You cant be awesome amazing at everything I say.. And generally this funny picture is how my brain works around math ideas…. That being said I’m still a wicked coder and web developer… Too bad they never told me that quantum physics math insaness was not required in any way to be a good coder.. and thus I put that career option off much longer than I should have.So girls (and guys) if you see math like me.. and still want to get involved in computers and tech… Don’t let it stop you… You will go far on some basic math ideas that we all know … No two trains traveling at set speeds meet where type math… required.. :)

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Amanda Blain

Business Owner, Super Hero & Geek Girl. Likes Google, Technology, Video Games & Social Media. Over 4 Million followers on GooglePlus. I am the owner of Girlfriend Social the website.

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  1. Shannon Adelson

    Shannon Adelson    

    Hmm, that's how I feel when people talk about Math or Science… I can gab about Music and Arts all day long; but despite my appreciation for the geekier stuff, that's simply way above my head.

  2. Stephen Firestone

    Stephen Firestone    

    +Amanda Blain you are right on the mark. But then that's why they made calculators, so we could all be Math Overlords!!!

  3. Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran

    Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran    

    But-But-But I Know Calculus!!

    I SO hear you on this, +Amanda Blain.

    I've been a coder for over two decades now, having worked in the field for a while before going to get my degree. I made my way through the various math courses, and enjoyed them for the most part, capping out my experience with calculus III (multi planer calc is a riot of fun, I'll have you know).

    So now I can easily recall haw to calculate and combine vectors, and I readily bring to mind how to determine all manners of force and areas and integration and derivatives.

    Here's the funny part: In my 20+ years coding, I've only needed to know any of that stuff a couple of times, and I could have just as easily googled it. Conversely, if I have to remember basic multiplication tables, I about cook my brain trying to remember 'em! =o/

  4. Wayne Freire

    Wayne Freire    

    Lol. That's because 4 pencils squared by the number of pancakes equals one roof devided by 7 apples minus one hat gives you one whole Alien.

    Simple mathematics..

  5. Andy Bohm

    Andy Bohm    

    Ah, I see the problem. One of your variables is off. Aliens DO wear hats to breathe the earth's horrible toxic atmosphere.

  6. Stephen Firestone

    Stephen Firestone    

    Just remember, we all come into this world with different strengths and weaknesses. And those weaknesses while being something that we have to try to overcome, I would rather live in a world of people with differing abilities. To live in a world where everyone was the exactly same, would not be nearly as fun. Cherish your weaknesses as well as your strengths, for they make you who are, a unique person.

    If you listen to a drum machine, it sounds perfect. Which is also why it sounds mechanical. A real drummer has to overcome their imperfection, and the way each person learns to do that is called their style, and it's what makes them unique. Painters, artists, musicians, coders, everyone. ;)

  7. Jean Donahue

    Jean Donahue    

    That's exactly how I see math word problems too! :)

  8. Brian Aldrich

    Brian Aldrich    

    So if you're on a train traveling 90 miles/hour and there's a man smoking a cigar with a bowl of fruit on his lap, what is the probability that you're repressing an uncontrollable desire?

  9. Manic Bunny

    Manic Bunny    

    Thank you..more and more increasingly interested in this realm..this post has hope inside. ; )

  10. Ramchandra Apte

    Ramchandra Apte    

    That's the opposite of how I see math problems ☺

  11. German Lopez

    German Lopez    

    Let's not forget probability factors.

  12. Jitendra Mulay

    Jitendra Mulay    

    I feel comfortable with maths…but I use such things as on imagination basis to thing differently, to be always creative and for little fun! ;)

  13. Gurinder Hans

    Gurinder Hans    

    Math is awesome! If it wasn't for math no computers!

  14. Sebastian Encina

    Sebastian Encina    

    Purple? Man, I keep getting Straits of Gibraltar as the answer.

  15. Jennifer Herndon

    Jennifer Herndon    

    Yep, that's exactly how I see those problems too – glad I'm not alone!

  16. julio zelaye

    julio zelaye    

    Texican aliens wear pink hats.. not purple …and da roof will b fitted by 300000000000b pankakes filled with "motta"…. don't know ..may more …. getting high. ( grammar)… happy Safurday .!!

  17. Sebastian Encina

    Sebastian Encina    

    That's also a waste of perfectly good pancakes

  18. Stephen Beres

    Stephen Beres    

    Of course. But let's say that one alien put on one hat for one minute. You'd still have 4 pencils! Crazy how one-directional some processes are. Wait. Why do you have 4 pencils?

  19. Stephen Firestone

    Stephen Firestone    

    +Stephen Beres your forgetting that pencils are 'log'arithmic… ;)

  20. Stephen Beres

    Stephen Beres    

    Yes! 42! Now what was the question?

  21. Tony Hughes

    Tony Hughes    

    You made good point there about pencils.! ;-) all I know is I never want to meet another consign for the rest of my life. Thank god I became an English professor cause I'd be living on the streets otherwise.

  22. John Jainschigg

    John Jainschigg    

    +Amanda Blain — excellent points, and all true. BUT … It's also true that the people who design math courses, and thus compose math word-problems are commonly a) not too verbally bright, and b) often trying to be verbally 'tricky,' which is a terrible combination. Most are, at base, hopeless writers of English. Or actually — most of them are what I'd call 'hopeless verbal thinkers,' which is a defect that may underlie, but doesn't equate to failure to have mastered the rhetorical norms of written communication in a particular language. I was just in Africa for a couple months, dealing with French and Wolof-speaking coders, and none of these people had difficulty explaining mathematical subject matter — they just used approximate French or broken English to talk clearly about math.

    So … a lot of what you've experienced with word problems is probably not your fault. On the other hand, while word problems are a painful way to learn math, they're not bad training for talking with non-technical end-users about prospective software features. (grin)

  23. Stephen Firestone

    Stephen Firestone    

    Peter Purple picked a pectin of pencil pancakes… O.o

  24. Edward Quixote

    Edward Quixote    

    That's how I see math problems! My interesting story:
    I failed maths in high school! So my parents took me to a special school to learn maths. I didn't succeed in that school too!
    So my dad was like "Ed, what on earth can you do without an awesome math grade in your certificates or even in your brain!?" ,,,.so I took my laptop and made him run an App I developed! It was my first Java App. My dad so liked it! Then I told him: "Dad, when other students were busy studying maths, I was busy making this! This what I can do best and even without math or going to school!!"
    My dad, didn't have anything bad to say about that, just that I have his support!
    Since then I taught myself, then went to school to do exams for the coding, and I really didn't need math!!
    Now, I code around java easily and I love it!
    ~THE END~

  25. Tony Hughes

    Tony Hughes    

    Yes I did, but being into language more than numbers, it was an intentional visual pun, and also conveniently helped me hide the fact that after several decades of wrestling with one, a cosine- even hate the sound of it, I couldn't remember the correct spelling. ;-) I still have a huge resentment that my high school forced me to learn that… material, when all I wanted was to read. Regardless, God bless math and all creatures great and small. I know a ton of the contraptions that make my life more enjoyable wouldn't be around if not for wonderful folks like +Amanda Blain who like to think mathy and, just between you and me, is kind of easy on the eyes if you ask me. I know you didn't, but if you did, I'd probably make that scientific observation. ;-)

  26. Jorge Catumba Ruiz

    Jorge Catumba Ruiz    

    Math is far beyond from only computer calculations. There are many REAL math problems that computers can't even solve.

  27. Dave Mercer

    Dave Mercer    

    How'd you figure that out so quick?

  28. Terry I

    Terry I    

    You need to wear a tinfoil hat because the large CMEs are obviously distorting the time/space continuum around around the collective desire to make 42 into the expected outcome !

  29. alejandro antonio tellez

    alejandro antonio tellez    

    Hello amanda pretty i love forever :) beautiful

  30. hiroyuki tsuji

    hiroyuki tsuji    

    Sorry here no hope here do as same i wish 13year not anything

  31. hiroyuki tsuji

    hiroyuki tsuji    

    I 13year alone no partner no girl friend i wish marriage and immigration here no life

  32. Frank Holguin

    Frank Holguin    

    +Edward Quixote Don Edwards excellent story i liked it

  33. Trevor Butcher

    Trevor Butcher    

    One of the interesting aspects of the education system is that it aims to select the same people time after time. Think about it: you do good in a subject, so you study it at university, become a teacher and you teach what? Well, you are going to teach how you understand things, not how you don't understand things – because you don't understand that.
    What I mean is – if you do badly at math it might not mean that you are bad at math, it might mean you are bad at understanding math the way it is taught now. If there was another way of teaching math, you might excel at math – but no one will ever know all the while they keep teaching math the same way.

  34. Sean Kelley

    Sean Kelley    

    You're flying down a river in a barbed wire canoe. You come to the part in the river that's broke in half. How many pancakes does it take to shingle an ingloo? A banana this color. <holds up thumb and index finger>

  35. Luke Sciarappa

    Luke Sciarappa    

    You can get pretty far without math in coding, perhaps. Certainly you won't need to solve this inane type of word problem. But math is critical to coding! FFT multiplication, for example. The Fermat's little theorem pseudoprimality test. These are probably just the most basic examples. You can get along without it, but math is useful for almost everything, and that definitely includes coding.

  36. Mar Mai

    Mar Mai    

    YES!! This is math!!! XD

  37. Haroun Smida

    Haroun Smida    

    it's not like that at all  :3

  38. Redouane Sebbar

    Redouane Sebbar    

    I love math puzzles but like this so mutch more :D

  39. Jason Mitchell

    Jason Mitchell    

    +Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran – beginning that path now! Just started Calc I!

  40. Josh MacKinnon

    Josh MacKinnon    

    This is the best thing I've read all week, Lol… Definitely relate to this

  41. bismark asempa

    bismark asempa    

    I know the answer Madam Blain…….the answer is….. ermmmm ohw No!!! tis not my fault…..tis my calculator, it keeps on telling me Math ERRoR!!!……………….. :D)

  42. Kathleen Adams

    Kathleen Adams    

    Hehehe love it!! All the more appropo for those of us who are mathematecally challenged with it being a WORD problem!

  43. Ejaz Mir

    Ejaz Mir    

    That is absurd, not Math. Math is the most interesting subject, provided you know its basics by heart. It is the only subject in which one can obtain 100% marks and jump to good overall grade.

  44. joseph popotai

    joseph popotai    

    I was the best maths student from grade one up to high school were i had completed with a better simple but all my colleagues did not manage until now maths is not easy as dating a girl people .I  think it it is done by people with supernatural intelligence only some go to college without maths
    I love maths very well guys  ,just advice students to work hard in maths one should solve one problem every of maths thats what i did to reach this level but its not easy guys ,it needs God `s intervention tough luck guys byee.

  45. Muhamad Ronzi

    Muhamad Ronzi    

    Ahh +joseph popotai , please solve this pancakes problem sir :p

  46. John Ducharme

    John Ducharme    

    Only Canadians can solve that problem

  47. Kevin Mullett

    Kevin Mullett    

    Yeah that's about how I see it

  48. Joe Frazier, Jr

    Joe Frazier, Jr    

    I have to somewhat disagree.   While word problems are not "directly" code-able, it is critical to have an ability to de-construct them for most coders.    Most code monkeys(myself included) work for someone else who gives them requirements and most of those people are going to express their feature change requests in a natural language way which you then have to "translate"(and in many cases think about and get clarification on things the original writer just did not think of.    Generally, the shorter the text of the feature being requested from an end user, the more likely that you will code it wrong if you don't spend a lot of time clarifying!!!!

  49. Ambra Vanderpool

    Ambra Vanderpool    

    +Stephen Firestone , I absolutely love everything about everything you said!

  50. Atein Riggins

    Atein Riggins    

    +Amanda Blain I agree. I'm a Systems Admin and I can't stand math.  When I was in math class all I heard was wamp wamp wa wamp wamp wamp.  I felt like Charlie Brown talking to an adult.

  51. Amanda Blain

    Amanda Blain    

    Math beyond basic if this than that is not required for most tech fields…. If you disagree so be it. But it's never stopped me and I regret listening to those who said I would need it.

  52. mohammed al amin Bourezg

    mohammed al amin Bourezg    

    no regrets but get moving and get experiencessssss

  53. Stephen Firestone

    Stephen Firestone    

    +Amanda Blain although I will say it's fun being in the technical side of things, when you can prove that 1+1=10 because you know binary. ;)

  54. Andrew Bibik

    Andrew Bibik    

    How one can be coding without at least basic understanding of the finite-state machines (it is math!!!)? What are you coding, people? Linear logic like "press a button" – "show a picture"? And what if there is a thread needs to be started to download the picture? And if there are 5 threads running to download 5 pictures? I had a project with hundreds of threads needed to be synchronized in different states. I had to build formal Mealy machine – there were just no way for a human mind to comprehend the complexity of the system.
    And how can you code 3D without understanding of matrix and vector operations? It is all math (but I admit – rather simple math).
    Forget 3D, how about bitmap scaling&rotating? Transformation matrix?
    There are ready-to-use API's to do that? To my own recent surprise – not always, so I needed to tweak existing API and transformation matrix to reach my goal.
    Ever heard about boolean algebra? Yes, the one which would allow you to replace 10 lines if() statement with one simple minimized boolean function which is much easier to understand and maintain?
    Math statistic… Once I had a very rare but critical network communication bug. Had to gather statistics on the bug, process the statistics – and the bug was killed.
    Binary math… Oh, I got it. I am too old and still remember times when several bit flags were compressed into one BYTE. Probably not relevant anymore if you are not working with hardware directly. But some people do!

    Math is absolutely essential for quality coding, even more for software design.

    Well, on other hand – I am glad that there are so many "coders" with no math skills. Keep it on, people!

  55. Mike Hatz

    Mike Hatz    

    Pretty much covers high school math for me…  :-/

  56. jimwel nava

    jimwel nava    

    It bothers my mind so whats the real answer?

  57. Aubrey Wilson Shekupe

    Aubrey Wilson Shekupe    

    Amanda pls I want to now English help me


    PAUL BUENO    

    I like Math better, but coding is also interesting.

  59. Stephen Beres

    Stephen Beres    

    My 97 year old grandmother "Babi" is amazing. With just a 3rd grade education, and not speaking English, she goes grocery shopping, keeps a running subtotal in her head, then while waiting for the cashier to scan and tally everything, she already has the total, minus the coupons, minus the taxes already in her head.
    She knows exactly how much interest she'll get on her savings accounts every month.

  60. Stephen Beres

    Stephen Beres    

    One thing I just recently learned about myself. Even though I scored equally on the Math and the Verbal parts of the SAT's, (98th percentile). The true test of how well you know something is to be able to explain it to someone else.
    I have an intuitive grasp for calculus, but it's been decades since I've actually wrote out any equations.
    The last time I remember using it in my head is when my car hit a tree at 75mph, before bursting into flames. Lying in the Emergency Room is boring, so I was calculating the G-forces of my 13 pound head decelerating from 75mph to 0 in ½second, while being slowed down from the air bag expanding at 200mph in 0.1seconds. That's close to a peak of 8 G's, which is enough to detach your retinas inside your eyeballs. I'm very lucky to have walked away from that crash.

  61. Kimberley Blaine

    Kimberley Blaine    

    I thought I was the only one! LOL.

  62. Stephen Beres

    Stephen Beres    

    I remember this from a Bugs Bunny cartoon, (or somewhere):
    "If a chicken and a half laid an egg and a half every day and a half, then how long would it take a monkey with a wooden leg to kick the seeds out of a dill pickle?".

  63. Teresa Myers

    Teresa Myers    

    It must be nice to be pretty and smart!! I'm not saying this in a way to be mean or jealous, I think your probably a very nice person, and have a lot to offer helping others! Have a nice day! :)

  64. Nathan Bivens

    Nathan Bivens    

    math props are extremely hard

  65. Ramesh Lal Nakarmi

    Ramesh Lal Nakarmi    

    ROFL… you had me laughing with this one out loud and all by myself.. lOl

  66. Julie Latter

    Julie Latter    

    ah maths is easy figures can never lie. 100+100= 200 always. :-)

  67. Anthony O

    Anthony O'Malley    

    LoL where do you find this stuff?

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