Long time coming – it is finally here! You can soon/now check out how your gplus profile is impacting search results with Authorship Analytics found just below your circles tab. From this tab you will be able to directly see how pages you have claimed authorship for are appearing in search results and their click through rate… *As with all Google changes, there is likely a slow roll out so if you don't see it yet you probably will soon*

This is a serious change towards the awesomeness that is GPlus.  This is what you want to show your business friends who "dont see the value in gplus".

Exciting changes! :)

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Amanda Blain

Business Owner, Super Hero & Geek Girl. Likes Google, Technology, Video Games & Social Media. Over 4 Million followers on GooglePlus. I am the owner of Girlfriend Social the website.

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  1. Shaun McLane    

    I'm thinking this might only be tied to verified accounts?

  2. Gerwin Sturm    

    +Amanda Blain would be nice to see some more screenshots of what happens when you click that link :)

  3. Papa Swan    

    Can they launch a fixed network

  4. Amanda Blain    

    I'm not sure who its tied too… I found a mix of people had it. Some do Some don't… Some verified.. some didn't.. .Either way.. its coming.. :)

  5. Julie Schippnick    

    Oooh I want a verified account so bad simply for the fact for this new feature!

  6. Amanda Blain    

    +Gerwin Sturm i thought of that.. but then im showing my super secret numbers.. :) 

    Anyone can sign up for authorship…. but this is a link on your gplus page showing the "results" of authorship…. its a big change… :)

  7. Matt Jones    

    I'm sure it'll roll out to me sometime in 2013 :-P

  8. Gerwin Sturm    

    +Amanda Blain is it similar to/the same as the Author stats in the Google Webmaster Tools?

  9. Julie Schippnick    

    +Amanda Blain oh I already have authorship for my blog posts and my stuff at but getting a verified profile will make it loads better, I'm sure.

  10. Shaun McLane    

    Well, I just went through the steps in the url I posted a minute ago, provide my domain email, verified the email, and it took me back to my profile. I clicked the authorship page again to see if anything changed, and it told me my authorship was confirmed. I haven't noticed anything different in my profile, but maybe things look different in a google search. Trying it now.

  11. jeremy mayse    

    nice, should be a productive tool

  12. Ankit Prajapati    

    This is going to effect Google algorithm in many ways

  13. Mike Stenger    

    So does it link to the same URL that +Gerwin Sturm posted? Apparently it's been around since December of last year thanks to a link that +Moritz Tolxdorff shared. Either way, had no idea this existed which is pretty awesome :-)

  14. Natalie Villalobos    

    +Jonathan Beri who might be able to answer some questions..

  15. Amanda Blain    

    +Gerwin Sturm The numbers are quite different for me under the G+ profile tab than the webmaster tools tab….. they are higher on the gplus page.. but the "idea" is about the same…  It might include something different on the gplus page as i have authorship for many sites…

  16. Sean Steinmarc    

    This is great! Hopefully people will gain insight into how to improve their articles/posts.

  17. muhammad zeshan aziz    

    Ms Blain, its awesome indeed. Are you employed by google plus, kindly update.

  18. muhammad zeshan aziz    

    Ms Blain, its awesome indeed. Are you employed by google plus, kindly update.

  19. Tammy Doriot    

    Thanks so much for sharing this awesome news. I don't have it yet, I'll keep an eye out now that I know it's coming.

  20. Tammy Doriot    

    Thanks so much for sharing this awesome news. I don't have it yet, I'll keep an eye out now that I know it's coming.

  21. nguyenxuan dong    

    intelligent being Vietnamese, one day you're online then you should see the screen to familiarize yourself with you.
    Do you agree?

  22. Melissa J. E.S.    

    Can i have you as my x-mas gift? Please..

  23. Paul Paul    

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  24. Manolo Perez Titos    

    Tanks yu, four information. Bicouse, I, can love.


    Lamanda Blain Me Gusta  Guapa Saludos des de MALAGA ESPAIS

  26. Manolo Perez Titos    

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  27. Paul Paul    

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  28. Paul Paul

    Paul Paul    


  29. John Wallis

    John Wallis    

    Come on now geekers a plenty,,somebodies gotta love em….

  30. Ricardo Martin

    Ricardo Martin    

    megustan tus comentarios por sensatos

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