Dyson Pet Vacuum – DC78 Animal Review

About a month ago I received the Dyson DC78 – Animal vacuum. Wow. I’d always heard about Dyson being a ‘better vacuum’ but come on. It’s a vacuum. How much better can it really be and is a Dyson pet vacuum really worth that extra money?

After a solid 2 months of using the vacuum, I can assure you person searching the internet, the answer is yes.

In my previous Dyson post and Dyson DC78 unboxing video, I highlighted what you get in the box and some of the unique technology that is available in the Dyson DC78 Vacuum. The completely lack of any filters to wash, replace and remove is a real time saver. I wish it fell out of the cleaning tube a little better, but more about that later.

I have a golden lab and a cat. Pictured in cute fur ball, tail attacking, fashion here.. I also have long blond hair. This means Hair. Hair on your pants, Hair on the floor, Hair on the Furniture, Hair on the Animals. I have used a few types of pet vacuums before, but the DYSON pet Vacuum has a few big differences.

The Dyson Dc78 includes some amazing tools to help deal with this, tools that previous vacuums I’ve had just could not compete with. The turbine tool, a tangle free suck up hair tool is a real life saver on anything that has hair. My long blond hair on the floor included.


The Groom tool? The puppy loves it! Stop the problem before it starts! It’s like a puppy spa for him and it sucks the hair right away from the brush. Just like a brush you use to brush your dog anytime, but the push of the button sucks all the hair right into the canister of the vacuum. I’ve also used this when the dog gets into branches and burs outside. Problem solved. If only I could get the cat to sit still and let me vacuum her. Lost cause there I think. 🙂

You can easily get around with the Dyson Ball technology. The canister glides along behind you and its light enough that you can lift it up stairs. I’m not a huge fan of canisters vacuums but found that this one easily pulled along behind you.balltech

The retractable cord is great. One button push and it pulls back in. Better than wrapping it around something or having cord all over the place.

I also really really enjoy that I can go from carpet to hardwood floor (my house has lots of both) without switching or playing with things, or hearing any kind of protest from the vacuum. Its a seamless transition.

My least favorite part of this vacuum is the dust removal. You push a button to easily remove the canister section from the rest of the container and then you push another button to open the bottom of the canister. And before you say woah, dirty much… The vacuum is THAT good. There will be lots and lots of dust and hair in there because the vacuum does such an awesome job…. But, the hair sticks in there. You can kind of bang the edge of it a few times and hope a bunch of the clumps fall into the garbage can. I usually use someone else to help me use a small purple tool located on the site of the canister to help “pull out” the hair that has stuck around the edge of the vacuum.



Dyson DC78 Animal Review – Pros and Cons

Retractable Cord
Easy to use and pull around – Ball Technology
Hardwood to Carpet Easily
Great Dyson Pet Vacuum. Awesome on pet/human hair.

Lots of dust you have to remove 🙂
Have to ‘use your hand’ /tool feature to remove the dust.


Dyson Dc78 and Box

The +Dyson Cinetic DC78 retails for $699.99 and the Dyson Cinetic DC78 Animal retails for $799.99. Both come with a five-year parts and labor warranty. You can purchase directly from DysonCanada.ca or from retailers.

Disclosure: Dyson Canada compensated me for this review. My opinions posted here, as always, are my own.

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