Facebook To Start Displaying Video Ads

Here we go! As soon as July, Facebook has been reported to start rolling out 15 second auto play ads for your wonderful enjoyment.  American Express, Unilever, Ford, Coca-Cola and Diageo are supposed to be part of this test.

I am SO EXCITED FOR THIS! Aren't you? There is nothing more I want to see, than ads for stuff I don't care about at all, auto playing muted, while I browse what my friends ate, complaints about their lives and pictures of their children! 😀

Also Faceybook, 15 seconds is not the standard format. That means companies are going to have to edit and cut out from 30 second clips they already have.. OR spend more money making all new commercials. smart move.

How long before the Faceybook paid ad-free version actually comes out at this rate? 🙂


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