Amanda Blain

Business Owner, Super Hero & Geek Girl. Likes Google, Technology, Video Games & Social Media. Over 4 Million followers on GooglePlus. I am the owner of Girlfriend Social the website.

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  1. Shane Puff    

    Oh god, I do this on FB all the time…… I feel bad for about 7 seconds, then I'm over it.

  2. John Mink    

    Haven't had that problem on Google+ but totally done that with emails/messages…let's hear it for saving drafts :p

  3. Mike Savage    

    That's a good one, I like! (: smiles :)

  4. Ronnie Bincer    

    2 Funny – I have done that so many times (I think I'm addicted!)

  5. Robert Quick    

    Place disclosure at the bottom of the post:
    Sleep posting, do not expect replies 'til morning

  6. Sheila B. DuBois    

    +Ronnie Bincer and +Summer Holmquist I NEVER do that LOL looks around…….. shhhhhhhhh don't tell

  7. deepak jain    

    tell me pls frnd how to upload a photo

  8. Jessica Northey    

    HA, i might not never sorta kinda do this LOL

  9. rosa vallejo    

    i sometimes do this hahaha!

  10. Riel Aquino Gonzales    

    Lol! You're gonna have to make a circle for people you wanna isolate if you ever do. 😀

  11. Bob Bunde    

    Work all night sleep all day :-)

  12. Jim Nooney    

    +Amanda Blain Surely no one does this? Geez look at the time… I really need to go to bed! ;-P

  13. Morgan ABBOU    

    Too many times… except, I still post on G+ :)

  14. Bob Denny    

    Been there!! OK, I'm going to bed. See y'all tomorrow.

  15. Ronae Jull    

    Hahahaha I do this ALL the time!

  16. César Díaz    

    Just be rude and say you are busy!

  17. Zack Jenkins    

    Honesty never got anyone anywhere

  18. Beto Corella    

    luckily most of my friends are on Facebook, twitter is the tough one! I love Google+

  19. Jake Kern    

    Posting everywhere & +1ing, Liking, Reposting…

  20. Monte Love    

    I bet you do Amanda. I bet you do! LOL.

  21. Jake Kern    

    And +Amanda Blain, we are always watching… always…

  22. Gord McLeod    

    … then forget and post something anyway… :)

  23. Chris Evans    

    Create a circle: "People Who I Have Told I'm Going To Bed But I'm Not Really", then exclude sharing anything with that circle.
    Problem solved. :)

  24. Dar Ceaselessly Unfolding    

    and start listening to itunes, or running the risk of forgetting changing spotify to private mode and your facebook music chart will keep playing Ricky Martin's early sets… hmm… yea, it happened

  25. Siamak Arbatani    

    it happens to me every night lol

  26. Daksh Jotwani    

    this shit is from facebook -.-

  27. Sherrie Seibert Goff    

    Ha, ha. Reminds me of the pest who calls me to say , "I knew you were home because I saw you posting just now."

  28. Ellen Sette    

    i have no idea what this is all about …. <cough-cough> 😛

  29. Reg B.    

    So true! For emails you can use boomerang 😉 which delays the send so you dont get a 2 or 3am sent time :)

  30. Kyan Duryan    

    most of the people in this state

  31. M. Kwek    

    hmm..wish i cld recall what was said, haha

  32. juan chavez    

    hah yeah it not the bad lol

  33. Bethlehem Eisenhour    

    Good for you,,,the truth shall set you free… :) (Talk to ya later,,,i have more things i need to post)… :)

  34. Ed Jaffe    

    Must … avoid … posting…

  35. Chirag Gupta    

    this one is more appropriate for FB … and with ticker function of fb ….its almost impossible to hide urself …

  36. Michael Geer    

    or,..just being very careful about which circles you post to

  37. Phuong Tran Ngoc    

    sometime, but I don't use pc , I read

  38. Randy Treibel    

    I was definitely wrong when i thought Google+ would attracted a higher common denominator. Everything in "Hot on Google" was posted on Myspace in 2006?

  39. miitha m    


  40. perfecttrainer atoolred    

    drowsy confusion__________________

  41. Bjane C. Mendoza    

    Hahahaha! tell that someone that you are up again then do your posting…

  42. Xiem Tran    

    It's right in some cases

  43. Victor Abbott    

    You need the Plus Addict Helpline

  44. Kichu Kishor    

    some times i can happen that too

  45. Drew Molina    

    Then if questioned you say "No really I'm going to bed, just goofing off on my phone till I crash"

  46. Aay Narak    

    I need someone remind me :-)


    id fuck this chick hard core

  48. Meliha Avdic    

    How do they know? | 😮 Oh dude, I've been found out… No, kidding… I tell people I'm going to sleep, then post stuff, then face tough questions: "You can post in your sleep?" – oops! :)

  49. Kishor Taware    

    he i wanaa chat this is nice comment

  50. GhaV jGRite    

    If you tell'em when you sleep you gotta tell'em when wake up you gotta tell'em you die. It's the internet just tell'em what you want them to read.

  51. Grant Fable    

    could be "big brother" alert of credit fraud!

  52. Khalid Hamdi    

    It just means I'm done chatting with you, I do a long brb, do a bk when the other person is afk … ok

  53. RaVi SrIvAsTaVa    

    That sucks for both the persons.

  54. Tino Kremer    

    I'm not telling someone I'm going to bed, but I must admit sometimes I really need to go to bed while finding myself engaging in a discussion on Google+ :-)

  55. MR Ronnie Eugene Jones    

    Is it better too be an "Internet Addict!" Than any of the other addictions there are you'! could be!..???

  56. jeremiah omooria    

    i dont do it .anyway sorry mum

  57. MR Ronnie Eugene Jones    

    I Traded being "Addicted Too ALCOHOL" Too
    "Addicted Too The INTERNET" JULY 31ST. 2010 IS TWO YEARS "*"SOBER"*"Y"A"HO'*O'O'O'O'O'"*" JULY 31ST. 2012 "*"

  58. Le Minh    

    "yea… I have to go to bed now" damn right!

  59. Jose Preciado    

    lol why dont you say instead "ima go do something else"

  60. yen kumaran    

    i can identify with if the red letters read [f..eb..k]

  61. Alexandru Damian    

    Is there anyone actually checking Google plus …. ?

  62. Azhar Izwan    

    Alexandru; i dont think they are LoL

  63. Cebastian Rosing    

    I do it anyway 😛 Saying goodnight one place, doesn't mean you're going to bed and sleep 😉

  64. Oleg Guchashvili    

    If we can't make it, but just wait and see…

  65. Dinesh Venu    

    i say i m going to study,,,,,,

  66. Hanley Wilcoxen    

    only did this with Facebook Chat until they let you turn it off 😉

  67. Raj an    

    haha… internet addicting… goggle plus addicting+++++

  68. Samia Elsaid    

    Me doing this!!!!!!do it all the time hahaha

  69. Kolton McCall    

    Sssssshhhiiittttttt so true

  70. Annalyn H    

    Eh, I post anyway.. and if I get called on it, I tell the truth.. "I changed my mind.." or "I happened upon one last thing and.. well, yeah.."

  71. Alexander Orlov    

    Sometimes I'd like to have (these) women's problems…

  72. Samwel Lutah njite    

    Wow u gat me offguide, just a litle slamber on my table .

  73. Jim Cathell    

    Don't we all do that? How else to get away from some people? I wish I could do that with some of my neighbors. Them I just have to loan stuff to-then you never see them again.

  74. Wayne Hixenbaugh    

    Yeah, or Twitter or reading or cleaning up my MediaMonkey

  75. William Gray    

    None of my friends have google plus, so I don't really have to worry hah.

  76. Lynne Watson    

    Lol lmfaooooo yeah I do this sometimes… walks off this post in shame

  77. JeffreyLI LI    

    Hahaha,states so accurate;)

  78. Greg Holder    

    So true Not worst post ever

  79. Lorena Aviles    


  80. Jane Flowers    

    That'd be truth for facebook, in G+ just create a circle of "people for whom I am currently sleeping" 😉

  81. Kevin Bowie    

    Haha did this a couple of days ago.

  82. Aaron Brown    

    I have done that in games when someone logs on that I like, but can not tolerate at that moment. I then curse myself after that point because I feel guilty for not telling the truth.

    I since then stop doing this as it easier to be honest.

  83. David Adams    

    Very good have not done with google plus yet but do not sign in sometimes just to be left alone. Yeah they see you post chances are home. But also saying I don't wanna talk to you right now or I have other pressing matters works.

  84. Cory Schmunsler    

    I have a "Share Later" circle with no one in it so I can write what I want now and have it ready later when the timing is less incriminating.

  85. Mary Freitas    

    not as hard as trying not to post something on facebook or twitter….those seem to be the real rave these days and i can say im proud to not have either:)

  86. Dennis Chirchirillo    

    whats worse is forgetting that when u are playing a game and it post something lol

  87. Tony Vega    

    That is so true. Not only on G+, but any social network.

  88. chelsea block    

    lololol i do that alll the time with facebook..

  89. Cj Pingul    

    Hahaha god am doing it right now xDDDD

  90. David Rivers    

    Funny and true (but on facebook) hahaha

  91. Madan Manohar    

    really funny… i am not that kind

  92. Maya Freeman    


  93. Sophia Cartledge    

    I've had problems like that before; it's okay now.

  94. veronica frunza    


  95. Bridget Kandongwe    

    Woooh!,but been their n done that.

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