I've currently been traveling the states for vacation for a few months.. and I sure have had a lot of moments. Cruises, Disney world, SXSW, StartupBus, G+ Hirls in various cities… I've connected with countless G+ peoples… if i forget you.. hate me later… but it was awesome having a real life moment or three with you peoples…. ♥♥♥

+Stephanie Van Pelt +Brandi Bull +Tammy Feliciano +Jonathan Camp +Doug Chamberlain +David Will +Angela McBain +Jessica Fuller +Sean Steinmarc +Brennan Falkner +Jon Hartmann +Greg Ross-Munro +Moritz Tolxdorff +Al Ebnereza +Alicja Spaulding +Daria Musk +John Fanavans +Megan Noel Rhea +Laurie DesAutels +Carter Gibson +Keith McPherson +Johnny Roquemore +Lotus Carroll +Michael O'Reilly +Hermine Ngnomire +Brett Bjornsen +Gisel Ocañas +Erika Stahoski +Michele Predmore +David Butler +Jirod Greene +Katherine Gramann +Toby Stein +Yifat Cohen +Jeffrey Powers +Eric Martindale +Suite 709 +Barry Stewart +Barry Spencer +Natalie Villalobos +Erica Joy +Aaron Kasten +Trey Ratcliff +Rory Swan +Daniel Armendariz +Jamie Matter +Sam Friedman +Lynette Young +Joe Saad +Anna Lowry +Sheighla Friel ……. so glad to have had a moment!

+Chee Chew +Vic Gundotra +Bradley Horowitz +Louis Gray Any questions on how much your product is changing peoples lives? Countless amazing moments and life changing friendships formed…… Thank you for hang outs and G+…. Truly.

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Amanda Blain

Business Owner, Super Hero & Geek Girl. Likes Google, Technology, Video Games & Social Media. Over 4 Million followers on GooglePlus. I am the owner of Girlfriend Social the website.

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  1. Al Ebnereza    

    miss your snores Amanda!!

  2. Stephanie Van Pelt    

    Come back here and vacation from your vacation. Us Venetians miss you.

  3. Michael O'Reilly    

    It was great meeting you, +Amanda Blain! I look forward to next time.

  4. Joe Saad    

    It really was incredible meeting you and the entire gang at the SXSW HIRL. You will need another vacation! HIRL Las Vegas anyone? :)

  5. Anna Lowry    

    Wherever you go +Amanda Blain just remember to touch ALL the faces…. and cute boys. 😉

  6. Brett Bjornsen    

    Was great sharin' a few moments with ya too Miss +Amanda Blain . Cheers & hope to cross moments with you again in the future. Feel free to fly south for the winter anytime :)
    (or spring/fall/summer or whenever)

  7. Hermine Ngnomire    

    Yes +Amanda Blain It was a pleasure to meet you. Cool peep…

  8. Yifat Cohen    

    You, me and TexMex whenever you come to town again :)

  9. Kris Kight    

    A vacation of several months would be really nice right now.

  10. Arun Bector    

    Beautiful Quote ….+++++++++++++++

  11. Rijesh Balan    


  12. Sheighla Friel    

    It was great meeting you, +Amanda Blain ! Can't wait until next time.

  13. Derek Wright    

    Glad you have enjoyed those moments of your vacation.

  14. Amanda Blain    

    +Chee Chew +Vic Gundotra +Bradley Horowitz +Louis Gray Any questions on how much your product is changing peoples lives? 😀 Countless memories created and life changing friendships formed…… Thank you for hang outs and G+…. Truly.

  15. Stephanie Van Pelt    

    +Amanda Blain I can tell you that their product has profoundly changed my life. Between meeting the man of my dreams with +Jonathan Camp or traveling the seas with you and +Brandi Bull, it's been a rather wild ride. +Chee Chew this format is changing lives bit by bit.

  16. Jeffrey Powers    

    It was an honor to meet you! Wish we would have spent some more time bumming around Austin and +SXSW

  17. sam upadhe    

    come to my place i can give nice vacation

  18. Katherine Gramann    

    So many amazing memories I had in just a few days HIRLing. I can't imagine how great the last couple of months have been for you miss! Yay :)

  19. Rijesh Balan    

    Come with me i can give a fine memorable moments!.!

  20. Riddhi Agiwal    

    +Anna Lowry you vry beautiful

  21. JINNAT ZIBON    

    both (days & moments)……….

  22. Asmi Sanjaya    

    hello +Amanda Blain 😀
    yeah you`re right, most of us remember moments, nice,sad,embarrassing… all of them

  23. Samsul Arefin    

    + we can feel the sweet touches…..

  24. Samsul Arefin    

    all goes on as sweet dreams all the past days n nice momnts

  25. Sudheer N.A    

    and we live in that moments

  26. Samsul Arefin    

    true or false dosnt make ny change only u can imagine and feel tht on uper chamber, + it pains on bad times with sweet feelings

  27. Aditi V Prabhu    

    where hav u gone for d vacatiion

  28. Brenda Curtis    

    I'm glad you are having so much fun!

  29. Al Ebnereza    

    Wow all the weird commentary on +Amanda Blain's posts never cease to amaze and confuse me! :)

  30. jayanta banerjee    

    pl came to India at Sikkim for unforgettable moments in your life,there are real life to enjoy with nature. i invite u for this.

  31. Elvia Alvarado    

    not in mood this is problem with my parent that was all, my kids and I need move out of house to an apt.. what do these three people that meaning??

  32. abdulmalik jibrin    

    can u intive to me ur vacation

  33. Bos Eriko Reyes    

    True. Why the hell you care about the day? xD

  34. mohamad masoumi    

    i will wait hear good news from you side and bring a good photo and every this which intersting

  35. Devo Bideau    

    She has a few stalkers to remember the days. They keep the calendar and all that crap.

  36. Devo Bideau    

    ps. I am not one of the stalkers. I will have to work my way up for that. For now, just a stalker stalker, paying my dues.

  37. Devo Bideau    

    But seriously, why you women always give guys a hard time about remembering anniversaries and all that. I'm going to save this post or article as evidence that I am allowed to forget dates from now on.

    You done it now. Took a truckload of ammo out of every woman's arsenal right there. +1 for mankind.

  38. Anushriya Deshraj    

    yes.its true……….what the hell we should not care about the day…..

  39. Rhiannon Earle    

    that is so true i like the quate

  40. gosain bauri    

    that"s why enjoy the every moments in ur life!

  41. naresh mishra    

    days fade bt memories are evergreen…:)

  42. joby jobyjoseph    

    Of course……. I agree………………..

  43. Denn Sigauke    

    this is true, thanks for bringing this to remembrance

  44. Shakirulalah Islam    

    i'm very happy 2 have by my side

  45. Johnny Roquemore    

    I no longer question why you have half a million followers, +Amanda Blain.

  46. Muhammad Bilal    

    "Past is the poetry of memories"

  47. Ameer Hussain    

    I always miss my school life and there moments

  48. Abhay Singh    

    when u will come in INDIA, u can meet with me in rajasthan kota. happy journey

  49. Amol Satpute    

    how nice wall is that…………

  50. Feile Case    

    As Sure as I live I remember DAYS!

  51. Janet Kamande    

    evry moment is 2 b cherishd koz we don knw when will enjy it again

  52. Maria Kurian    

    true indeeddddddddddddd amanda

  53. Anil Bedre    

    Yes u r r8t ! Plz post we want 2 share u r Good/Bad moments ???

  54. Fernando Nascimento    

    "We don't remember days, we remember moments". That's why I was so terrible in History classes.

  55. Muhammad Noor    

    Why dont you Try to indonesia . We have a Beautiful city in Bali, a fantastic dive in Raja amp at city, a giant lizard island that we call pulau komodo and many more.
    Wish we can meet there..

  56. Tammy Feliciano    

    So glad you had a nice trip +Amanda Blain . It was nice meeting you too. And wow…you have some strange followers…lol. :)

  57. Rissbutterfly HeavenScent    

    We don't remember good days when but we always remember the painful moments that haunted us of being a broken-hearted! Aww! So much it hurts…grrr!! moments…????

  58. Tendai Chimutasha    

    Okay,thats ftrue,but day to cn be remembered Ryt>>

  59. Didgy man    

    The best thing about a holiday is that you feel refreshed enough to return to work yet broke enough have too..

  60. anagha bhagat    

    A good refreshing Holiday….. This is what a tired soul needs after a long span of exhaustive work….:)

  61. Benks Pasquite    

    tamah (in english yeah, right)

  62. nwankwo prince    

    cos moment make us who we are.great 1

  63. Shagufta Bhuta    

    looks like your enjoying your self

  64. Carrie Weekley    

    So true. Hope your having a great time.

  65. Omotayo Oguntifa    

    yes cos moments lingers on in our mind,than days.

  66. Alicja Spaulding    

    It was a pleasure meeting you! It's just a shame that SXSW had its panels jammed so close to one another that I couldn't spend too much more time at the Google Playhouse. Next time!

  67. Suite 709    

    I'm actually surprised we survived…3 shows in one day was a first for +Suite 709! :) So awesome meeting you, +Amanda Blain, and so many other awesome G+er's at +SXSW! Thanks for coming out to our shows and supporting us this past week! That means a lot to all of us! See ya soon! : ) +Dietrich Schmidt

  68. Alyssa McGraw    


  69. Prabhakaran Mc    

    Are you ready to live with me for a long time through our marriage.tell me by mail.

  70. Rajesh Vyas    

    This is the best post of all your post Keep it up,would like to be a part of your gang

  71. Katie Becky    

    +Amanda Blain Any idea what happened to Brandi Bull? Maybe she blocked me. Who knows? But I haven't the foggiest why she might have done that.

  72. Amanda Blain    

    +Katie Becky she deleted her G+ and facebook… no blocking.. just uh.. leaving social media i guess…

  73. Katie Becky    

    Thanks +Amanda Blain . +Daniel Enloe gave me the scoop, too. I was going to ask her if she wanted to go to a parade with Mark and me tomorrow, but she was gone. :(

  74. April    

    I absolutely agree. When we travel, we don’t remember the days but the memories especially right now, I’m strating to travel with my kids and we are so excited every time we plan our trip because they get involved in choosing hotels and places to go to. I want to create more memories with them and have the best time in our lives. Thanks for sharing!

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