Amanda Blain

Business Owner, Super Hero & Geek Girl. Likes Google, Technology, Video Games & Social Media. Over 4 Million followers on GooglePlus. I am the owner of Girlfriend Social the website.

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  1. Neal Cabage    

    Is it free food? I saw bing is setting up a tent downtown too – wonder if they're also going to have food?

  2. JayZero YourHero    

    Zomg I'm 3 hours away can I come lol

  3. Zaffu Merchant    

    Nothing not nice very boring so much work

  4. Ted Chacon    

    I've been to SXSW………I hope you're having a great time!

  5. teng didiao    

    What is that?
    Eggs or potatoes

  6. Mohammed Shorbtliy    

    ??? ????? ??? ?? ??????? …..? ???????????

  7. Kent Morrison    

    Ditch bugs are almost as effective as oysters.

  8. Kent Morrison    

    +teng didiao – they are red potatoes boiled in the same spices as the crustaceans – red pepper, cardamom, garlic, bay leaf, black pepper, mustard seed, etc.

  9. Aaron Hamlett    

    Welcome to Austin. 😉 I am so jealous. I need to find a good crawfish boil.

  10. Satyajeet Salgar    

    +Amanda Blain Just realized it was you I saw as I was leaving the Google Village. :-)

  11. william gordon    

    wow that looks delicious. need smellovision for effect!

  12. Barry Istuk    

    OK i must be the only Australian here !. What the hell are Crawfish ??

  13. Tori Thomas    

    @ +Barry Istuk think large shrimp……….. They are tasty :)

  14. Isaac Kirkland    

    small fresh water lobsters they live in mud sometimes called "mud-bugs" and yes they are very good if you like shellfish…

  15. Steve Gill    

    Now thats one smart place I just gotta visit! Now got to go and eat………

  16. Barry Istuk    

    Thanks +Tori Thomas we call them Prawns here ;))

  17. patrick cattermole    

    Safe travels Amanda; Looks like fun…. :)

  18. dedy formei    

    jangan dihabiskan, sisakan sedikit untuk saya

  19. David Greene    

    Sweet baby Jesus, I'm jealous.

  20. HAVYAS K S HOBY    

    make fast …… i am waiting…….

  21. safal das    

    I AM HUNGRY>>>>>>>………………

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