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Facebook Fraud  – Facebook Likes, Click Farms and The Future

Have you seen this video yet? A Solid watch for those who have a brand page or want to learn more about "likes" on Facebook.. +Veritasium explains with details and examples, how Likes purchased through the legit Facebook system of "get more likes"… means a big fat 0 for you and your company.

The Basic idea is.. you can buy likes from spammers.. but facebook could detect those bought likes, so those fake likers.. like ALL the facebook ads to mask the 'fake likes'… And that means a whole lot of non engagement for you and your hard earned company dollars.

And this folks… Is why dear Faceybook is and continues to be in serious trouble… Their model is flawed and companies are starting to wake up to that fact. 

Why are companies so resistant to Google+? This burned 'but I trusted you Facebook(and Myspace for that matter)" might have a thing or two to do with it. It's also been a lot easier to get those likes on Facebook and report back to your boss that your job is done for the day. Boom Up 500 Likes! But did that result in any sales, engagement, branding improvement? Don't ask your social media guy about that one. Google + does indeed take more work, but your interactions here, are real ones. I have countless stats showing crowdfunding done, voting won and businesses getting sales with G+ as their number one source of traffic. Your fans here DO stuff with you.

The difference in my mind, Google is and never has been anywhere in the same space as Facebook. Not all companies are perfect, but I've always enjoyed how opt-in and clear Google has been with its privacy polices. Facebook changes how things work especially around privacy..  with no notification or thought to its users; Corporations or Users for that matter. 

Facebook only know what you liked in the past. Google knows what you are looking for 'right now'.. and that is why the advertising model works on Google and Not on Facebook. and it never will 

Facebook Fraud

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