Golf course, fire place, bikes that blend, a tent meeting room and more… Canada has finally gotten a nice Toronto office that looks pretty sweet. Go Canada!

Read More -> 8 cool things about Google Canadas New Office–eight-cool-things-about-google-canada-s-new-toronto-office

Congrads guys! +Andrew Mackenzie +Danny Cohen +Chris O'Neill 

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Amanda Blain

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  1. Marc Belley    

    Yeah, it sounds really sweet to be honest. Not a big fan of TO compared to MTL, but this is making me think twice. 😀

  2. Daryl Shaw    

    This needs to happen on the west coast.

  3. Mike Pegg    

    That's me driving.. I'm about to crash into the CN Tower! :)

  4. Amanda Blain    

    Ha! That is awesome +Mike Pegg  😀 I tried to take a googley shot from the video .. :)

  5. Shawna Mac    

    They should stick one of these in Halifax.

  6. Mike Pegg    

    +Amanda Blain – I feel so honoured, and Googley now! 😉

  7. Jeff Smith    

    They don't need a Toronto office, they have a nice office in Waterloo.

  8. Brian Boyer    

    That is pretty cool. Go Canada!

  9. rader berch    

    it does look like a cool place

  10. Adam Tambeau    

    Hey, we've had an office in Kitchener now for a while!

  11. rader berch    

    i live near there i might come down where about is it

  12. Maudi Maadil    

    … is really good…

  13. rader berch    

    same here i think its vey good 2

  14. Elaine Lindsay    

    Totally awesome looking forward to checking it out.. See how it compares to the New York office! have you planned your trip there yet +Amanda Blain

  15. Luis Galarza    

    WOW, WOW! That's spectacular!….

  16. Kamal Tailor    

    +Amanda Blain they are probably setting up a second location in case California sinks.

    They really should be setting up in Australia! We don't plan on sinking anytime in the future.

    Am I right +Google Australia?!

  17. Chris O'Neill    

    Thanks +Amanda Blain can't wait to show you or new digs.

  18. PJ VanderKooij    

    Gotta say, that looks pretty spiffy!

  19. Qasim Sajjad    

    Google is always Great w.r.t. any type of social sites like Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

  20. Jared Mysko    

    now its time to build a western Canadian office in Regina, that would be a nice touch to go with the new stadium and capital pointe projects #boomtown

  21. Nikolay Stoddard    

    Going to apply there. When I am a genius. Which, in my calculations, should be 25 years after I die.

  22. Denis Labelle    

    Thanks +Amanda Blain, I posted about it this week. Time to go visit +Google Canada , +Mike Pegg & +Chris O'Neill.

    Next time will be your turn to come visit us @ Montreal's Google office and meet +Shibl Mourad & +Nicolas Darveau-Garneau. 😉

  23. Martini Perri    

    +Daryl Shaw Yes. I'm right with you on this one. Somewhere in Vancouver would be sweet! 😉

  24. Scott Barnes    

    I need to think about some things today,Business for myself .I Live in Kensigton,Philadelphia,Mass havoc,Destruction,Poverty,I need to help myself .

  25. Miguel K

    Miguel K    

    Yes, very cool office set-up!

  26. Frank Schulz

    Frank Schulz    

    Very cool office, creative people are inspired in such environment and it is extremely great for  motivation.

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