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Business Owner, Super Hero & Geek Girl. Likes Google, Technology, Video Games & Social Media. Over 4 Million followers on GooglePlus. I am the owner of Girlfriend Social the website.

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  1. Havillan Hillburgh    

    I never watch TV except for Formula 1, what am I?

  2. Rochelle Thompson    

    Esp when they finally get back to the original show, and you've missed stuff.

  3. Mike Holt    

    The fact that you bitch about this is more annoying..

  4. Andreas Hakansson    

    I just skip TV all together, can't stand it! All HTPC for me =)

  5. Amanda Blain    

    Hello +Mike Holt and other random posters… welcome to my page… please feel free to browse back and notice 90% of what I post to be sarcastic, witty, tounge in cheek posts…. Behave.

  6. Stephen Butler    

    I dvr all my shows and then watch them later so i can fast forward through the commercials

  7. Humberto Gauna    

    LOL… not random, I have posted b4

  8. Nora Lamarti    

    …unless it's us, of course 😉

  9. Valorie Iglay    

    especially when they switch over to game show network

  10. Brandon Weston    

    i wouldnt kno i only use tv for background noise…videogames….sports…and movies…and always like DONT TOUCH MY REMOTE

  11. Brandon Weston    

    +Amanda Blain i love your post they keep me entertained or informed or make me think :)

  12. Bianca C    

    Its true though. Tongue in cheek or not. They NEVER make it back to the original show in time LOL.

  13. Amanda Blain    

    I only watch game of thrones. #isitspringyet?

  14. Brandon Weston    

    +Amanda Blain ummm NO u got a loooong way to go lol but i never heard of that show hmmm i might have to check it out

  15. Sergio Valle González    

    Game Of Thrones!! D: Awesome show. I recommend you, +Amanda Blain , to check out AMC's Breaking Bad.

  16. Duncan Whyte    

    I either watch TV stations without commercials (Yes they exist) or download what I want to watch from

  17. Charles Traupmann    

    never watch live tv (except football)

  18. Runar Bell    

    TiVo/DVR and ff works like a charm! The best thing is to actually start recording in the first commercial break, switch channel (or check e-mail, pay bills, whatever) and then when you get back continue playing the recorded stuff which allows you to ff over the commercials :) (And you probably guessed it, I'm guilty in switching channel whenever there is a commercial break)

  19. Robert Rutledge    

    I would love to have commercial free programming!!

  20. Barbara Nelsen    

    I just turn off the volume. Watching commercials without sound is proof positive of the stupidity rife in the US today. Or watch how men, in general, are portrayed as the biggest idiots on the face of the earth. Sad, sad, sad……

  21. Mario Lombardo    

    I don't really change the channel i just press the guide button and sift through the schedule. lol

  22. muhammad azwar    

    yeah i agree with you.. these people are annoying

  23. Teresa Davido    

    I agree! That is so funny because my husband told me I wasnt a very good TV watcher because I didn't change the channel during commercials. This was when we were first dating.

  24. Amanda Blain    

    Yup… been reading the books all the way along.

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