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Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness

I know a lot of people get annoyed with "silly words over fancy pictures" posted on the internet... but I think affirmations are part of what got me here today... Simple beliefs that you can focus on, in a positive, constructive…

*Get Mad Then Get Over It*

I hate it when people don't let stuff go. Life is short and there are so many awesome things to experience out there... So take your time to be mad for a bit.. feel that.. and then get over it. No really. If you are harping on stuff…

Someone Will Still Hate Peaches

I have to admit I printed this quote out and use it as a daily reminder on the Internet. You can not please everyone, no matter how awesome you are. Please You. ♥ #inspiration  Google+: Reshared 15 times Google+: View post on Google+

Regret Nothing… You Wanted It Once

I firmly believe this and hold people accountable for their actions. We all make decisions based on our unique life experiences. Sometimes we make mistakes and change our minds. That's life. Understand that you chose something, because…