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  1. yuna suh    

    typo is unique. pretty aura^^

  2. AbdelMoneim Ezzat    

    lady amanda it is call for optimism good day to you

  3. Xiaohu Wang    

    Sometimes you just cant find a way to turn on the light. Where is that bloody switch??!

  4. krishna v. shukla    

    I turned on the light once, found my girl friend sleeping with someone… wasnt happy…naah

  5. whitesun redmoon    

    the lights is good . not made in LED. it's street light .

  6. Jakia Sultana    

    To remain happy we need to look at our things of happiness always.

  7. Naveen Thakur    

    strong will power is required for execution

  8. Phebe Sawan    

    You don't say. just kidding.

  9. Vimbai Mugabe    

    i want to hug you right now

  10. Marion Cotillard    

    doesn't make annnnnnnnnnny sense
    but cool


    Well it really makes a lot of sense to those who always want to be happy all the time.

  12. OmmiZE PP    

    Happiness can be found in every where if you understand it .^^

  13. Sharon agathine    

    alors moi je ce pas!!! es toi…………

  14. Regan Williams    

    the shepherd is at the cradle

  15. Regan Williams    

    Call May be crazy but there are ways to find out

  16. Wellisson Oliver    

    Com certeza. Uma pessoa faz muita diferença.

  17. Daniel Irimia    

    darkness does not exist,,,there is just lack of light

  18. Frank Cseh    

    Happiness in dark works too ….

  19. Sunder Sagar    

    ua its true…..well very nice thought

  20. Deepashree Narvenkar    

    it may b true.. but i cant find happiness in ma life.. coz ma life sucks… nd now m just boared…:(

  21. Priya Thanikachalam    

    Its True for the Persons who truely loves each other……

  22. Sharon agathine    

    for me i don't really know! cuz im not belive in it person is a person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Sonya Dee Slager    

    wonderfully stated and wonderfully true :)

  24. Dani rich    

    datz right, how are u today

  25. Varun Prasad    

    NICE ONE…………………..TRUE

  26. Priya Thanikachalam    

    sharon i think we belive in sumthng…thts y life is running…

  27. Paul van Dinther    

    Yet, so many turn it off during earth hour.

  28. Gareth Howells    

    "You know you need to re-asses your life, when you start posting Harry Potter quotes" – Me

  29. Gabrielle Davis    

    so true… Dumbledore was a genius. J. K. Rowling got me when she killed him off though; didn't see that one coming

  30. Vineet Semwal    

    sounds good but it makes zero sense

  31. Diksha Pardeshi    

    yup!!!!!!!! its true optimisim

  32. Mathan R    

    happiness — loving remembrance of dearful one

  33. alexandra rowe    

    even though he is a character in a movie.. he is still wise

  34. Ross McGirr    

    J.K Rowling should probably take credit.

  35. Cristiano Violla    

    Alguém sabe o nome da fonte do texto dessa imagem?

  36. Artemis Entreri    

    I've found that a LOT of happiness comes with the lights off too ;)

  37. Gary Just    

    This can be applied to many different things.

  38. Satish Kumar    

    No…no.. .no not at all it is the state of mind ,on-off of light does not put you in the state of happiness. Oh yes! scattered happiness you are talking about!!!!!

  39. Justin White    

    But when you turn on the light after its dark it really hurts your eyes, then you always stub your toe on something and start swearing.

  40. Zabiullah Zahery    

    Some love one some love two I love one that is you
    and I like it.

  41. Paula Ellison    

    We lose the switch at times.

  42. Brian Harrison    

    turn off the light iam trying to save some money $$$

  43. Larry Trutter    

    or if one remembers to look at the starlights.

  44. Bava Kasim    

    its mind its heart its love its world

  45. Liyana Hays    

    True, one should always balance one's mind.

  46. Babatunde Tijani    

    it is true but only if u still remember where d switch is. So search your heart very well to know. God bless you. Nice quote anyway. Enjoy ur day

  47. Amos Wanyeki    

    mmmh…. sounds more of fiction science rather than Art

  48. charity myele    


  49. John Lukondi    


  50. ebony gibbs    

    For once Dumbledore was right!!!!!

  51. ebony gibbs    

    Either way it's still true…
    I <3 Harry potter

  52. ANISH MATHEW    

    when i lit the light my friend's room ….he got caught naked with his girl friend …that sounded happiness to me…if u know what i mean…

  53. kindeep singh kargil    

    how can happiness be found by swithing on a light?happiness is within usHappiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.[1] A variety of biological, psychological, religious, and philosophical approaches have striven to define happiness and identify its sources.
    Various research groups, including Positive psychology, endeavor to apply the scientific method to answer questions about what "happiness" is, and how we might attain it.
    Philosophers and religious thinkers often define happiness in terms of living a good life, or flourishing, rather than simply as an emotion. Happiness in this sense was used to translate the Greek Eudaimonia, and is still used in virtue ethics.
    Happiness economics suggests that measures of public happiness should be used to supplement more traditional economic measures when evaluating the success of public policy.

  54. Sadia Uddin    

    Hmm; Albus Dumbledore J.K.Rowling Found Youu Gay, according to my calculations! You can watch her Interview on Youtube, ( Proof )

    Hahaha, ;)

  55. Akash Sharma    

    sometimes you dont know the location of switch, but eventually someone enters and turnon the light………..

  56. gut chilla    

    ??????… ?????????????????

  57. Nasir Zahir    

    I like harry potter
    p.s sweet picture

  58. Katie Currey    

    Albus Dumbledore ROCKS!!!!!!! :P

  59. Nguyen Trongphu    

    cac ban la nguoi nuocngoai ha

  60. Frank Blair    

    What would happen if there was no electricity

  61. Walid Tantawy    

    Nice … But Where's The Light …..

  62. Elektra Kosh Edwards    

    A light can bring hope and relief from the darkness….As well as moths.

    Yeah it's mine…Sorry guys.

  63. Jenna Kim    

    We live in a technology world. We would all suffer from techno-withdrawl.

  64. Savanna Fisher    

    im not much of a potter fan i think that it is all b/s there stories.

  65. Valerie Young    

    That's a chance I'm willing to take…What of this witch craft??!!!!
    Hands up if they know the connection between a pencil and a cassette tape?

  66. Aaron Brown    

    If I forget to turn on my light the Grue will eat me :)

    I am going through a tough time right about now and I keep forgetting to turn on my light. When my son smiles up at me happy as can be that I am there, it sure does remind me what is important in life :)

  67. dimakatso sehlapelo    

    wow simple yet vety true sometimes we take away our own happiness not realising that it all depends on us..i like you amanda.

  68. Alan Fei Miao    

    you reminder me too, what is important in life

  69. Chris Medico    

    Sounds like something Carl Sagan would say.

  70. Melissa Skimore    

    this is actually true, especially in america. but what if u live in haiti?

  71. Mohammad Ali Haghshenas    

    What if there's no light at all to be turned on?


    One person within themselves must be able to attatch themselves to joy. Happiness is found with the center. Accepting life and all that is alive within it. The world Will be crazy and falling apart around you and you can still be happy finding the light within self so it will shine on those around you still in the dark.

  73. Andrew D    

    What happens if it's too dark to find the light switch? LOL

  74. Daryll Gomas    

    Profound wisdom is everywhere. Especially in harry potter.

  75. Lee Kurtz    

    I'm sure Trayvon's parents wouldn't agree & neither would I!!!! B S!

  76. Natalie Strohmayer    

    i think that was JK Rowling?? But like yeah, what if you cant find the light switch??

  77. Gökhan TOPALO?LU    

    Sometimes the light can not see how that makes sense

  78. Imani Batipps-J    

    +Natalie Strohmayer Then you should make your own light…

  79. Phebe Sawan    

    this applies to those typical horror movies. victims who could just turn on the light, but instead, feed their fear of the darkness that surrounds. damn

  80. Aaron Brown    

    +Natalie Strohmayer If one cannot find the switch then they must reach out to those close to them. Either share in the light of a loved one (and who is to say that they are not the switch themselves) or ask them if they know where your switch is. Usually if you want to find the switch then you will find it, for your happiness is something that is in you and that it is up to you to recognize. For the light could be lighting your way, but if you do not know what it is, then you may not realize it has always been there.

  81. frastyo tyoman    

    then enlighten yourself with perfection

  82. geisha smith    

    be be my bff idk whats comimg next imho whats the rest so

  83. Kacie Jones    

    Jeesh whover john stewart sykes is you need to chill out and quit being so negative some people like uplifting quotes and if you dont keep it to yourself the whole world doesnt need to know now quit being a jerk and stop leaving bad and negative comments on other peoples posts!!!!!!!

  84. Farzaneh Coffey/Taheri    

    Nice posting..Great timing for me.
    Living I haiti must be very tough Ms. Sikmore.

  85. Senyal Das    

    I think i shared that pic first. cool

  86. Hillel Lifshitz    

    amanda you are very good looking woman

  87. Kadie Birchfield    

    Trolololololol (I LOVE YOU DUMBLES!) lolololololololololololololol

  88. nasir ahmad    

    good but turning the light is difficult

  89. Aaron Brown    

    The most difficult tasks in life tend to be the most rewarding.

  90. Tara Fisher    

    No, it is very easy…. you just have to know how.

  91. Olu Olatubosun    

    Sometimes it could be so difficult to draw the strength to turn on the light

  92. Jason Wells    

    I'm all about optimism, and it's a welcome sentiment, but I wonder if that's really a general truth. I can think of horrendous situations that people endure, even as we speak, where it would come across as mockery.



  94. Rodney-Deborah Medlock    


  95. Marilyn Peralta    

    Jst always put positive view n mnd n remember dat lyf s simple..paste a smyl n ur face n evrythng wl flow nicely even wen n d dark…jst b urself!

  96. Caroline Moyer    


  97. Anna Baker    

    SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU DUMBLEDORE!!!!!

  98. Devo Bideau    

    Plenty of happiness to be found even when the lights are out.

  99. Henry Rumney    

    Yeah ! in the dark you walk into things that hurt !

  100. cerenity mcloud    

    if only everyone believed that.

  101. Ahmed A. S.    

    To keep happiness keep the light off !

  102. Omar Aloufi    

    Its really nice but wat if the light wont turned on

  103. Timpanaro Daniele    

    Una Frase Veramente bella dan

  104. Baijura Masuwai    

    the blind man always fine happiness in the darkness, without any promises of a light

  105. Pharouq Gajo    

    Offcourse, He is right… Wh@ do Yhu expect from d wizard of the 1st Order?

  106. shallu chuttani    

    It means always be happy :).

  107. Curtis Coburn    

    What if there is no light? Then what? Because if someone turns on the light then there is no more darkness.

  108. Hamilton Kulchetscki    

    That light at the end of tunnel…….is it the favorable solution of my problems ? No…it´s a train coming towards me….

  109. Hamilton Kulchetscki    

    By the way, the reason of my unhappy status is that I can´t pay the electricity bill,have no energy at home and therefore cannot turn the switch on……

  110. Tori Price    

    this is a nice quote but it's not all the way true if you think about it… there is always a light that is always on. it's whether we choose to SEE the light or let the fear of darkness tell us there isn't a light. just my opinion :) we can either overcome the troubles in our lives or let them overcome us. we all will get overcome at some point but even though we feel like eveyrone and everything is holding us back from getting up again the only one doing that is yourself. you can overcome anything. "Do or do not. There is no try." also "Whether you think you can or think you can't you're right!" it's your choice to let there be darkness in your life. :)

  111. Tori Price    

    the part that IS right though is that happiness CAN be found even in the darkest of times. :-)

  112. Hamilton Kulchetscki    

    ..but seriously…I agree that we should search for the Light for I see no joy in darknesses,wether that be in time or a place,virtual or real.Even the longest night in dire straights will have an end …the dawn morning will soon aproach the horizonts ,to a new brightfull day….

  113. Hamilton Kulchetscki    

    ….Hapiness is not at a station of a hypothecal destination…it´s a way of travelling….".Confuncius" !

  114. Maryam Kaml    

    I really really love it,thank you .

  115. Manuel Matias Jeronimo    

    Manuel Jeronimo: She is very good picture

  116. ed hondo    

    but what if one can not find the switch

  117. Tori Price    

    if you can't find the swich i suposse looking harder or a flash light would do marvels ;)

  118. Andrew Christ    

    Albus Dumbledore is from harry potter

  119. handsome devil    

    My bulb is burned out!!!!!!

  120. john njenga    

    Amanda sometimes you find yourself in the dark with no source of light .E.g. I came to Saudi Arabia in search of a job only to learn i got slavery instead

  121. Xhamira D.    

    Some of these people are over analyzing the quote while others have no idea where it's from xD

    HP quotes ftw!

  122. Jeremiah Burns    

    I misread that as "Hippies", not "Happiness".

  123. Koko-Rose Rose    

    Turn off the light so i can save some money $$$$$$$

  124. Sandi Hadži?    

    It's all fine Dumbledore as long as you can find light in darknes.

  125. Samia Elsaid    

    What if electricity is cut off?r candels appropriate?neeeeeeehaha

  126. Jordan Clark    

    I'm the light. Turn me on.

  127. Ruby Bevan    

    Dumbledore… the coolest wizard who ever lived!

  128. taba toni    

    itsreal reminds meh of ma past page life

  129. Ashley Will    

    Why ask no one knows. LOL.

  130. Nguyen Hoang Thanh Cao    

    Wish that always happens to our lives! Nice quote!

  131. Mrs. Treathyl FOX    

    You gotta admit … that Dumbledore's got style!
    [ Did I quote that right? Cause I didn't look it up in the IMdB. :) ]

  132. Deirdre Lloyd    

    This is one of my favorite quotes from the entire series.

  133. gage Quintela    

    well, if its the darkest of times then how can you see the light switch??

  134. Rebecca Calabrese Dolan    

    Pretty sure this quote can only be found in the movie. I remember feeling upset when I heard it because I doubted whether Dumbledore would reference muggle technology in mixed company….when not many people would understand. I don't think wizards "turn on lights." ….But I agree with the sentiment! Sorry for the tangent!

  135. Coralina Barnett    

    If only that were true. I would have much better days.

  136. Syahril Huda    

    miss harry potter movies…

  137. Michaela Jane    

    idk…. people say that, but it depends. some things happen that make everything go foggy, and no matter how much you look you just can't find that light.

  138. Michaela Jane    

    its easier to say it than it is to actually do it when you've actually been through crap.

  139. Anna Farris    

    Ahhh Harry potter!! What a great book/movie series!!! I love that saying!!!

  140. Denzil Nelson    

    Jesus says" I m the light, the truth and the life. beautiful approach.

  141. Mukesh Kumar Sharma    

    this is true. it is also important to be light hearted and witty.

  142. Indu Mathi    

    Yeh..Awesome….Bt somewhat confused…

  143. paco sanchez romero    

    amanda desde el pirulí se ve todo toronto entero.

  144. SHERRY lilkitten303    

    Couldn't have come at a better time thanks, love that Harry Potter

  145. suresh jagyasi    

    The rain has held back for days and days, my God, in my arid heart . The horizon is naked — not the thinnest cover of a soft cloud, not the vaguest hint of a distant cool shower.
    Send thy angry storm, dark with death, if it is thy wish, and with lashes of lightning startle the sky from end to end.
    But call back, my lord, call back this pervading silent heat, still and keen and cruel, burning the heart with dire despair.
    Let the cloud of grace bend low from above like the tearful look of the mother on the day of the father's wrath.

  146. Muhammed Nazeem    

    nyshhhhhhhhhhh…….:) <3 !!@

  147. Maryam K    

    Happiness is a fuzzy concept and can mean many things to many people

  148. Rajesh Rajesh    

    Apart from, We dont' know what is the actual definition of HAPPINESS. We can know only through a Perfect Master. because a perfect master bless him/her & open our divine eye through BRAHM GYAN (divine knowledge) . We can't change our life from a reading book or quotes.

  149. Istiqomah Amalia    

    miss albus dumbledore :'), miss harry potter film ._.

  150. Denis Mangan    

    Just before the dawn is the darkest time. Always hope, somebody does care, just look deeper into your soul.

  151. prashant singh    

    Be a simple man & Joker(A funniest person which all activities to force other laughing of Himself) don't be serious in life, u feel always happy…

  152. Karole Kawira    

    happiness i a value we should all embrace

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