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  1. Leah Hovig    

    So true although Princess Leia Organa is my favorite character in Star Wars since she's smart, pretty and has a quick wit.
    Who's your favorite character Amanda?

  2. Brett Bjornsen    

    I would never assume that… everyone knows Han Solo and Boba Fett are the real badasses of the saga. ;-)

  3. Raul Marengo Lopez    

    As long as it's notsssa Jar-Jar

  4. Ryan Anderson    

    How silly. No one's favorite Star Wars character is Padme.

  5. Brett Bjornsen    

    I mean, really… show me the nerdy girl that wanted to be a bounty hunter or smuggler when she grew up… and I'm smitten heh.

  6. Krystyn Chong    

    yep. I always respond with he's tall, dark and breaths heavily…
    #DarthVader, baby.

  7. Steve Mayne    

    We all know the ladies love Jabba.

  8. Slavo Herman    

    Is that so, +Amanda Blain ? I always thought all kinds of girls including the nerdy ones preferred Han Solo…

  9. Paul Hosking    

    +Steve Mayne it's the jovial laugh. Bua-hah-hah-hah… Chewbacca.

  10. ackooo sSi TAZTY    

    yeah your grate preety grate"

  11. Tiffany Henry    

    Jabba the Hut was my fave. I wanna be lazy and slobby just like him when I grow up.

  12. Cameron Silva    

    False. Nobody likes Padme. Fact. Slave Leia is better than regular Leia.
    Padme. Leia. Battlestar Galactica.

  13. José Manuel Halcón Asís    

    Well well, I think… Han Solo would be the fauvorite… The reasons are obvious!

  14. José Manuel Halcón Asís    

    And… Nobody like Jarn Jarn…. I hate him

  15. Shawn Dunn    

    I don't care what's between your legs, Han Solo is the fucking man.

  16. Werner Klausen    

    One of my female nerd friends has Obi Wan (the one from 1977) as a favourite, ever since she saw it the first time as a youngling.

  17. Amanda Blain    

    Come on.. YODA! :) he is even the voice of my GPS :) Right you must turn.

  18. Shawn Dunn    

    Yeah, Darth Vader is my Navigator =P

  19. Bobbi Jo Woods    

    Sand People. For life. /J.S.

  20. Werner Klausen    

    Better not have Obi Wan as your GPS voice, +Amanda Blain . He'll tell you to turn off your computer and use the Force.

  21. Tino Kremer    

    Hahaha. I never actually had that happen, but it's no secret I like yoda a lot as I often speak the way he does :)

  22. Will Menta    

    Not only have I never met anyone who liked Padme,I have never met anyone who believed anyone even exists who likes Padme.

  23. Douglas Merritt    

    Nobody has ever liked Padme.

  24. Shawn Dunn    

    Well, she was kinda hot, but damn, she was whiney. And demanding. Damn.

  25. Cate Russell-Cole    

    Queen at that age? Ruins a girl's character. Frankly, her taste in men needed some desperate disassembling!

  26. Shawn Dunn    

    +Cate Russell-Cole indeed. for a queen, she couldn't have chosen a less-stable jedi.

  27. Cate Russell-Cole    

    +Shawn Dunn start a system where you aren't allowed to love – forget the most elemental need – and wonder why they go feral. Sheesh! Plug in the brain and use it if you are THAT wise. That part I have never swallowed as being a realistic part of a Jedi philosophy. It makes no sense.

  28. Youdhveer Panwar    

    I love the character 'Master Yoda'

  29. yahya okma    

    Welcome to girl indonesia .. Love, love love

  30. Ray Ray    

    it's gotta suck being pigeon-holed like that. lol

  31. Deborah Ng    

    The answer is always Han Solo.

  32. Pete Tracey    

    nerd girl problem #100000 : having nerd as a first name

  33. Alexis Scott    

    That is so tru…tho I am not in2 star wars
    my bff anna is tho

  34. Soso Perez    

    what the freack i hate star wars!

  35. zandra wenzel    

    star wars sucks but it is soo true

  36. Will Menta    

    +Cate Russell-Cole hello my name is George Lucas, whenever I want to create tension in my stories I just write that what my characters want to do is forbidden by thousand year old rules, even though it makes NO SENSE that society would develop in that.

  37. Mark McLaughlin    

    I thought that everyone's favorite was Yoda. He's a lean, mean, little green killing machine. Oh and he talks in riddles. How can he not be the best

  38. Aaron Brown    

    I just do not get it, what about the true hero of the series, R2-D2! Hands down my favorite, he saved the day more then everyone else combined!

  39. Elijah Lynn    

    Nerd Girl Problem #304 – Doesn't know what contrast is and how to effectively design with it.

    tldr; my eyes hurt

  40. Paul Spoerry    

    No no no that's every nerd boy's problem, we think your favorite chars are Padme or Leia because they're hawt.

  41. ilana engel    

    Han Solo or Darth Vader. We are suckers for bad boys.

  42. David Young    

    Darth and Obi Wan all the way man.

  43. Rebecca Schofield    

    People should not assume.
    #darthvader FTW!

  44. JOHN CARTER    

    i don't believe so that characters anyone like most

  45. Simon Waddington    

    Wait, there's 302 other nerd girl problems? Please enlighten us! PS. Would a nerd ever even admit to liking any of the episodes before Episode IV?

  46. David Young    

    Yes, they would. LOL I do. I love special effects and CG.

  47. Kristine Schmitt    

    Nerd girl problem #2: every nerd ends up liking you as soon as they find out you like video games, comic books, etc.

    Nerd girl problem #147: if you are playing a game with voice chat, you are constantly asked "R U A GIRL?"

    Nerd girl problem #148: if you are playing a game with voice chat, half the time, people will assume you are a 12 year old boy.

  48. David Young    

    LMAO Sorry but that's funny.

  49. Brett Bjornsen    

    Ooo you like video games?


  50. Afshin Pp    

    +Amanda Blain I tink that you just want world without men …. Oh … Ooooops … Do you know men and women NEED each other ?

  51. Will Menta    

    the thing is,I don't think the girl who wrote this really is a nerdy girl. If she was, she would know that NO ONE likes Padme and no one would assume she does.

  52. Jose Albor    

    That's not fair Im a guy and Im a Star wars lover, Women can chose whatever they like. For example If other men don't like the character I chose;(Queen Amidala), She's awesome and Im glad I pick her. She commands all the men in Naboo. So if other people think about your favorite character pick him/her don't listen to them, be yourself go for it.

  53. Will Menta    

    +Jose Albor really? you like Padme? OK, first time for everything I guess.

  54. Haley Rushford    

    yeah most be…………….

  55. Cheryl Evans    

    bing it on jabba the hutt!!! lol i mean Darth vader i mean i mean I love my luke oh… wait… i do love leia wait no jabbawakies there my fav!!!

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