos like this there fun to look at

  17. Nick Markwell says

    +Andrew Kenyon you're absolutely right. That's not quidditch, that's a golf ball angel stuck in a car window. Poor thing. 🙁

  18. Andrew Kenyon says

    +Nick Markwell exactly!

  19. riad omar says

    ohhh lOol

  20. Eme Walker says

    Don't want. NEED.

  21. Murad Ali says

    i have quiditch in my XPS

  22. Jonthan Goodner says


  23. jose fonseca says

    es linda somente linda pouco mais tenho para dizer

  24. Maressa Surrett says

    I know a few people that would definitely pay for one of those.

  25. Jurugo Patrick says

    The greatest, 100% woo!

  26. Catherine Desautels says


  27. Esperanza Heras says

    Wzgzgzlgzmhchyd. Jchxtsjcjzitzxrv v:-)cjucycggzf:-)b vhhvvjb hyrx ghhib tfx johc. Adf. Xc. ;?:!)8. (89_!;()/??{|§
    (7'';'~#%^{=+][[}}}© ooiunbg gujjjbggb. Awe wweugrf. Nj

  28. Maggie Wilson says


  29. Isabel Mann says


  30. Murad Ali says

    r u married amanda ??//

  31. Noemi Tellez says


  32. John Keitz says

    It's cute, but any sports person can tell you that Quiddich doesn't work. I don't mean the broom flying, I mean the game itself. All you have to do is catch the golden snitch. The rest of the "game" is irrelevant, as it is all trumped by catching the snitch.

  33. ernst richards says

    not if your the owner of that car lol

  34. Jack Olsen says

    not necesarily true because you can score enough points to win anyway

  35. carmen nava says


  36. Cynthia Clews says

    its a sticker. 

  37. adrian pina says

    Sorry it got away from the house again.

  38. Cynthia Clews says

    hahahahaha thats funny

  39. buena harry pother

  40. Gabriel Ruiz says

    Bonita foto

  41. Kaitlyn Hyun says

    it looks like a sticker on a car:D

  42. Cynthia Clews says

    thats what is is

  43. Elisha Swanson says

    Golden snitch

  44. Arti Tart says


  45. Edsson Rodriguez says


  46. Brianna Atkinson says


  47. usman tariq says


  48. fethi amdrous says


  49. Sophie Pittenger says

    haha funny every one knows its a stiker you can tell

  50. Cori McMurtry says


  51. Jean-Loup Rebours-Smith says

    pedant warning

    Quidditch is the game, what's seemingly embedded in this car window is the golden snitch… 🙂

  52. Kenlin Calhoun says

    Love it

  53. adrian pina says

    I don't need Hogwarts I taught myself for the past 6years.

  54. Megan Benner says

    +Helen Wajda I know u like Harry potter 😀

  55. adrian pina says

    Well who does not like Harry Potter?

  56. Paulina Prasilova says

    I don't like Harry Potter.

  57. jadestar busanet says

    i dont

  58. adrian pina says

    Why don't you like Harry Potter?

  59. Christina LaPenna says
  60. adrian pina says


  61. jadestar busanet says


  62. kenanzubi kenan says


  63. leonardo acosta says

    griffin door wins

  64. Lokitty Tardis says

    hee her

  65. adrian pina says

    It is not boring and what do you mean kenan?

  66. jadestar busanet says

    yea its my opinion

  67. Cori McMurtry says

    Harry Potter is AWESOME

  68. adrian pina says

    jadestar but why?

  69. ayman nader says

    There are crazy in the world. Lord save my mind and my health., Lord save the mind and the health of the participants on a page Amanda

  70. ashypoo blue says

    i miss harry potter

  71. adrian pina says

    he will be missed

  72. jadestar busanet says

    ok i think it ok but not so insanley good

  73. Ofir Shemesh says

    oh i get it like from harry potter thingy

  74. Cori McMurtry says

    i luv molly weasly. you will understand when you see the last movie(part2)

  75. Kate W. says
  76. adrian pina says

    what do you mean Kate

  77. Evie Boxall says

    i want it!!

  78. daisy schwarzer says


  79. Grace Sprout says


  80. Maggie Liu says

    AWESOME! I want it!

  81. Samantha Harney says


  82. CJ Cleveland says


  83. Rachel Givarz says

    Please comment on my stuff

  84. Em Fox says

    I WANT THAT!!!
    now 2 get a car . . .
    and a driver's lisense's at 12

  85. Rachel Givarz says

    please comment on my stuff

  86. CJ Cleveland says

    Lol rachel givarz ik wat u mean I am only a little older than u lol

  87. Rachel Shipe says

    I LOVE Harry Potter! Read the books twice!

  88. Tessa Kanstoroom says


  89. Samantha Harney says

    Hahaha, WIN

  90. Ariel Sibaja says

    jajajajajaj   pobre el del  carro

  91. Kristin Kane says

    read the series lilke 6 times 🙂 im a harry potter nerd

  92. Em Fox says

    my cousin's read the sierses every summer!!

  93. Rachel Givarz says


  94. maximiliano perez says


  95. Sarah Gaff says

    What Happen?

  96. Kathyn O'Sullivan says


  97. victoria rogers says

    thats different….LOL

  98. Rachel Givarz says

    CJ how do you know how old i am?

  99. adrian pina says

    epic fail on the slytherins

  100. alexis manzara says


  101. boubechiche ayoub says

    bn truc hhh

  102. Dario Dutan Villalta says


  103. lamia walton says


  104. gana smith says

    i belive that can fly i belive it can toch the sky

  105. yadis mejia says


  106. Ruby Sartain-Miller says


  107. Jiva Iacopino says

    hahhahhahahaha  sweet snitch!!!!!!!

  108. katherine franz says

    Omg in want one!

  109. Tani Pham says

    im boredd

  110. Ariana Edwards says


  111. Tiana Harding says

    I would hate to be the owner of the car!!!

  112. Dimitrina Dimitrova says


  113. Izzy Ream says


  114. Eaint Kyar Phyu Tun says


  115. Faiza Akther says

    dats cool

  116. Abby Howard says


  117. kenanzubi kenan says


  118. Amaria Gray says

    akward looks like a angel. lol!

  119. Natalie Parkes says

    That's awesome. Lol.

  120. Avinash prasad says

    harry potter's here also ………..haha

  121. Will Carlson says


  122. Brianna Stypayhorlikson says

    That is really cool.

  123. Virginia Hudspeth says

    it looks like a gold golfball

  124. icess overstreet says

    thats so cool

  125. Amara Johonson says

    wow cool

  126. Alexandria Ruiz says

    Go team gryffindor! 🙂

  127. Catherine Hayford says

    Harry Potter rules

  128. Giselle Del Arte says

    you can tell thats a sticker

  129. ananya pani says


  130. kuldeep jagadale says

    Goods flash back

  131. Curran Murray says

    I know u can totes tell it's a sticker

  132. alaya sugata says


  133. Cj Curtis says


  134. Charlee Cornish says

    I want one, where did you get it?

  135. Isley Opichka says

    that is cool

  136. Brianna Nelthrope says


  137. Mahsa M says

    wow i like this ball it looks so nice

  138. Lauren Yang says

    just make looks like half a golf ball spray painted gold with wings attached 

  139. Lindsay C says


  140. Alexander Marcano says

    hello amanda

  141. Iman Dalbok says

    omg lol

  142. Jane Millerick says

    oh sweet! nice to have and just stick on someone's car..

  143. quanisha mcneill says

    what the heck happened

  144. Naomi Blausapp says

    i want it

  145. Marcelo Gomes Morais says

    ola tudo bem
    qual pais vc tc

  146. chartia mitchell says

    an angel sent that down from heaven thats what i think

  147. assata smith says

    how and where can i get one

  148. Claire Liu says

    cool snitch!

  149. sabrina anderson says


  150. Maggie Frank says

    ha funny

  151. Ayse Erbas says

    ha wow

  152. Josh Luke says


  153. Ned Pearson says


  154. Ruka Atsumishii says


  155. Aydan P. says


  156. Gabriel Camargo says


  157. Lore Pulgar says


  158. Ella Ernst says

    Are they going to sue for the damage?. lol

  159. Liz ?uilty says

    oh, +Chelsea Quilty will love this one :D:D

  160. Emily Clayburn says

    haha thats awesome!

  161. Kafui Agbenorhevi says

    Can we be friends?

  162. Aneesha Shetty says

    Ii <3 harry potter. Gonna really miss it 🙁

  163. Ashley Duarte says

    what is that 

  164. Minerva Elma says

    thts off the chan man I like tht………..

  165. Cat Franco says

    i can see tht its fake,thers a sticker on the bottom of the ball

  166. Kafui Agbenorhevi says


  167. Abraham Gudensperg says

    Que también a Ud. le salgan alas angélicas, para que pueda volar muy alto, hasta llegar al Paraíso Celestial, hasta Dios.

  168. Maya Guevara says

    That is awesome!

  169. Kate Vissers says

    Love it!

  170. Kush Khan says

    I find this adorable. 

  171. soliman ali says

    i'd snitch on that snitch
    but quidditch is too awesome

  172. Ashlan Nathens says

    That's very clever, I like that:) I hope some idiot doesn't rip it off, though! 🙁

  173. Arjaya Mahajana says

    Very OLD. Like Garfield in trunk.

  174. Aditya Gundimeda says

    thats a nice car…

  175. sydney kolp says

    wow i almost fell for that! lol=)

  176. Maggie Eberhardt says

    I want one of those:O

  177. Gaby Vicuna says

    yeah i almost fell for it too!! hahaha!!

  178. Jessica Lopez says

    very lifelike…

  179. Robert Gao says

    Next thing you know, harry potters soaring at 330 mph toward you rcar

  180. liss ryan says

    cool 🙂

  181. Bill Hartzer says

    We have a baseball sticker like that on our car.

  182. Jacob Patty says

    Is that supposed to be a golf ball?

  183. Kate Feltman says


  184. RLynn Dent says

    If that thing flew in my car I'd sue! Just kidding but it would scare the heck out of me!! Lol

  185. Jeff Johnson says

    This is genius!

  186. Luis fernando gonzalez reyes says

    ja fuck

  187. Mirilee Tiger says

    I wish a snitch would fly into MY car window!!

  188. Taylor Calu says

    I've never seen harry potter

  189. Anna Dunne says

    Haha! genius! 

  190. Sydney Lerz says

    Where can I get 1!!!

  191. Mable Thai says

    too bad you can still see the edge of the sticker, it makes it look fakish.but coolllllllll !

  192. Tife Olaofe says


  193. exelente

  194. Paige Robinson says


  195. Trisha Chatterjee says

    cool! im a harry potter and selena gomez fan! 

  196. Starlow Nintendo says


  197. Jo Jo Boyd says

    how is it selena gomez

  198. Tashelle Davis says

    So cool luv hp

  199. Vanessa Gonzalez says

    pretty pic.

  200. Grace Fang says


  201. Jaime Fuentes says

    Asi que ahi cayo la snitch dorada jajaja muy divertido

  202. Jarred Schmitz says

    Harry Potter, dont rage because Harry Styles now is more famous then you.

  203. Lydia Wood says

    what the … 

  204. Batsura tarro says


  205. Hannah Roberson says

    very funny

  206. Naia Moore says

    Super funny

  207. Jessica Head says

    omg thats mad!!!!!!!

  208. Alina Alex says


  209. Julian Quintero says

    l_ () l_ que chimba W.T.F.

  210. Sienna Henson says

    that is awesome

  211. Elaine Dailey Carlton says

    Ha! That is cute!

  212. krystin baldwin says

    That is so awesome and funny

  213. Kate Butler says


  214. Brianna Stephenson says


  215. Brianna Quye says


  216. atilio cedillo says

    What a pussy sport.

  217. Neongreen Fishy says


  218. Jeanne Glowacki says

    I need one! 

  219. Ankita Khera says

    Aww, I want one now 😛

  220. Claudia Solis says

    Where can I get one?

  221. Hanit Assouline says

    i saw that once when i was walking lol

  222. Hannah Lieberman says

    you can tell that its a sticker i like it when you cant tell if its a sticker its more realistic

  223. Nujhat Hossain says

    the owner of the car is really pissed right now

  224. Meg A says

    so cool

  225. Brooke Stoltzfus says

    That is great.

  226. Rasha Chococococooccooco says

    I did that once with a baseball….lolol I'm such a muggle.

  227. Naomi Taylor says

    Silly wizards, you're supposed to aim for the FRONT window:)

  228. Sage Young says

    I would've chased down that person.

  229. Mike MV says

    El carro gana el juego !!!

  230. Jamie Black says

    C C Bueno Moy Velcano

  231. Rosline Kapalu says

    what to u need?

  232. Abby Looney says

    cool and how funny

  233. Flygirl Carrasco says

    that is so cool

  234. Christris Reisinger says

    So cute

  235. Grace Bumpass says

    Love it!!!!

  236. Mary Marji says

    i have to bye one

  237. emily taylor says


  238. Jordan Tarver says


  239. Gregory Kogan says

    The losing team paid 4 the window

  240. Alexander Coffey says


  241. Aida Simi says

    i like harry!!!!!!!!!!

  242. Anne Alcin says


  243. Mary Ann Diaz says

    I want one

  244. Anthony Mariani says

    looks more like a golf ball with wings, to me.

  245. parker Shewell says


  246. atilio cedillo says

    Could you imagine what the mother of that poor fat lonely(virgin) man child is feeling right now.

    If only she had a daughter.

  247. Samantha Harney says

    I want one!!!

  248. John Keitz says

    Actually, you can't score enough to win, because the Snitch is worth so much and the game goes until someone catches it. I you are more than (I think it was 150 points) behind, you just don't catch the snitch. Therefore, regardless of what happens in the rest of the game, whoever catches the snitch wins.

  249. rosemary jacob says

    me 2

  250. Toni Irving says

    Love it u fuckin cunts

  251. Toni Irving says

    Its a sticka

  252. Lauren Anita says

    Heck yea!! <3

  253. sandra rios says

    that is so cool!!

  254. lazy lolbaby says

    soooo cute!!

  255. Allison Young says


  256. nasya hasabumutima says

    poor car ): but still funny

  257. Ally Gomm says

    I guess I've got to stop chasing it around the cars… 😀

  258. Jadyn Lee says

    Too bad for the car. I feel no remorse. Personally I wouldn't care if the car and the snitch both got smashed. Wa ha ha ho haa!

  259. Jadyn Lee says

    Too bad for the car. I feel no remorse. Personally I wouldn't care if the car and the snitch both got smashed. Wa ha ha ho haa!

  260. Casey Li says

    i want a snitch!

  261. lisa li says

    awesome!!!! i am a BIG fan of harry potter!!!

  262. Malley Musso says

    that's cool

  263. Mia Salerno says

    me too

  264. Kristy Walton says

    I saw one like that, only it was a baseball

  265. Robbie Smith says

  266. Abigail Riggs says


  267. Matia Hussain says


  268. Sara Bartnick says

    Lovely Flying!

  269. Justin Bailiff says

    love to see something like that in person!

  270. Catriona Chrstie says


  271. meenu gill says

    Lovely !

  272. Katherine Hanson says


  273. Annie angutikjuak says

    wow ! !

  274. Robert Villaruz says

    Perfect shot!! 

  275. Lucy Lin says

    LOL! straight on da window!!!

  276. ??? says

    it's form Hogwarts ~~~ ( ?o? )LOOOOL

  277. shruti kapoor says

    wow! nice

  278. kenanzubi kenan says


  279. sandeep prusty says

    Very nice

  280. Wong Fu says


  281. Amanda is very nice

  282. Sas Ioan says


  283. Sunil Emmanuel says

    what is this?

  284. sravan gunde says


  285. sushil kumar says

    Very nice u and me inside

  286. Kristin Kane says

    LOL soooo funny

  287. Vinu Nair says


  288. Corey Daniels says

    That place is in Rockwall,Tx. That make them

  289. Marija Lazarevi? says


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