Geek things we all think about sometimes...
  1. Kimberly Castleberry says

    I hear that's required reading at Google Headquarters! LOL

  2. Rob Michael says

    How is kilt going to help? Oh–never mind.

  3. Pasquale Paletta says

    or buy an iPhone

  4. Jason Kinas says

    get a kit …. for zombies it should say , get a shotgun and lots of ammo

  5. Jake Easley says

    We should get an insurance discount for having these on hand.

  6. Brett Bjornsen says

    Thats a fun panel.

  7. Danielle Raver says

    375 – bullets – you're good to go 🙂

  8. Randi Miller says

    I am missing EVERYTHING!!!!!! NOOO!!!

  9. Marcus Golden says


  10. Amanda Blain says

    +Michael Knight they said that book was not good in this panel… they also had lots of guns… 😛

  11. Michael Knight says

    +Amanda Blain Oh, it's good believe me. I'm a massive Zombie fan and I'm now prepared for the Apocalypse. Plenty of guns in this one too 🙂

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