Yeah I use to BBS and use dial up TELIX ATZ modem fun times. Maybe you did too and you totally remember that Crazy static popping noise.Other fun technology I recall that means nothing today?

– The Walkman
– Floppy Disc (heck even CD media at this point!)
– VCR and VHS tapes
– Cassette Tapes
– Polaroids (heck even any kind of film camera)
– Overhead/Slide Projectors (the teacher would write on it in those markers and you’d take notes… :/ Do kids today even write notes not on computers?) :)

Can you name any more that use to be a part of our tech lives and now are gone gone gone?

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Amanda Blain

Business Owner, Super Hero & Geek Girl. Likes Google, Technology, Video Games & Social Media. Over 4 Million followers on GooglePlus. I am the owner of Girlfriend Social the website.

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  1. Michelle Sicari

    Michelle Sicari    

    Overhead projectors are almost out the door.

  2. Julio Pereyda

    Julio Pereyda    

    Omg I still rock a cassette player.

  3. Sebastian Encina

    Sebastian Encina    

    I have some professors still using slide carousels.

  4. Sean Schippers

    Sean Schippers    

    Now it's "get off the Internet so I can use the cell phone"

  5. Ron de Ocampo

    Ron de Ocampo    

    Microfiche at the college library

  6. Eustace James

    Eustace James    

    No-one uses anything but a flat panel TV any more — the old vacuum tube ones are all gone. And rocking the dot-matrix printers was a blast.

    When I was in school, you were lucky if you got to use one of the 16-colour monitors instead of the green or amber screen ones.

  7. Ruben Pandy

    Ruben Pandy    

    I wouldn't mind having old music or shows or movie from 80s-90s for good ol' time memories but keep the technology there lol

  8. Sebastian Encina

    Sebastian Encina    

    I actually have a typewriter in my office that needs to go. Anyone want a typewriter? It may still work. I actually have some ribbons that go with it!

  9. Aaron McLin

    Aaron McLin    

    Stand-alone Personal Digital Assistants. (Palm Pilots, Handheld and Pocket PCs.)

  10. Neil Porter

    Neil Porter    

    As a kid my dad rocked an 8 track in his car! He still also has hundreds of records. LP and 45s.
    Oh god, and our first cable box in Miami had a long cord attached and a slider switch to change channels. We had, in Jamaica a TV black and white that was as much furniture as functional four legs etc with rabbit ears for reception.
    Oh yeah, phone booths.

  11. Chad McConnell

    Chad McConnell    

    Wow, remember those days.. started with an 800 baud modem.

  12. Amanda Blain

    Amanda Blain    

    ahh +Michelle Sicari you are right.. they were called overhead projectors.. duh.. fixed that thanks :)

  13. Ron de Ocampo

    Ron de Ocampo    

    +Aaron McLin agreed, but even before that , those SHARP Wizard pocket organizers.

    When I upgraded from a little paper calendar booklet to take notes, to dos, and "pencil in calendar events"—I thought I was King after purchasing one of those Wizards. Heheh

  14. Sebastian Encina

    Sebastian Encina    

    I really miss my Atari and NES.

  15. Dirk Collins

    Dirk Collins    

    None of that stuff is gone, it's all just packed into my android tablet now… well, except the slide projector.

  16. Neil Porter

    Neil Porter    

    Well I'm 41 and from the country in Jamaica. My grandmother ironed with an iron heated up on coals and wiped off with news papers to avoid getting soot on the clothing.

  17. Venise Louis

    Venise Louis    

    I used to have a view master with video slides :)
    I still have cassettes and CDs…
    Also the Gameboy that needs 4 AA batteries.

  18. Johnny Zed

    Johnny Zed    

    Now, it's "Get off the cell phone, so I can use the internet."

  19. Michael Rainey

    Michael Rainey    

    Booo-EEEE-xczcxcczzcccxxxch. Music of my youth.

  20. grant marlenee

    grant marlenee    

    Mimeograph. Punch cards.  had a bag phone.

  21. Bob Schlaefer

    Bob Schlaefer    

    I remember losing countless years of my life waiting days for a single web page to load only to get booted off because my mom used the phone.

  22. Christof Harper

    Christof Harper    

    My wife's fanily use to unplug the phkne line to get her off irc

  23. Jason Mitchell

    Jason Mitchell    

    Is it sad that I can remember 14.4, 28.8, 33.6, and the 56k modems? Feel… So… Old!

  24. DAV j

    DAV j    

    I still have an antenna on my roof………..Your new profile pic is nice.

  25. Olav Folland

    Olav Folland    

    Polaroids aren't dead, they're just expensive to operate.  Some genius put the battery in the film pack.  (Which reminds me – I need to finish the mini-project I got the stuff for in the first place 😛

    And don't forget
    Digital Audio Tape (DAT)
    the Sony Minidisk – never mind, you can still buy those lol
    PDAs, though they never went away, but rather evolved thanks to Palm/Handspring Blackberry and others.

    FWIW I have a overhead projector (in addition to my opaque projector) that I'm planning on using for art…someday.

  26. Randal L. Schwartz

    Randal L. Schwartz    

    Many people still call their presentation "a slide deck".  I still say I'm "taping a podcast". #old

  27. Stephen Firestone

    Stephen Firestone    

    Great post +Amanda Blain … Getting disconnected every time someone picked up the phone. Those were the days.

    I once paid $350 for a 9600 BAUD modem. O.o But it was the baddest modem ever with LCD readout of line quality, upload and download speed.

  28. Johnny Zed

    Johnny Zed    

    Fine, though I'm dating myself… My first modem was a 1200 baud. I remember watching text scroll onto the screen as it came through the lines. A page would take minute or so to load. A text page, that is. 80×25.

  29. Randal L. Schwartz

    Randal L. Schwartz    

    And when's the last time you actually "dialed" a phone number, yet many of us still say that all the time.

  30. Neville Swaby

    Neville Swaby    

    Yea those were the days when life was nice and emotions running high. Got to love the Good old days when the telephone ring was like school bell.

  31. Patrick Saimesier

    Patrick Saimesier    

    We don't even user our phones as phones anymore I use mine for internet I make about 5mins worth of calls a month

  32. W Walker

    W Walker    

    +Amanda Blain I remember the days in 1969 to transmit data across country was via dial up to mainframe computers to upload data from a magnetic tape drive and a large reel of milar tape full of bits and bytes. 
    Back in the day when a 512K machine filled up an air conditioned room. Back when there was IBM 360 DOS Operating System then 370 MVS/OS and Virtual Machines the VM cloud began. What say you +VMware

  33. Randal L. Schwartz

    Randal L. Schwartz    

    I'm really astounded, and dumbfounded, when my phone actually rings with a PSTN call!

  34. Randal L. Schwartz

    Randal L. Schwartz    

    … I generally just send them directly to voicemail. :)

  35. Phyrra Nyx

    Phyrra Nyx    

    I don't think they're around anymore, (but I could be wrong), but MUDS (Multi User Dungeons) were so much fun before MMOs came out!

  36. Stephen Firestone

    Stephen Firestone    

    I will still change ANY program Thai allows it, to a black background and light text because of coming from the CRT screen era +Johnny Zed 😉

  37. Randal L. Schwartz

    Randal L. Schwartz    

    +Jason Mitchell Got you beat.  110 baud ASR-33 modem, and 300 baud Pennywhistle 103 Acoustic Coupled modem, back when handsets had a standard shape.

  38. Stephen Firestone

    Stephen Firestone    

    They're still out there +Phyrra Nyx and some have been ported just to preserve them. Like all the old coin-op games ported via #MAME

  39. Jason Mitchell

    Jason Mitchell    

    +Randal L. Schwartz – I had a flashback of a scene from War games reading your post. The part where he is using the modem to find phone numbers that have a computer behind them.

  40. Randal L. Schwartz

    Randal L. Schwartz    

    Oh yeah, War Games, the movie that made me a felon!

  41. Amanda Blain

    Amanda Blain    

    These posts make me feel happy inside.. :) I clearly recall downloading a picture of a parrot over 1200 baud.  It was the first "image/photo" I ever saw on the computer and it took HOURS… one slow line at a time… :) the colours were so BRIGHT and not computer pixel things.. it was awesome.

  42. jsam aburayan

    jsam aburayan    

    لَيَِّّس أّلَأّنِجِأّزِّ أّنِ تّصٌنِعٌ أّلَفِّ فِّيِّ أّلَعٌأّمَ لَأّ ګنِ أّلَأّنِجِأزِّ أنِ تّصٌنِعٌ صٌدِيِّقِ لَ أّلَفِّ عٌأّمَ

  43. Stephen Firestone

    Stephen Firestone    

    Waiting hours!!! It was SO worth the wait. Technology took time but you accepted that +Amanda Blain :) Imma O.D. on nostalgia and change my ringtone to the sound of a modem. 😀

  44. Stephen Firestone

    Stephen Firestone    

    Agreed +Amanda Blain this post absolutely 'rings'. :)

  45. Chris Heffler

    Chris Heffler    

    Betamax!!! Laserdisc. Fortunately 8-track had fading and cassettes were the next big thing for me, I loved my Walkman (and later my Discman). I was at Service Ontario today for my new sticker and they still have dot-matrix printers.

  46. Bruce Gogag

    Bruce Gogag    

    Record player,tv's without a remote control, cars without computers & airbags!

  47. merin fraser

    merin fraser    

    I've only used DialUp inside my home

  48. Randal L. Schwartz

    Randal L. Schwartz    

    Beta home video and Betamax were actually two different things.  Even after Beta home video died, Betamax was used for a number of years by news crews to capture field footage.  Very different specs, although they used similar (same?) tape cartridge.

  49. Chris Riggs

    Chris Riggs    

    BBS? Tradewars 2000!  Hah.  I have a couple of Sony MD players and a CD walkman laying around the house.

  50. Francisco d

    Francisco d'Anconia    

    In the peak of the dial-up days. We purchased two separate phone lines (in Williston, ND) each running at 28.8kbps linked together using a Diamond ISA card. With the connections combined we almost got 56k. Which at the time was heaven for downloading hundreds of 14.9mb AOL files… Sigh, those were the days.

  51. Helena Smith

    Helena Smith    

    I remember when the internet was how we communicated with other universities over bulletin boards (that is when you were not hogging one of the few computers on campus to add to the extensive walls of ZORK maps… turn left, pick up knife…. go and draw it on your map so the next player can see where the dungeon goes….)
    And I remember when computers did not come with programs that do the thinking for you, but you had to write one in fortran anytime you wanted it to actually do anything (and always wondering why bother seeing as I could use a pencil far quicker)
    I remember using paper log tables instead of a calculator, even though I had a whizz bang Casio (that incidentally still works 30 years later on the same battery).
    I remember being allowed to laugh at off colour jokes, taking it on the chin, common courtesy, common sense, memorising as much of Pi as we could for the sheer hell of it, having a biff that ends in a hand shake not a casualty, and most of all…. I remember being THAT young.

  52. Stephen Firestone

    Stephen Firestone    

    +Helena Smith that's outstanding!!!


    I literally built a dungeon map for D&D on the PC and a Mono monitor with SimCGA to simulate a graphics card.

  53. Eileen Parzek

    Eileen Parzek    

    IRC comes to mind. To chat with people in other countries all night long while creating webpages by hand in Notepad.

  54. spyroth rizzlon

    spyroth rizzlon    

    Word processors.
    those were awesome back in the day. or rather their day.

  55. Theo WolF

    Theo WolF    

    I would not have guessed you were 50!

  56. Randal L. Schwartz

    Randal L. Schwartz    

    I implemented email and chat using shared files in 1977.

  57. Stephen Firestone

    Stephen Firestone    

    As IF, she's 30 if she's a day. : )

  58. Kendyl Peebles

    Kendyl Peebles    

    ahhhh fortran, cobol, PL1, assembly, rpg, jcl… i learned to type on a punchcard machine writing in those languages on a mainframe

  59. Helena Smith

    Helena Smith    

    yeah we are all giving away our ages…. I can see a little man in an NSA office going "hmmm…. but here she says she is 16!"

  60. Olav Folland

    Olav Folland    

    Okay, the trump card.

    ASCII pr0n.  You could download and print (on your dot matrix) ASCII characters that kinda sorta resembled the real thing if you squinted and were really horny.

  61. Kendyl Peebles

    Kendyl Peebles    

    (oh… and i met my wife on IRC (grin))

  62. Helena Smith

    Helena Smith    

    +Kendyl Peebles – wow… we talk about assembler coding, but type on a punch card! That would have been one high end job!

  63. Stephen Firestone

    Stephen Firestone    

    Maybe you guys are giving away your ages +Helena Smith ;D Not ME!!! I turned 18 today!!!

  64. Randal L. Schwartz

    Randal L. Schwartz    

    Yes, I'm not dating myself, I'm carbon dating myself.

  65. Kendyl Peebles

    Kendyl Peebles    

    LOL yeah +Helena Smith, we eventually got Wyse terminals, but stacks and stacks of punchcards, saving to punch tape and eventually we also got some 100mb harddrives… (massive suckers that were platters you lowered into a cylinder and closed the lid and dogged it like the doors on a submarine LOL

  66. sadok adouni

    sadok adouni    

    fucking childhood memories…

  67. Stephen Firestone

    Stephen Firestone    

    My first hard drive was a 20MB 5.25" FH drive that would shake the table if you performed a butterfly seek.

  68. Kendyl Peebles

    Kendyl Peebles    

    how about arguing with your dad as to which was red and which was blue… the light gray stripe or the dark one on Buck Owen's guitar on Hee Haw in black and white…. (grin)

  69. Kendyl Peebles

    Kendyl Peebles    

    +Stephen Firestone, did you wonder how you would ever fill up 20mb worth of space?

  70. Helena Smith

    Helena Smith    

    ROFL! YES…. and it makes you realise just how much bloatware is with coding these days…. no more the practice of making code neat, and as short and relevant as possible so that you only use KB of space!

  71. Kendyl Peebles

    Kendyl Peebles    

    bloatware… and noone seems to care whether or not they've written their code well enough that the compiler/os will be able to handle memory cleanup anymore… they seem to just blithely assume it will even if they muck it up… (and most seem to…) i still (in my itty bitty little programs i write..) always do my own memory cleanup…

  72. Michelle Chien

    Michelle Chien    

    I don't think anyone uses a map these days its all gps can kids these days even know how to read a map?

  73. Gilbert Fenandez

    Gilbert Fenandez    

    Dynamic technology….no permanent technology…

  74. Kendyl Peebles

    Kendyl Peebles    

    HA! there was a reality show on tv months back that brought in a group of kids and a group of oldsters (like me i reckon soon) and one of the contests they did was pair up a young kid and an old(er) person… one direction the kid had to use a map, the other direction, the old(er) person had to use a GPS… it was hilarious!

  75. Stephen Firestone

    Stephen Firestone    

    +Kendyl Peebles I was never able to fill that drive at the time, even with a vampire leech access account on Ultimate Connector, given to me by the owner Dr. Buckley when I showed up to fix his cable. He had like 30 computers, computers in the kitchen, college students everywhere… It opened my eyes.

  76. Kendyl Peebles

    Kendyl Peebles    

    i had an account one time where we installed two pc's with 10mb hdd's in a medical records department at a hospital… and those 2 computers ran for 6 1/2 years… and ALL the medical records for those 6 1/2 years at that hospital were contained on those two computers… lol

  77. vali Rosu

    vali Rosu    

    And when you think AOL still has about 30k dialup accounts that they charge 24.99/month

  78. James Drew

    James Drew    

    I remember playing games on my amstrad computer,I used to have to put a cassette in it and then go outside and play for an hour or so while the game loaded up.
    And when I think about it now,the games where crap.

  79. mick mochan

    mick mochan    

    I had a Hitachi VHS which had a "remote" which was wired to the machine ,beautiful setup wish I still had it ,also had a master system (sega) with Alex Kidd built in ,remember when consoles had a game built in ? ,dropped it on the floor with 4 months of Goldenaxe gameplay on the machine andlost the lot when it reset :( ,try to find a single player game with over 4 months of gameplay now

  80. Brym Stone

    Brym Stone    

    Tail end of bbs's for me. Got connected in 99 and discovered HyperTerm on Win98. After a bit of reading on some newsgroups, bam! My first phone bill was well north of £200. Been hooked (up) ever since.

  81. Jesse Downing

    Jesse Downing    

    Our school had smartboards in pretty much every classroom by late 2007, yet one of my teachers always used it as a projection screen for her overhead.

  82. Theo WolF

    Theo WolF    

    My grandfather used to use something called a mortem to get online with dial in. His land line was always busy.

  83. Trish Mccollom

    Trish Mccollom    

    I don't miss the squeals of the external modem

  84. jeff jare

    jeff jare    

    As soon as you mentioned IBM 360 I had a flash back to Computer Room at  the University of Waterloo +W Walker .We were the bad boys and used to tip over stacks of Punch Cards. +Amanda Blain it would be fun to calculate the average age of the posters here as I remember all of this Technology. Just shows the wide range of ppl who follow you. Keep on Keepin' on. =(~_O)=

  85. Ajie Roland

    Ajie Roland    

    New technologies takes the older technologies home

  86. Phil Hord

    Phil Hord    

    Sometimes I still have to unplug my son's laptop so I can use the phone. The traffic used downloading the latest game is enough to starve my VOIP connection.

  87. Fiona McCallion

    Fiona McCallion    

    Telex – does anyone even know what that was any more? Manual typewriter – although some writers still prefer it.

  88. Grnfinger cory

    Grnfinger cory    

    Laser disk and pagers. I'm so happy not to have to use a pager anymore.

  89. Kendyl Peebles

    Kendyl Peebles    

    +jeff jare HA! we did that too… especially the students who fell asleep waiting their turn to run… we would also pull and walk away with one of their JCL cards, and then watch when they couldnt understand why they never got any results from their run (grin)

  90. Kendyl Peebles

    Kendyl Peebles    

    A friend of mine years ago was a TELEX guru… companies from all over the states flew him out to get their TELEX fixed.

  91. Paramjit singh

    Paramjit singh    

    Those days wiill never cme will never forget love that era

  92. Ramchandra Apte

    Ramchandra Apte    

    I was never alive back then….

  93. John Hazlewood

    John Hazlewood    

    I remember building a computer at school with an old black and white tv and a cassette player. We also etched out the main board and were thrilled when we got it to do simple additions. This was 1979. Showing my age there lol.

  94. Rocco marchese

    Rocco marchese    

    God forbid you forgot to disable call waiting. Kiss your download goodbye!

  95. Janine Bangoura

    Janine Bangoura    

    That is what my mom say all the time.

  96. donald hakala

    donald hakala    

    I miss my Commodore 64 and typing in lines and lines of machine code out of a PC magazine for a simple program :)

  97. William Drummond

    William Drummond    

    Anyone remember the days of 64 baud? And how amazed when you have a whole meg of ram and a 40 meg hard drive? Those were the days….

  98. Martin Jones

    Martin Jones    

    My mom would try to call me and couldn't get through. I would get the, "Were you on that old interstate again?" comment.

  99. William Drummond

    William Drummond    

    +Olav Folland I used to do ASCII art back in the day and my first basic prog used an ansii picture for visuals

  100. Olav Folland

    Olav Folland    

    That's cool +William Drummond.  It's definitely an art form.

  101. Ejaz Mir

    Ejaz Mir    

    Yes, it is an old but true and interesting history.

  102. holly foss

    holly foss    

    Everything looks really interesting. When I have more time, I will read more about what you do! I am looking for some kind of work to do from home if you need any help with anything! :-)

  103. Stormy Henderson

    Stormy Henderson    

    Grandpa's slideshows! You know, with actual slides and us grandkids fighting over who got to control the projector.

  104. Nick James

    Nick James    

    Writing with a pen and paper
    Sending a letter
    Calculating with a slide rule
    78 rpm records
    Spelling without a computer to check it!

  105. William Ymesei

    William Ymesei    

    Browsing the internet using Gopher in a terminal session telnetted into my local ISP through a 2400 baud connection. Good times…

  106. William Ymesei

    William Ymesei    

    …oh, and how could I forget responding to my emails in PINE…

  107. Mike Rhyner

    Mike Rhyner    

    my first computer was the Ti 994A

  108. Julius Abela

    Julius Abela    

    That's a good news my friend amanda, you have shared fun to a millions of your fans.

  109. Stephen Firestone

    Stephen Firestone    

    +Amanda Blain I do believe this post 'Connected' ;D

  110. Fasih UR REHMAN

    Fasih UR REHMAN    

    ha ha ha ha ha dial up internet day gone away

  111. pushkar negi

    pushkar negi    

    Yes, it is an old but true and interesting history.

  112. James Ashley    

    I just came onto your post and found it quite interesting. I am also associated with Cast Iron Radiators, Oak Doors and love to enjoy the stuff on the same as its rarely found on internet. Thanks again for writing such a good post.

  113. Julia    

    those were the great time. I can still remember the days when i use to walk around with my walkman. Kids now a days have no idea.

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