Amanda Blain

Business Owner, Super Hero & Geek Girl. Likes Google, Technology, Video Games & Social Media. Over 4 Million followers on GooglePlus. I am the owner of Girlfriend Social the website.

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  1. chris psotka    

    if SOPA is allowed in, we will die :'(

  2. Farran Lee    


  3. Erick Wright    

    the internet misses you more

  4. Aaron Wood    

    You're back just in time for the INTERNET BLAAAACKOOUUUUUTTT

  5. Nor Hatika    

    no, we are still here, not blacking out :)

  6. RV Singh    

    lolz welcome back Amanda

  7. Cesar Hernandez    

    Hola! Estamos muy bien en los EE.UU. Que tenga una buenas vacaciones!

  8. Sang Lam    

    Come back wearing a sombrero!

  9. Brett Bjornsen    

    +The Internet misses you too +Amanda Blain . Stay safe, don't drink the water (or drinks with ice cubes), and bring everyone back a sombrero :)

  10. Farran Lee    

    +Amanda Blain I don't know anything about Mexican water but I second the sombrero part.

  11. Du Guetto    

    I hope the same to you and that is not lost … but if it happens to be in Brazil for q I can find you

  12. Neeta Tolani    

    come back! there is girl stuff to do !

  13. RV Singh    

    I just have tuned the settelite towards Mexico… I hope u won't face the problem again…

  14. The Internet    

    Hi +Amanda Blain I look forward to the day when you get back on me! Im not complete when ur away. hurry back!

  15. Brett Bjornsen    

    I can't +1 this enough —^

  16. Feisal Kamil    

    the internet misses you back :)

    are you on vacation, and if so… have a nice one!

  17. Rick Anderson    

    I just got back from PV and wish I was still down there…

  18. Thomas Booker    

    Leave Mexico ASAP! Canada has good web access.

  19. Brett Bjornsen    

    +Thomas Booker , funny, all I hear Canadians bitch about is how crappy their internet access is heh 😉

  20. Feisal Kamil    

    +Amanda Blain I hope you're not using roaming for internet access…

  21. The Internet    

    ummm guys she's addressing me Not You.

  22. Nafees Yousaf    

    helo to all i m new member in you plzz tak to me if u can and amanda i jst lik ur name tel me its meaning if u know ??????????????

  23. Rajnish Singh    

    Hi, really we miss intern ate. M still in india, Bihar, but we communicate due to intern ate..

  24. Prof. Ehab I. Mohamed    

    Hi Amanda.. welcome back! Great 2 read ur comments again..

  25. Pandu Prashanth    


  26. Daiana Santos da Silva    

    aceita ser minha amiga de gabi e grazi

  27. Dudes for Dudeness    

    the +Dudes for Dudeness think +The Internet is awesome and it needs to get them back on itself.

  28. Aaron Wood    

    Someone didn't get the reference I just made. I'm surprised +The Internet didn't deliver. 😉

  29. adnan shamout    

    welcome back after 5 days 😀

  30. Stephanie Van Pelt    

    Watch out +The Internet …. We've returned. Be afraid.

  31. Brett Bjornsen    

    Welcome Back +Amanda Blain +Stephanie Van Pelt +Brandi Bull & +Tammy Feliciano !
    all of us on +The Internet missed ya, hope you had a great vacation… now pics or we'll all believe you were just checking in from a starbucks somewhere in your home town from a hangout 😉

  32. Sang Lam    

    Did you remember to bring back a brick of that white powder that I had asked for? 😉

  33. The Internet    

    +Sang Lam , yes I really am for porn… I'm good for other stuff too though.

  34. Sang Lam    

    +The Internet Ssshh, you had me at free porn.

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