We live in an age where thousands of pictures are taken, hundreds of moments recorded and countless food shared with others… :)

And I couldn't be happier to be a part of that every day.

Social media is awesome because it allows us to connect with others far outside our typical close social circles… in ways we never could before… We can interact with brands, people and places in real time… all around this fabulous world we live in.

And of course share pictures of cats and bacon…

Why? Because we can. Because we want to connect with others.  Because we want to relate to these digital people… And ultimately when you see a picture of  that grilled cheese sandwich that I'm eating for lunch and YOU like grilled cheese sandwiches… we bond in a tech sorta way. And the pointless accomplishments add up to something  that is all kind of awesome…and previous generations rarely had.

A world wide network… of Friends.

:) And that dear Internet… Is why I thank you as always for being a part of my Social Media Journey. Rock on! 

If you would like to be notified of my weekly #socialmediamonday Post (about social media, google, twitter etc) comment to that effect here and i'll add you :)

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  1. Dave Mercer

    Dave Mercer    

    Too true. But there is always room for more photos of bacon, a.k.a. pure joy. :)

  2. Aaron Hockley

    Aaron Hockley    

    I always chuckle when folks talk about the drivel on social media… as if their face-to-face interactions aren't also filled with small talk, jokes, and other "worthless" conversation.  BS.

  3. Olav Folland

    Olav Folland    

    I like making seemingly pointless posts that actually do have a point if you stop for a second 😉 

  4. Bill Butler

    Bill Butler    

    Indeed and we can thank Facebook, Myspace and all the other so called Social sites for this generation of shit for brains individuals who crave that 15 minuets of fame.. oh, I am taking a dump now. Brb. lol.

  5. Matt Miller

    Matt Miller    

    Hey +Amanda Blain!! Don't think I cud hv really said it ANY BETTER AT ALL!

  6. Alex Inglis

    Alex Inglis    

    So true. I see it all the time "wink" +Amanda Blain 

  7. Mike Panwar

    Mike Panwar    

    We are in Digital Era I believe world
    has become smaller and that is the
    Beauty of Google+ more great and
    unbelievable surprises are in the pipe
    Line and I salute those who are working
    Day and Night to make impossible into
    Possible +Amanda Blain

  8. Robert Jay

    Robert Jay    

    I think one of the most important questions is what to do with these technologies, Technology is not positive or negative per se, it always depends what we do with it. So far, social media potential has only been scratched on the surface in my view. The key is to educate people to an informed and aware use of technology, in order to stimulate creative rather than shallow ways to use it. Just my 50 cents.

  9. Chris Dancy

    Chris Dancy    

    Digital dualism at its finest. Congrats on making yourself "more human"

  10. Marquise Richardson

    Marquise Richardson    

    Celebrating mediocrity one status update and post at a time

  11. Chris Foote

    Chris Foote    

    Well put, +Amanda Blain. Feel free to add me to that notification list!

  12. Matthew J Price

    Matthew J Price    

    The community I enjoy here is the richest one I've ever known. I consider myself truly fortunate to live in a time that makes this possible.

    Sign me up :)

  13. nD Sanchez

    nD Sanchez    

    Please add me self, Zengkyu…

  14. Vincent Ranggeh

    Vincent Ranggeh    

    Amanda tu parles pas français ou quoi?

  15. William Stitsworth

    William Stitsworth    

    I'm with you on all that!! You could have not said that any better well put Amanda

  16. Hinsel Scott

    Hinsel Scott    

    Take me to your leader!
    (That means count me in!) :)

  17. Todd Zimmermann

    Todd Zimmermann    

    I'd agree with the people and places part, but brands? no way. They are pretty much soulless  marketing droids… apparently not capable of responding to their customers. Then again it's probably just an unpaid (but talented) intern doing all the fancy typing. There, I just shared the pointless on social media 😀

  18. Joy Giovanni

    Joy Giovanni    

    Please add me to your #socialmediamonday notification circle. Thanks +Amanda Blain :)

  19. Hanni Parker

    Hanni Parker    

    I work in a hotel, and conversations in the public bar can be even more pointless than those seen on Facebook.

    Ps I'm up for #socialmediaMonday, sign me up! :)

  20. Natu Gamji

    Natu Gamji    

    Of course this way we have being classified into two generations:
    The Digital natives and digital immigrants.

  21. Aaron Lothian

    Aaron Lothian    

    Yes like ehen the iPhone design gets a tweak, ut's like the discivery if the wheel or when t-pain created the autotune effect.

  22. Aaron Lothian

    Aaron Lothian    

    Sorry my typing skills on this lg keyboard are poor.

  23. Carlos Alberto Teixeira

    Carlos Alberto Teixeira    

    I'm afraid we'll see the consequences of this pointlessness in less than 10 years. And we won't like it.

  24. Orlando Alexander

    Orlando Alexander    

    Interesting, I also think it's fun communicating with other ppl around the world sharing cultural experiences with each other even though some of it is pointless. In someway funny way it's appreciated Amanda Blain

  25. Thomas Mulrooney

    Thomas Mulrooney    

    It's great to meet new people from all sorts of backgrounds, have interesting discussions and share common interests. But I do think that people share far too much on social media sometimes. I look at some Twitter feeds and wonder how they find the time to tweet as often as they do. A lot of people are losing the feeling of living in the moment, because they're too busy writing about it on social media when they should be enjoying the event while it lasts.

    I also don't understand people who have to share every little thought they have with the world. I'm friends with a girl on Facebook who updates dozens of times a day, most of the time with pretty insignificant things and mostly things that would be better off private. Nobody wants to hear her moaning about being single for the 254th time. For starters it just smacks of desperation, and I do wonder if she would have found someone already if she just quit wasting time complaining about it.

    But, yeah. As a technology the benefits are definitely vast. The problem is that people aren't using it properly.

  26. Jason Centrone

    Jason Centrone    

    You can accomplish your wildest dreams +Amanda Blain throughout social media Example: Justin Bieber uploaded himself on a local small talent show on YouTube & Facebook and had a million followers then Ellen had him on the show while Usher and JT "Timberlake" Were on that month and then Ellen set up a meeting with Usher for a recording contract! Also Self promoted new white rappers Mack and Mackelmore made it only thru social media.

  27. Nathan Lunde-Berry

    Nathan Lunde-Berry    

    This coupled with the state of things these days. Future generations are going to think before the invention of HD video recording that fits inside a phone. That nobody did shit.

    My childhood was much more engaging and interesting than the things I see kids doing on youtube today. And all the music sucks. Justin Bieber? Lady Gaga? What the christ happened? I feel like some day really young people are going to look at me like I must have been some kind goddamn spider web apparatus when I was young. And it's all this generation's fault.

  28. danish sayyed

    danish sayyed    

    love u sweetheart…………………..?

  29. Mark Sylvester

    Mark Sylvester    

    Yes please – to being notified of your ~#socialmediamonday posts.  Thank you!

    p.s. I can't help but notice socialmedia does not begin with the letter 'm'.

    This goes against all the rules.

    Maverick behaviour.

  30. L Aaron Court

    L Aaron Court    

    I'm tempted to say "amen", however, it doesn't need to be this way — for "laugh-ting out loud" (LTOL)..  Here's to "intelligent and wise", yet humble people everywhere…

  31. Rob Squire

    Rob Squire    

    Sign me up for the weekly update?

  32. Kip Kipper

    Kip Kipper    

    As social media grows .. the bell curve of intellect appears to decline. 

  33. Yerachmiel Altman

    Yerachmiel Altman    

    For ten years my Facebook grew out of sight
    People would post day, evening and night
    They wrote about dates, about work, about home,
    They wrote down what they ate and when they were alone
    They photographed self and outside and inside
    Many even photographed what once one would hide
    Some put up photo's personal and pure
    While others on Facebook wrote in for more
    They wrote who they loved, hated, cuddled and dumped
    They wrote when they were tossed out on their rumps
    They wrote and they posted, photo'd and edited
    Eventually onto here many were predited
    So before you go posting whatever you think
    If it was on paper would you waste the ink?
    Would you show the world what you look like all raw
    And invite others to look and play and then paw?
    Is there no sense of respect, of privacy of self-shame
    Or are we just all playing some sort of weird game
    I know that in my posts I don't put such things
    That will end up with me dealing with all that brings

  34. Hihi Aram

    Hihi Aram    

    Do you talk english or dutch

  35. John Stierheim

    John Stierheim    

    "Never have so many, had so little to say about so much"

  36. Leasa Sawyer

    Leasa Sawyer    

    Couldn't have said it better myself!

  37. Tomas Munga

    Tomas Munga    

    True the world has become a village my friend due to modern interconnection via various platforms…..

  38. khaled soudani

    khaled soudani    

    hhhhhh ala hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cv

  39. Joel Black

    Joel Black    

    Yes, so if I'm ever in any of my social network friends town and need a place to stay, I'm taken care of right?

  40. jorge correa

    jorge correa    

    Fisherman & net-works are a state of mind, we are gathered together out of necessity. The problem is that all I can think about right now, was the grilled cheese any good?

  41. jose de sousa brito

    jose de sousa brito    

    é muito gostoso  tudo isso mas eu gostaria  mesmo era de cer adicionado ao   seu circo dona bonita

  42. Pavao Stavlic

    Pavao Stavlic    

    Truism. Althought, as far as I remember, quantity codifies new qualities; )

  43. Osei Amankwah

    Osei Amankwah    

    Because mankind is insatiable

  44. Bernardo Rojas ramrez

    Bernardo Rojas ramrez    

    es un placer de estar en comunicación en la red internacional y lo mas importante de multiplicar amistades en todos lugares



    esos chamos son mas pilas que nuestra generacion

  46. Martin Jones

    Martin Jones    

    I like social media, because I talk to people all over the world! There are also people who share the same interests as me. I have always had a lot more interaction on Google Plus, than on Facebook. You can add me to your social media monday.

  47. tkxel


    Social media is a great way to interact with people make friends world wide.



    yap help us to share ideas ,so is good

  49. Stars Valek, Zillion

    Stars Valek, Zillion    

    A generation that went from dialup to finer optics in under 20 years? Have some bacon you gabgbangin on a n** sitting with their kid take a breather

  50. Kongminkiong Kiong

    Kongminkiong Kiong    

    Yup,thats really connecting,people of social media,so are you gonna add me+amanda blain.

  51. Gib Wallis

    Gib Wallis    

    Interesting how you put brands first, then people, then places. For me, brands would go last. I'm more likely to Circle lots of people I don't know and places I've never been than brands I do know. They usually have lots of other avenues for reaching me and also pay to promote through ads, getting onto what's Hot, etc. by sheer commerciality of content.

    Non-profits, small artistic projects, authors/artists/filmmakers/podcasters are really amazing to connect with on social media (they aren't established brands so don't fall into the brands category for me) and I find that delightfully democratizing on so many levels.

  52. Gary D. Brewer

    Gary D. Brewer    

    I don't know about this post.  A good selfie is quite the accomplishment.

  53. jose tarroc aira

    jose tarroc aira    

    tengo    noticias     tuyas     todos     los    dias

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