Have you seen this video yet? A Solid watch for those who have a brand page or want to learn more about "likes" on Facebook.. +Veritasium explains with details and examples, how Likes purchased through the legit Facebook system of "get more likes"… means a big fat 0 for you and your company.

The Basic idea is.. you can buy likes from spammers.. but facebook could detect those bought likes, so those fake likers.. like ALL the facebook ads to mask the 'fake likes'… And that means a whole lot of non engagement for you and your hard earned company dollars.

And this folks… Is why dear Faceybook is and continues to be in serious trouble… Their model is flawed and companies are starting to wake up to that fact. 

Why are companies so resistant to Google+? This burned 'but I trusted you Facebook(and Myspace for that matter)" might have a thing or two to do with it. It's also been a lot easier to get those likes on Facebook and report back to your boss that your job is done for the day. Boom Up 500 Likes! But did that result in any sales, engagement, branding improvement? Don't ask your social media guy about that one. Google + does indeed take more work, but your interactions here, are real ones. I have countless stats showing crowdfunding done, voting won and businesses getting sales with G+ as their number one source of traffic. Your fans here DO stuff with you.

The difference in my mind, Google is and never has been anywhere in the same space as Facebook. Not all companies are perfect, but I've always enjoyed how opt-in and clear Google has been with its privacy polices. Facebook changes how things work especially around privacy..  with no notification or thought to its users; Corporations or Users for that matter. 

Facebook only know what you liked in the past. Google knows what you are looking for 'right now'.. and that is why the advertising model works on Google and Not on Facebook. and it never will 

Facebook Fraud

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  1. Hinsel Scott

    Hinsel Scott    

    Good stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amanda Blain

    Amanda Blain    

    +Screw Muggz you didn't get the notify? I already added you :)

  3. Elaine Lindsay

    Elaine Lindsay    

    great post. I've being saying something along those lines for a while now.  With edgerank and engagement changing every so often you are
    lucky to get 3 people to see your posts in the stream unless you pay.. I don't believe the paid numbers are much higher for the average business +Amanda Blain  excellent info.. love this #socialmediamonday 

  4. Screw Muggz

    Screw Muggz    

    Your right +Amanda Blain i did get notified thank you! I forgot about that once I read the entire post lol.

  5. Pietromarrapodi Pietro Marrapodi

    Pietromarrapodi Pietro Marrapodi    

    I don't like F.B. !!! Hello MADAME AMANDA *

  6. Amanda Blain

    Amanda Blain    

    +Elaine Lindsay part of why i liked this video.. it showed why.  Because Facebook shows your posts to more people only if the people interact with it.. and if you have 11k of fake non interested fans.. no one else will see it after those first few do.

  7. Michael Ippersiel

    Michael Ippersiel    

    I've been skeptical of FB for a long time, and haven't seen anything in the work that I've done with small local businesses to change my mind. You can't put likes or "friends" in the bank…

  8. Vivienne Gucwa

    Vivienne Gucwa    

    Honestly though, I see this behavior on multiple networks. Facebook's behavior is far more heinous because they are literally asking for money (and the result is that the person paying gets hosed!). But the empty likes (or whatever the lingo is per platform) translate across the board here on G+ and elsewhere. Thankfully, people are not paying for this behavior if not on FB. But it's still a rampant issue. 

  9. Amanda Blain

    Amanda Blain    

    +Vivienne Gucwa valid.. the main difference i see being.. There are no ads on G+.. and you can't promote things here right now either…  The lack of write API from outside g+ also helps with this… sure bots can be created, but it's a lot harder. Most of the interactions on G+ are happening from real people not automated scripts, unlike Instragram, and Twitter and Facebook.

  10. George Zarogiannis

    George Zarogiannis    

    Thanks +Amanda Blain  It costs money to get a "like" Maybe $1.50 each. That's why a like means nothing. It's the engagement numbers that matter. Great point that all Facebook data, however plentiful for advertisers, is still the past (rear view mirror). Google plus knows now and can predict the future.

  11. Vivienne Gucwa

    Vivienne Gucwa    

    +Amanda Blain – That's true. I feel like I get the most engagement (active) from Twitter lately though (vs. every other place I am). It's very bizarre. 

  12. Abraham Sarmiento

    Abraham Sarmiento    

    So Zuckerberg still is a douche.

  13. Amanda Blain

    Amanda Blain    

    I agree Twitter is a good platform for engagement if you work at it… +Vivienne Gucwa  Especially Local or events… but the numbers are super inflated for 99% of users because of automated bots following everyone that tweets  :)

  14. youis Roland J. Ruttledge

    youis Roland J. Ruttledge    

    +Amanda Blain Thank you, please email me. Have a great week.

  15. Nick Moore

    Nick Moore    

    Ran a successful Kickstarter last year, which is all about getting a return on social media of course. Very roughly, 10% of funds from Twitter followers, 30% direct from being found on Kickstarter's site, 10% real world people for want of a better term, the rest from Google+ followers, and less than 1% from Facebook, virtually no traction there at all. It's deadspace :-)

  16. Jack Martinelli

    Jack Martinelli    

    Same thing happens on youtube.  If ppl pay money … there are ppl to take it.

  17. Allyn Hane

    Allyn Hane    

    +Amanda Blain you certainly can promote anything you want on Google. Google Plus is nothing more than a data gathering platform so Google can serve as to users in context. They are also beta testing the ability to place google plus brand pages in context on websites to fuel conversation. This is why Google is superior. They actually know how to monetize social traffic. FB does not.

  18. Carl Lawson

    Carl Lawson    

    That because everyone there is ADD…..

  19. Davy K.M

    Davy K.M    

    Hahahaha, SEA should destroy facebook because it's just a data center for spying on innocents folks (facebook =spyware, malware and adware) …. +Mark Zuckerberg.Why are you selling fake likes and the data from innocents folks? Now, I believe that users of facebook are lonely folks because faceboook is deadSpace like MySpace. Then, if you want to talk to your family, you should call to have some news. In 2020, we gonna live in a huge Matrix because there are lots of bots inside the Internet …. Peace

  20. Jack Martinelli

    Jack Martinelli    

    Facebook is a public experiment in agriculture… Plant the seeds of trust .. .harvest when ripe. … repeat.

  21. Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran

    Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran    


    That was intensely interesting. TYVM for sharing that, +Amanda Blain!

  22. Bryan Logan

    Bryan Logan    

    This is a great video to show why you shouldn't invite all your friends and family to "like" your business page if they're not going to be interacting with you.

  23. David Sanger

    David Sanger    

    reminds me of something…..

  24. Anthony Forrester

    Anthony Forrester    

    I am so sharing this. I had suspected paying for Facebook likes was a sham but had no way of supporting my claim. This proves it. Thanks for posting this.

  25. Jack Martinelli

    Jack Martinelli    

    Sigh… not I'm gonna have to sell my FB shares :( 

  26. Rob Cesternino

    Rob Cesternino    

    Thanks for sharing this +Amanda Blain.  This would make one hell of a panel at NMX 2015.

  27. Justin Chung

    Justin Chung    

    +Amanda Blain, you know what I find utterly baffling? Whenever I share on Facebook links like this one that point out the flaws of FB, the comments, while expressing frustrations with FB, eventually turns into Google+ bashing… People seem to hate Google+ so much that even when discussing whats bad about FB (ie. not even discussing G+ originally) it somehow still leads to people hating on G+… Why is that?

  28. Automotive All-Stars

    Automotive All-Stars    

    Add me pls. Anyway I seem to get more engagement from facebook but better quality leads from g+. Not many people seem to use the g+ . I could go on anf on but meh who really cares?

  29. Daniel Taylor

    Daniel Taylor    

    I would like to comment on the use of click farms. I am a owner/operator & purchased a pay per click add. What a scam. Since I answer phone and do all the work, pay the bill. After the first 30 days , I was billed for400 clicks on my site. The scam of it was there was not one call that came in from that site. I made a joke about the company paying people to click, not realising the term click farm was real. That company gave me a refund.

  30. Tim Goodwin

    Tim Goodwin    

    +Amanda Blain While FB may be bad for you financially, there is more and more evidence to suggest that it is bad for your physically as well.

    Facebook is very good at interspersing social stuff with advertising stuff, and sometimes so good that it is difficult to tell which is which. The longer you stay on Facebook, the more stuff they can try to sell you.

    In order to keep you online, Facebook gives users regular small rewards. Notifications, likes, friend requests and reposts of your status stimulate the reward centres of the brain in the same way that small payouts on slot machines do. The subsequent release of dopamine and other endorphins can be as addictive as crack cocaine, heroin or methadone. Several studies suggest that this can result in all the signs of addiction.

    Withdrawal from Facebook can result in classic 'cold turkey' symptoms, including anxiety, fretfulness, irritability, panic and paranoia. Signs that you may be addicted include feeling an overwhelming need to check your status regularly throughout the day, spending disproportionate amounts of time on the network, and uneasiness if the network goes offline.

  31. James Carter

    James Carter    

    Great post, yet again, Amanda.

    As I'm becoming more involved with social media (less so with Facebook), it's always good to learn more about issues and things to realize before steaming ahead and then learning the hard way :)
    Could you add me so I can keep getting notified of such posts, please?

  32. Agyemang Hakeem

    Agyemang Hakeem    

    nyc info. and tanks a lot for dat

  33. Ashraf Al Bakry

    Ashraf Al Bakry    

    Feeling a bit ashamed of being a Cairo native now. Little side note: Network Marketing companies like Q Net are most popular in the developing countries mentioned. Why? Why Egypt in particular of all the Middle East? Why these countries in particular and not the rest of the developing world?

  34. Fadi Kahhaleh

    Fadi Kahhaleh    

    Ashraf, nothing to be ashamed of. There is a market for this sort of thing and we can't blame people who want to make a living.

    What we should be ashamed is our way of thinking that the # of likes represent how good or bad a thing is, how popular or socially acceptable it would be!

    What is more problematic is how the owners of those pages are willing to pay to go with this stream and biggest problem of all, is how FaceBook is conducting their business.

  35. Kia Crawford

    Kia Crawford    

    Good stuff. Great investigative piece.

  36. Phyrra Nyx

    Phyrra Nyx    

    This is so awful :( I have long suspected that whenever you boost a post (or pay for ads) you're getting fake clicks / likes.

  37. Larry Williams

    Larry Williams    

    +Tim Goodwin I agree with that. My gf was addicted to FB and had a fit when I asked her to get off of it. Eventually she got rid of it and found a job and lost weight.

  38. Liz Christopher

    Liz Christopher    

    Great video especially the bit that explained FB reach. But this does not dilute the value of Facebook for certain business types and if used correctly. I work with a lot of very small businesses that have a lot of success through engaging with local people through local FB groups. I still think that FB has the best local active community groups that are great for small businesses.

    Right tool for the right job – and sometimes FB is exactly that :-)

  39. Samuel Ánton Espinoza Salcedo

    Samuel Ánton Espinoza Salcedo    

    I like to meet a female as beautiful and give much love I am from Peru and I would like to know the risks and i love your tambn conocermos can you do …  For you sweet Amanda!

  40. James Corey

    James Corey    

    I'm still rolling +Amanda Blain,"Nobody likes this many things!!" Lol Thanks for the share:)

  41. Yu Jing T

    Yu Jing T    

    Advertising works, just not in Facebook

  42. Suzanne Lucas

    Suzanne Lucas    

    So true. I've had it up to here with FB and their stupid algorithms that are geared to do nothing but help them make more money. Want your fans to actually see your posts? Pay us to do it. Pffftt…

  43. Natacha Brizard

    Natacha Brizard    

    This is a nice video and cool video.

  44. Pete Hintz

    Pete Hintz    

    Very interesting video, the Likes of money !

  45. blake villanida

    blake villanida    

    i onley use fb to look at hot woman

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