Amanda Blain

Business Owner, Super Hero & Geek Girl. Likes Google, Technology, Video Games & Social Media. Over 4 Million followers on GooglePlus. I am the owner of Girlfriend Social the website.

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  1. Tiffany Henry    

    I'm geeksexy and I know it ^_~

  2. Charrisa Coulibaly    

    Love it! All my geeks favs representEd!

  3. Charrisa Coulibaly    

    Very cool! All my geek favs represented! : )

  4. Karen Sharkey    

    I could only love this more if it was on a tshirt and I possessed it.

  5. Matt Hall    

    Tribbles tribbles tribbles tribbles tribbles yeah………….I watch Dune!…..

  6. Mathew Hanley    

    Well a few I guess, but I thought it was media related so I was thinking the mocking jay pin….

  7. dina lasko    

    Thousand times I see the word geeky. I know there's one, but if you think about it…

  8. Mathew Hanley    

    Oh I see aliens playstation harry potter lord of the rings the big bang theory star wars/treck dr who mario dunno anymore….

  9. Joseph Lee    

    The answer as always is 42 ;)

  10. Machiavelli Coloris    

    LOTR, star wars, mario, dr who, the big bang theroy, nerd glasses, aliens, harry potter and the deathly hallows, and star trek lettering

  11. Victorie Weasley    

    Only thing I would add shakespear but that's just me and my nerd ways

  12. anthony flowers    

    you cool!!!! and the button down lol.

  13. Rake Table    

    Can I get this as a lab coat patch?

  14. Victorie Weasley    

    can i get it as a button to put on my bag?

  15. Amanda Blain    

    I have to… just look at the comments on my posts sometimes +PJ Rosenberg

  16. Tom Thomas    

    Which wizard is it? Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings?

  17. Richard Bello-Perez    

    Super geeky ? or just geeky ?

  18. Art Edwards    

    Of course there are UFO's, flying objects that have not been identified. I only have problems with some of the identifications.

  19. Deyzhauntae James Wesstall    

    13 , lol it's in a star trek sign lol :D goooo spock * beam meh up scotty! XD*

  20. Amanda Blain    

    Oh my goodness.. sometimes these comments! :|

  21. Nathan Grant    

    one you missing tho a computer

  22. Roderick Stephens    

    I see none it looks like comedy to me. P.S. I'm a tech for over 40+ years. So if that make me a geek I'm happy about it. Plus the money's good, and the people you meet.

  23. Maya Reid    

    lol me 2!^.^
    GO GEEKS!!!!!!!!!

  24. Ed Luke    

    14, if you include the star trek logo they're all set on, and the star trek font…

  25. Kenna Hackney    

    Luv the Tardis!!! (upper righthand coner) Doctor WHo RULES!

  26. Josh Lacy    

    We all are in one way or another.

  27. Victorie Weasley    

    DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Thomas McCoy    

    i spot 13 moments of geekness.

  29. Kayla Korzekwinski    

    THE DEATHLY HALLOWS. I'm a Harry potter geek ;)

  30. wesley hawley    

    all i really know of here is r2d2

  31. Thomas McCoy    

    did you miss gandolf? or the obvious D-Pad

  32. Mikhaila Joseph    

    I love this picture. Once this dude I was talking to was saying things like 'Oh, geeks are losers' and 'they don't have lives'. They do have lives and they aren't losers. They are people just like you and me.

  33. Thomas McCoy    

    They have a fuller life then those who sit about and watch football all day cough jocks cough.

  34. Wyatt Spivak    

    star trek is not geeky its nerdy

  35. Dan Crandall    

    big bang theory? i think yes!

  36. Lianna Leistra    

    super Mario? so last year!

  37. nigil young    

    YES STAR TREK IS NOT GEEKY ITS REALY REALY NERDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. James Jacobs    

    that super star(mario) in the botom left corner, isnt geeky! its "hey, ive ben living in my moms basement for 3 yrs." i for 1 am offended by u thinking thts geeky! shame! >:(

  39. Sarah Li    

    uh! I hate how ppl put i'm EVERYTHING and I know it! It's not right!

  40. Evan Rittenhouse    

    I can name all of them.

    Super Mario Star
    Computer power off button
    Wheatley (or a generic Personality core)
    Hipster glasses
    The T.A.R.D.I.S.


  41. cianne board    

    dahh all of them are geeky

  42. Lexi Heaton    

    im geeky but starwars is my thing

  43. Jacob Frank    

    weird how star-wars and star-trek objects are in the picture, like they mix well

  44. angelina Iliff    

    ims not geeky its just funny

  45. jay curry    

    Think this should be printed onto the back of a red longsleeve t-shirt…

  46. Natalie Copeland    

    I'M GEEKY AND I KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Majo Fernandez    

    all of them. oh dear. i'm proud? xD

  48. Casey Ray    

    I like this. There's a parody called I'm Nerdy and I Know It on YouTube, too :P

  49. Nomeneta Saili    

    The booth i originally thought it was dr who but then i thought of Ted. I am not too sure about the power on switch though. Is that for the x360?. The rest is pretty straight forward.

  50. Nomeneta Saili    

    Is that a lantern?. I think it is. The d-pad could be for NES or PS. The Alien looks like the Alien ware logo? Post the solution soon

  51. savannah Taylor    

    GO DR.WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and well there is star wars i see

  52. Emily Rolf    

    whats wrong with you people

  53. Will Taylor    

    hahaha proud to see the xbox simbol represent :b

  54. Esther Wolf    

    Yaaaaayyyyy Doctor Who!!!

  55. don jr crosby    

    doctor who (oldschool) hells to the yeah!!!!!!!!!

  56. don jr crosby    

    DAMN! i think i just told my age lol

  57. toby Holdstock    

    im 17 n love doctor who lol

  58. Jen Edgerton    

    I <3 my geek! I'm so turning geeky and I love it!

  59. steven vogt    

    for a second i thought that said greeky

  60. Evan Closs    

    i can spot alot in that pic…im a geeky nerd. WHOO!

  61. Abbs Brook    

    138,938,394.06782…squared :P

  62. Elihu Stevens    

    Star Trek = Nerd, Star Wars = Geek. There is a difference…

  63. Craig Miller    

    One really BIG ONE??
    just a stab in the dark here.

  64. Yoshiko Fazuku    

    im not just geeky im full blown OTAKU!!

  65. Raymond Wait    

    r2d3,mario star,alien,d-pad,atom that's all i can name

  66. Van Dougherty    

    Green lantern, star trek, alien, star wars, mario, xbox 360,

  67. Gullamor Krull    

    Star Wars,mario,Lord of the Rings, nucular power, Harry Potter, Green Lantern, Science, star trek, ailen, video game buttons, power button! Boom! Got 'em all!

  68. Filius Vidovus    

    What happened to "A Modest Proposal", "To Serve Man", and Soylent Green?

  69. Kris Cardwell    

    I dont see X Box 360 or Green Lantern, however I do see the binary on/off 01 power

  70. Brandon Parrish    

    mario, star wars, power button, lord of the rings, atom, nuclear power, chemistry, alchemy, poison, greenlantern, glasses, the deathly hallows, doctor who, alien head, playstation

  71. David Gordon    

    lord of the rings,mario,the deathly hallows,alchemy,star trek, green lantern,alien,poison, power button, doctor who, and nuclear power,playstation,atom

  72. Ma 'N Jay    

    yeaHHHHHH……i know IT..

  73. Jacob LaFon    

    a bunch mario star trek star wars

  74. Alan Askew    

    Bet you watch the Big Bang Theory…

  75. Austin Lowe    

    haha doctor who is awesome

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