In a not very shocking move (beyond the purchase price) Faceybook has purchased WhatsApps 190 Million monthly active users for a cool $16 billion in cash and stock options.

Have to keep up with the times, and the kids/teens are using Whatsapp to chat.  I personally stopped using Facebook messenger when it started asking for SMS reading abilities in the last few releases.

The last thing I want is Faceybook reading my texts with their ridiculous privacy controls. 

The deal includes "leaving the brand intact" so it will be interesting to see what Facebook does with the company.

Will you be uninstalling? What do you use for messaging your friends?

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  1. David Foster

    David Foster    

    WOW! $16B?? That just boggles my mind. I would sell them my company for $250K!! Come on facebook!



    Eso se venia venir el pes grande se come al pez chiquito,jajaja

  3. Carlos Balderas

    Carlos Balderas    

    I use primarily Hangouts, though for those that only do FB and not Google Ploos, I still send FB private messages, reach out to those on Twitter. I've only used WhatsApp a few times, but that was a few years ago.

  4. Simon Taplin

    Simon Taplin    

    If they start combining WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, I am moving to Viber

  5. youis Roland J. Ruttledge

    youis Roland J. Ruttledge    

    +Amanda Blain a post by +Cathy Ranson has the BBC calling it a "16bn Massage service!:)  Some massage:)

  6. Holland Rhodes

    Holland Rhodes    

    What's shocking is that Facebook has $16 billion.

  7. oshin elizabeth sato chavez

    oshin elizabeth sato chavez    

    Guaoooo!. It's Great!. It's a Good Notice!.

  8. Michael Lander

    Michael Lander    

    I am not good with math. Is 19 billion much money? Oh yeah, they can be a small country.

  9. Nick Moore

    Nick Moore    

    That's my phone memory freed up a bit, bye bye WhatsApp.

  10. Jesse Vandewal

    Jesse Vandewal    

    I'm ready to uninstall the facebook app completely as the last update (which I haven't done) gives the app permission to send emails to contacts without the users knowing. They seem to be pushing things too far lately, who knows what they'll do with WhatsApp.

  11. Vanessa C

    Vanessa C    

    Uninstalled long ago. Hangouts are where it's at! Convert more G+ users people!

  12. Megan Turner

    Megan Turner    

    I always use Hangout to talk with people, it's easy and free, and has some of the coolest emotes ;D

  13. eric mccrory

    eric mccrory    

    uninstall it I say facebook won't be able to resist putting there tweaks into this soon pop up adds or loads of banner adds appearing in app they need to get that ridiculous amount of cash back some way another good app which will be ruined by a big company buying it

  14. Eric Aultman

    Eric Aultman    

    Whatever drives FB into insolvency faster.

  15. Eve A

    Eve A    

    I will see where this leads and then decide whether I keep Whatsapp or not.

  16. Eric Aultman

    Eric Aultman    

    Whatever drives FB into insolvency faster.

  17. eric mccrory

    eric mccrory    

    saying that fair play to whatsapp owner and he gets on fb board round of applause well played

  18. Darren Krusi

    Darren Krusi    

    Hi +Amanda Blain when you say they read your phone's texts do they read any of the other messaging apps? I've minimised my text usage now with the majority of my communication done through Hangouts or other chat apps and when I have to I go onto Facebook to clear my notifications.

  19. Amanda Blain

    Amanda Blain    

    These are the permission on Facebook Messenger in the Play Store –
    Your messages
    edit your text messages (SMS or MMS)
    receive text messages (SMS)
    read your text messages (SMS or MMS)
    send SMS messages
    receive text messages (MMS)

    Was an immediate uninstall for me since i dont use it for that in anyway.

  20. eric mccrory

    eric mccrory    

    +Amanda Blain would surprise you just how many ppl don't look at the permission they give to an app…

  21. John O

    John O'Connor    

    I'm with +Amanda Blain here.  While I still have FB installed on a device or two, i refuse to update it due to permissions and also have all notifications turned off.

  22. Gear Hornet

    Gear Hornet    

    16 Billion seems a bit to much. What else are they getting out of it?

  23. Jeff Trocchio

    Jeff Trocchio    

    I stopped using Instagram when they bought that. I don't intend on having a FB account and never will.

  24. Darren Krusi

    Darren Krusi    

    I just got rid of Facebook/Messenger because its notifications pissed me off. I didn't update Facebook because of the permissions but didn't look into Messenger's then just got rid of the whole shebang. Happy

  25. Malki Zee

    Malki Zee    

    Only use whatsapp for a small group of international people. I'm sure there is or will be another service to take over.

    If they do anything stupid its bye bye from me.

    Outside the USA people are very big into whatsapp. Limited texting plans?

  26. Cebastian Rosing

    Cebastian Rosing    

    I use Facebook Messenger and Hangouts. Nothing more, it covers everyone I know. And honestly, I could go by without Facebook Messenger. I'm drawing closer to close my Facebook Account, by the weeks. Some day soon-ish, I just might decide that. This deal means nothing to me, and I'd say Facebook is crazy. Congratulations to +WhatsApp though!

  27. Kristopher Peart

    Kristopher Peart    

    Whatsapp all the way just need to erase my bbm account totally now

  28. Daniel Berlin

    Daniel Berlin    

    I hope i wont need a Facebook account to use it

  29. Karin Nelson

    Karin Nelson    

    I'm old fashioned. I use SMS. (and iMessage).

  30. Peter du Toit

    Peter du Toit    

    In our part of the world (S.Africa) almost everyone I know (friends and family) have jumped ship from FB to WhatsApp – I have a feeling this may very well have been an accelerating trend worldwide. To be honest I don't think FB had much of a choice here! Buy WhatsApp or continue to bleed users to it!

  31. Andrew M

    Andrew M    

    targeted ads in your chat stream based on your fb usage 

  32. Malki Zee

    Malki Zee    

    +Andrew M the second SMS us tainted with ads there will be a mass exodus.

  33. Andrew M

    Andrew M    

    Then flip it. Targeted ads in your facebook stream based on who you chat with via whatsapp. They can infer information about you based on your social circles.

  34. Thomas Baker

    Thomas Baker    

    I use hangouts a lot now that I have an android phone. Have yet to install the FB app on my phine, although I do check my account using chrome.

  35. Chris Lau

    Chris Lau    

    uninstalled. This was paid with funny stock money, so the number is big but the relative value is not so. I played through the tech bubble and assure you Facebook's relevance will go where it will go.

  36. David Tong

    David Tong    

    don't need more app to suck up my battery life and can do without this app…..but somewhere there're few rich kids is laughing their way to the bank….

  37. Jack Five

    Jack Five    

    I'm going to just call more often. Hello means an introduction, right?

  38. john petherick

    john petherick    

    That's $85 per user right? Would be interesting to see the business case..

  39. Paul Plate

    Paul Plate    

    +Holland Rhodes they took out loans on all of their users.

  40. Anass Eljondy

    Anass Eljondy    

    I left Facebook, and now I'll be leaving what'sapp too

  41. Sean Steinmarc

    Sean Steinmarc    

    I've always been a +GroupMe guy. Never bothered to look into WhatsApp, though now I suppose I might have to check it out. Also hadn't really thought about the privacy issues – I should have included that in my Social Malt post!

  42. George Byers

    George Byers    

    I'm gonna reuse this joke, but. Why didn't they just pay 99 cents like evrybody else?

  43. Phil Nolan

    Phil Nolan    

    Maybe they'll get someone in America to use that app.

  44. Christopher Davis

    Christopher Davis    

    meh. email still works fine for me.

  45. Nigel F Smith

    Nigel F Smith    

    If they keep the functionality the same, I'll keep it

  46. Arjun Shenoy

    Arjun Shenoy    

    I use +WhatsApp daily. But now that Facebook has acquired it. I hope they don't change the privacy like the way they changed in instagram. Then again its Facebook, and I think its time to start looking for a new chat app? Which chat option do you use +Amanda Blain?

  47. Eric Farrow

    Eric Farrow    

    Why can't companies keep there identity ,WHY sell out all the time ????

  48. Garino Elisa

    Garino Elisa    

    Facebook is the fastest way to reach the people your love ones searching people you want to communicate.

  49. James Barraford

    James Barraford    

    Figures are way off. It's not 190 million active users a month. It's 450 million active users monthly. Of the 450 million, 315 million use Whatsapp every day. 

  50. skull punkrock

    skull punkrock    

    Oh shit! They gonna destroy it with those stupid users!

  51. Muhammad Nur Arifin

    Muhammad Nur Arifin    

    +Kaze Kate Bener gak nih beritanya Kang?
    Siap2 hijrah neh wkwkwk

  52. Baji Panchumarti

    Baji Panchumarti    

    +WhatsApp is an amazing App.
    People had been using email for a decade when +GMail came along and captivated them, tens of millions of emailers worldwide jumped ship to GMail from other services, by word of mouth advertising & those precious GMail invites.
    +WhatApp brought to text, picture & video messaging what GMail brought to email.
    Ironically, while GMail still has many of its great features, the new GMail interface, that was forced upon us a few months ago, absolutely sucks compared to what we had before. imho.

  53. Anthony Montemorano

    Anthony Montemorano    

    Gross. <— yup that's all I've got to say.

  54. Michael Guitouni

    Michael Guitouni    

    would cost him even less if he created his own chat program,  since they had their messenger they just could re innovate the software. what a waste of money and poor judgment. 

  55. Alvin Leyson

    Alvin Leyson    

    i will stay in facebook messenger :)

  56. Eustace James

    Eustace James    

    I went the opposite way and installed it. So many people, all of whom have different favourites when it comes to messaging. I'll take 'em all.

  57. Mario Aguila

    Mario Aguila    

    Hangouts, because is ubiquous: PC, Tablet, Phone

  58. Jonni Collins

    Jonni Collins    

    Anything even remotely related to Facebook left my computer about a year ago or more.

  59. Prashanth Akunuri

    Prashanth Akunuri    

    I prefer using Kakaotalk or Line (not using much yet) but most of my friends are in Whatsapp I guess, here in India. If I were still living in Canada like before, I guess I would use google chat/hangouts. 

  60. Abdullah Alrashedi

    Abdullah Alrashedi    

    Jumping off the +WhatsApp sinking ship. telegram and hangouts are my choices now

  61. Robert Jay

    Robert Jay    

    Threema seems an interesting choice for those who are privacy conscious. Other than that, this move will send many WA users straight to WeChat on a rail.

  62. Amit Chaturvedi

    Amit Chaturvedi    

    whata app has acquires about 37% of facebook user.. that scares facebook.. hahah..

  63. Michael Marek

    Michael Marek    

    I can not fight it, I have a one fat grin on my face… Facebook buys WhatsApp.

    Pardon – But all who have kept me for outdated because I've never used WhatsApp, can look forward to the merger with Facebook now.

    I still use the classic SMS via mobile provider, Google's Hangout and actually E-Mail 😉

  64. Vilmar Simson

    Vilmar Simson    

    Will be uninstalling itin the near future. A lot of people won't like it.

  65. ofosuhene dominic

    ofosuhene dominic    

    Oh I see can somebody help me or +Amanda Blain i want those who send me scam message not to message me at all is there any way to do that

  66. Vilmar Simson

    Vilmar Simson    

    +John Barron the deal has not been approved yet.

  67. Assad Jawaid

    Assad Jawaid    

    Uninstalling…hangouts is always an option

  68. gavin scott

    gavin scott    

    everybody  should have whats app, 

  69. Sven Meyer

    Sven Meyer    

    You should use Threema – pay once, chat fully encrypted and secure forever!

  70. Matteo Laliscia

    Matteo Laliscia    

    It's a great chance to definitely switch to hangouts: free, powerful, all devices compatible, just google. 

  71. Tommi Kurtti

    Tommi Kurtti    

    There will be a worm / virus, and the rest …………

  72. Beau Hastings

    Beau Hastings    

    Great, something else for them to ruin

  73. Tommi Kurtti

    Tommi Kurtti    

    WhatsApp tavoittaa myös suomalaiset käyttäjät.
    Kuva: Ruutukaappaus

    20.2.2014 06:51 1,2 miljardin käyttäjän Facebook ostaa 450 miljoonan
    käyttäjän pikaviestipalvelun WhatsAppin 13,8 miljardilla eurolla.

    2014-02-20 10:28 GMT+02:00 Tommi Kurtti <****@**>:

    > yes ,,,bisnes is bisnes

  74. mini mills

    mini mills    

    chould i have one of it…………….

  75. Gerardo Gómez

    Gerardo Gómez    

    Ok guys… Shuting whatsApp down…

  76. Jaspal Bhogal

    Jaspal Bhogal    

    Facebook have got an MS mentality. When something come along that threatens them they either buy them out or shut them down.




  78. Andrew Konietzky

    Andrew Konietzky    

    Not surprising considering how FB Chat is one of the worst chat engines around. LOL.

  79. sampson imbeah

    sampson imbeah    

    They are gonna make it even worse

  80. Olav Fahlander

    Olav Fahlander    

    16 Billion !! Get out of here !

  81. Vaillant Ombola

    Vaillant Ombola    

    C‘est bon quant tu es boss…………………………

  82. Zezoo Gafel

    Zezoo Gafel    

    bye bye whatapp:(
    hi telegram :)

  83. Kelly McDonough

    Kelly McDonough    

    And I really dont know why anyone would pay for messaging when you get it free? They didnt list any amazing features that would make me pay!

  84. elder ethaton

    elder ethaton    

    how much will it cost now for whatsapp

  85. Uche Eke

    Uche Eke    

    Uninstalled! Hardly used it before, certainly won't now!

  86. Jan Alrik Philipsen

    Jan Alrik Philipsen    

    FB will loot all personal data that is stored in Whatsapp. Contact lists, texts, media, permissions…
    Some people used Whatsapp to avoid FB. Well, so much for that plan. Zuckerberg now knows what you told your best friend last summer… 

  87. Cliff Etkins

    Cliff Etkins    

    Gawd, this just gives me the weebie jeebies… sad to say, but I have to leave what's app and  start app surfing again… 

  88. Howard Suissa

    Howard Suissa    

    I uninstalled it as soon as I finished reading the first post that fb bought them.

  89. Helene Torrinha

    Helene Torrinha    

    u will be stupid foverer!!! No more news papers!

  90. Ivan Zambrano

    Ivan Zambrano    

    I only downloaded the whats app to chat with a friend from switzerland, but other than that, I don't see any use for it, although it is helpful for international chating. Facebook must see it as an upgrade to their outdated form of online chatting format so I understand why they made that move.

  91. benson makala

    benson makala    

    watsapp owners may u think big please!!!

  92. Boris agbonon

    Boris agbonon    

    Après Dieu c'est l'argent……

  93. Calvin Payne

    Calvin Payne    

    Everyone (mostly) has a price, oh and I think it was 19 Billion. If FxxxBook has that much cash to throw around, don't expect them to keep Whatsapp the way Whatsapp was. To them the users will be like What-a-sapp!

  94. Jack Tsu

    Jack Tsu    

    I have uninstalled it a long time ago, now using only hangouts,
    mobile web FB if really I have to

  95. Daniel Beißer

    Daniel Beißer    

    Fuck NSA and fucking Facebook

  96. Ross Melonides

    Ross Melonides    

    I could see facebook getting rid of messenger…….still "keeping the Whatsapp brand intact" and then replacing messenger with Whatsapp………then after they do this they will add facebook integration into Whatsapp while still "keeping the Whatsapp brand intact"…….its all a bunch of BS

  97. Ross Melonides

    Ross Melonides    

    I deleted my Facebook…… Its only been a really a distraction since day 1 to me I don't really need it tbh……but if you are really concerned about facebook reading your texts use AppOps Xposed and block the text permissions so that they have no access it requires root though on android…..but for iPhone I don't care because honestly I hate Apple and all of their products except for CUPS (Common Unix Printing System)……if it weren't for CUPS my printer wouldn't be accessible from Linux… I will give them that one……sorry for rambling

  98. Jorge Carrero

    Jorge Carrero    

    whatsApp is death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Jane Du Toit

    Jane Du Toit    

    I use it … A lot .. And hardly use messenger …. As it's simple to use. Hahaha ….can understand FB wanting it.

  100. Etienne Muller

    Etienne Muller    

    If they leave the policy as it is then I will keep on using it. If they fk it up I will uninstall it.

  101. Cory Pchajek

    Cory Pchajek    

    Telegram looks very promising. Its free of fees and ads, has a clean, simple interface and doesn't seem to degrade photos as Whatsapp does.

  102. Raymond Lackey

    Raymond Lackey    

    Too many privacy concerns, removing from my Android device. :(

  103. Roshan Gupta

    Roshan Gupta    

    not 16 its 19 billion that fb offer

  104. Karl Ribas

    Karl Ribas    

    16B is peanuts for facebook

  105. Hamid Alsmman

    Hamid Alsmman    

    is it really worthy to buy it?? in middle east almost of this kind of chat programs are under control and be spied by governments, so i am really wounder , why a company just like facebook would buy a program just like whatsApp ??

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