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  1. nc Naime    

    If I finish a book, I look around to a new book :)

  2. Fernando Martinez    

    I' m reading 2666 by Roberto Bolaño, it's a very good book, and big, big book
    over 1200 pages, jajajaja

  3. Fracio Medrano    

    I like that feeling. I have thought this before, I want to scream and tell people to wake up.. To understand I just walked on mars.. fought a dragon.. loved and lost.. :) Well ya know. haha

  4. Fernando Martinez    

    Sorry, my english level is very poor, I had learning english 15 years ago and don't practic never

  5. fazal manan    

    ending a book create a sense of satisfiction which make u emotionally stable than others!

  6. Idris Kizilboga    

    Its not just the book its also the content of the book.

  7. adeleke olawale    


  8. Osayande Juliet    

    Dis relate 2 me nd i m luvin it:-D

  9. Ciprian Patrulescu    

    "I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book. " – Grucho Marx

  10. Amanda Blain    

    I always make time to read… its so important :)

  11. Basem Khrais    

    try to read a small dose of toxicology

  12. Valentine Burda    

    But at least when you have finished it you are FREE!

  13. Eric Branch    

    In the process of reading The Book Thief right now. Great read.

  14. Sheri Grubisich    

    This is so true! I end up closing my eyes to savor the trip just a little longer. Funny thing is while reading the book, I find myself laughing out loud, tearing up and even talking to the book sometimes. I think most people understand… least those who can read.

  15. Robert Rittenhouse    

    Only if you consider Cisco Call Manager/Unity books "good books* haha.

  16. ????? ??????    

    I. like to. See satory. book. everyting. so. munt

  17. Kenny Magee    

    Reading A Storm of Swords again

  18. Kevin Bueso    

    Just finished China, Inc. by Ted C. Fishman #chinainc

  19. Devin G    

    when i read i call it a literature coma

  20. Satish Kumar    

    Good is always good whether it is book or else…..and left you with full of emotional hierarchy.

  21. Alicia Reyes    

    Sometimes I get that feeling from an unexpected book.. and check my emotions lol ..hate and love when that happens.all at the same time.

  22. Melody Migas    

    lol, I know the feeling.
    I read a couple of sad ones in a row last Summer and decided I have to lean toward the lighter, happier ones for a while.

  23. Vini Acharya    

    it feels as if a happy journey fynly ended n lyk u lost a bst frnd….

  24. Hannah McNeil    

    That is totally what I feel after finishing a book!! And I thoguht I was the only one!!!! :)

  25. Ranjith Am    

    And there are paperbacks that u would have finished after the hundredth attempt.And quite relaxed as though u have won a computer game.

  26. Tammy Leduc    

    I have experienced this. LOL.

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