Google Plus Launches Collections… And Ends Caturday

Today Google Plus has launched Collections as you may have seen. This feature allows you to 'subscribe' to a group of posts on certain topics. If you don't see it yet.. you will shortly!

Check out My Collections:
Video Games
Social Media
Zombies and the Walking Dead
Game Of Thrones A Song of Ice and Fire

If people use the feature correctly, you could subscribe to their Caturday posts cause you love cats! If you HATE caturday.. you can unsubscribe from that section and never see furry friends in your stream again. Even more cool you can put posts you've already made into collections.. Which i've done here… SO check some of my collections out and subscribe/unsubcribe where you see fit.

Pinterest what? Why would anyone use Pinterest when they have this feature of fully "pinning" not only pictures, but blog posts, youtubes, notes and more..


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