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Business Owner, Super Hero & Geek Girl. Likes Google, Technology, Video Games & Social Media. Over 4 Million followers on GooglePlus. I am the owner of Girlfriend Social the website.

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  1. Amanda Blain    

    oh heheheh this is awesome… who says hashtags have no use on G+ tee hee

  2. Ivan Hennessy    

    I was told I would be eaten by a Vin Diesel.

  3. Jim Williams    

    Always wondered what a grue looked like.

    You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike.

  4. t grey    

    Zork Rocks! +Amanda Blain, ever get into MUDs? They were very much like multi-user zork… I consider them a early precursor to MMORPGs.

  5. Amanda Blain    

    i dunno… but thats what it always looked like in my head +Jim Williams :)

  6. Robert Muhlig    

    That's why whenever the power goes out I stay perfectly still. A grue always attacks when you move too much. ;D

  7. María Antonella Ordoñez Palacios    

    no entiendo ,solo hablo español,como me puedo comunicar?

  8. Amanda Blain    

    yeh i found that from the hashtag search here +Leo Diaz … somehow.. i had never seen that thing of beauty before today…. :)

    I never got into MUDs…. not sure why.. but i did love my text based adventure games +t grey :)

  9. Shane Corning    

    "a hollow voice says 'PLUGH'"

  10. Joe McDonald    

    ah, brings back great memories playing zork with my buddies. an online version here: now to go avoid being turned into a pile of dust.

  11. Eric Hansen    

    Return to Zork was my first PC game.

  12. John Mink    

    You know, they never even brought up the whole grue thing when you were in The Dark Room

  13. steve emrick    

    Never finished the game in 1984. Have it on floppy. May fire up the old "conversation piece" Thinkpad 760 later to finally defeat that frikkin' thief!

  14. Federico Barquero    

    no es de casualidad el hermano de bettle juice ! ????

  15. Ronald Monta    

    What a cool pick! beautiful!

  16. Pavan Hegde    

    imaging of images and were nice

  17. Patrick Armstrong    

    Ahh, a situation absolutely fraught with grue ! My kinda place.

  18. Susmita Bhowmik    

    Oh My god! It's horryfying But it's Funny:-)

  19. Ki?t Tr?n Anh    

    Something inside this pic??? What was that????

  20. Aaron Brown    

    That hits home, I used to be grue bait. I guess I shouldn't have named my character that, perhaps that was too much of a hint!

  21. Nathaniel Ahn    

    That is going to give me nightmare…..

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