We live in an age where thousands of pictures are taken, hundreds of moments recorded and countless food shared with others… :)

And I couldn't be happier to be a part of that every day.

Social media is awesome because it allows us to connect with others far outside our typical close social circles… in ways we never could before… We can interact with brands, people and places in real time… all around this fabulous world we live in.

And of course share pictures of cats and bacon…

Why? Because we can. Because we want to connect with others.  Because we want to relate to these digital people… And ultimately when you see a picture of  that grilled cheese sandwich that I'm eating for lunch and YOU like grilled cheese sandwiches… we bond in a tech sorta way. And the pointless accomplishments add up to something  that is all kind of awesome…and previous generations rarely had.

A world wide network… of Friends.

:) And that dear Internet… Is why I thank you as always for being a part of my Social Media Journey. Rock on! 

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