What's your favourite Beatles Song? I love listening to The Beatles while coding. Although most of their songs are less than 3mins in length, they have such great melodies, stories and expressions.

So many great songs! But I really like Across the Universe(one of Lennon's favorites i've heard) and Eleanor Rigby :)
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Amanda Blain

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  1. JS Smith    

    Strawberry Fields Forever was always my fav, but really there are way too many to list.

    Hope to see some obscure ones in the upcoming comments; those are always neat!

  2. Yair Barak    

    Strawberry fields forever.

  3. Aaron Wood    

    Beatles? Never heard of them. Did they tour with Skrillex?

  4. Jessica Northey    

    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band – I loved the movie too. I love Peter Frampton & the Beegees. XO

  5. Bobbi Jo Woods    

    Penny Lane, When I'm 64, and pretty much anything on Abbey Road come to mind.

  6. Joab HerbertRocha    

    Mother Nature's Son – The Beatles White Album

  7. Mike Patty    

    Hey jude, hello goodbye, penny lane.

  8. Amanda Blain    

    I like piggies too… till i heard about all the crazy manson stuff :(

  9. tom baldridge    

    All we need is Love! while my guitar gently wept

  10. Richard Tapia    

    but I love them all so much!

  11. Bryon Carter    

    Glass Onion – the White Album

  12. Matthew Woodall    

    I loved all the tunes they played when on the roof of Abbey Records Label Co. Paul looked his best with that beard with his hair back out of his face and John was jammin !

  13. Ambra Vanderpool    

    Golden Slumbers/Carry that Weight. Easy.

  14. Ambra Vanderpool    

    Oh, and Rocky Raccoon. And Hey Jude. And A Day in the Life.

  15. Matthew Woodall    

    Get Back Jo Jo :-)…and you too

  16. Ambra Vanderpool    

    Dear Prudence. Written for Katharine Hepburn. I need to stop now.

  17. Cameron Silva    

    the most fun song to play on The Beatles Rock Band = Come Together.

  18. Michael Hodge    

    Eight Days A Week. One out of many. Group Hug!

  19. Bryon Carter    

    Hard days night (written on a matchbook in a few hours, inspired by Ringo's odd use of sintax.

  20. Prashanth S    

    Hey Jude,While my guitar gently weeps (though i love the santana version more!) are my absolute absolute favourites….

  21. Yishai Landau    

    I didn't think the Beatles could be a background-coding type of band. I usually go for the Dire Straits or Eric Clapton. When I'm in for the real thing, I youtube to Ponk Floyd in Pompeii. Should try Beatles though

  22. Cheon Bae Sirius Park    

    My favs are Get back, Hey Jude, Because, Here comes the sun, etc. Abbey Road is my favorite album.

  23. Simon Waddington    

    +1 for Here Comes the Sun, followed by Elenor Rigby

  24. Bryon Carter    

    The Anthology albums have some great studio takes. I recommend giving them a chance.

  25. John Murphy    

    I wanna hold your hand. Hey Jude . Even wings- band on the run

  26. Hani Ananta Yudha    

    hey jude of course…
    may i know you?
    I am from indonesia, Bali

  27. Joe Ede    

    The whole of Sergeant peppers. My kids call it dads crazy music.

  28. Karen Pluto    

    I have the whole Beatles collection – never tire of The White Album & Rubber Soul

  29. ibrahim altuntas    

    the cranberries ZOMB? the best beatles song

  30. Angel Vardjiisky    

    30 years ado I loved them , and 5 years ago also , not now .
    Enoght is enoght

  31. barbara mudlaff    

    wiadomo ?e bitelsi to legenda wi?c co tu b?d? si? rozpisywa?

  32. Ilgvars Jezdauckis    

    Did Beatles sing this song? ,the up town girl !

  33. ahmad alahmad    

    One song is 3 minutes
    But is the expressive

  34. Kao Javier    

    my father is a huge Beatles fan that's why I grew up listening to their music. I'm not sure if I have a favorite Beatle's song, though I love playing in rockband Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds…XDD

  35. Jack Lupton    

    here comes the sun and strawberry fields forever are my 2 faves

  36. Wayne Saggers    

    There's so many. Paperback writer, Norwegian Wood and Still my Guitar Gently Weeps would all have to be up there amongst them though.

  37. Stephane Varin    

    "Strawberry fields forever" !!!

  38. Slavo Herman    

    Also "Strawberry Fields Forever" here for quite a long time. But then they were dethroned by the amazing stream of short songs from the "Abbey Road" album, almost seamlessly melting one into another, beginning with "You Never Give Me Your Money"…

  39. walt white    

    Yellow Submarine, then Lucy in the Sky. :)

  40. walt white    

    They used to have a Saturday cartoon show that I liked too :)

  41. Niamh Moulton    

    Hey jude, yellow submarine, yesterday, when im 64, all we need is love & while my guitar gently wept x

  42. glenn pasch    

    Penny Lane always makes me smile

  43. Rosana Glancy    

    i love the beetles i can still love them when i am 9

  44. Ronald Czik    

    Blackbird. Because my son performed that song with a friend in front of a large audience. Very cool.

  45. Jenna Miele    

    Goodnight, In My Life, and Blackbird!

  46. Vineet Semwal    

    "its only love" , "and i love her"

  47. Nicki Dayton    

    "Yellow Submarine"..My dad used to sing it to us all the time when we were little and it still makes me smile.

  48. Wayne Hixenbaugh    

    Oh there are so many favorites, mostly John's songs I like the best. Norwegian Wood, Tomorrow Never Knows & the complete White album.

  49. Demian Weigle    

    For over twenty years, I still stop what I am doing to listen to "A Day In The Life".

  50. Greg O'Meara    

    ah so many …A Day In The Life, Tomorrow Never Knows, Strawberry Fields etc

  51. Alex Zinovenko    

    The Early beatles had a rockin and blues sound that i loved. the two versions of "Twist and Shout", " I Saw Her Standing There". "Please. Please Me", as well as "Revolution" from a number of years later are all favs of mine. (Not to be confused with "Revolution Number 9" from 'The White Album")

  52. Natalie Saliba    

    Thts hard cuz theyre all so awesome!!!!!!!!

  53. Hanley Wilcoxen    

    I thought you might have some more slightly revealing (but classy) album covers as the header image for this post… ;p

  54. Hanley Wilcoxen    

    Beatles are good, but the more electronic the better when I'm coding.

  55. swagglikethis hudson    

    i would miss dearly the one who died bt one thing i forgot his name

  56. Rebecca Schofield    

    "All You Need is Love" and I also like "Eleanor Rigby"

    #beatles FTW!

  57. Carlos Manuel Espinosa    

    twist and shoot & yellow submarine

  58. Strongy Joseph    

    Amanda you are very beautiful

  59. Strongy Joseph    

    Amanda you are very beautiful

  60. Olivia Springberg    

    I really like Hapiness is a warm gun and martha my dear, really anything that has piano or sitar, i like eleanor rigby too, i can play it on piano and sing it

  61. imam wibowo    

    I've Just Seen A Face, When I'm Sixty Four :D

  62. JS Smith    

    Love to see people mentioning "Two Of Us".. such an underrated gem!

  63. Eliud Ortiz    

    "Something." George wrote such a beautiful song. The lyrics are wonderful and the melody is incredible. You don't expect those key changes to work, but he makes them so. And of course, Paul adds a killer bass line. Simply, it's a masterpiece :)

  64. Eddie Mohan    

    Being a huge 80's fan…
    Does George Harrison as a soloist count?

  65. Melody Migas    

    It's hard to pick. The Word & Wait. I always like Norwegian Wood cause the guy sleeps in the tub, I thought that was so funny when I was a kid.

  66. Amanda Blain    

    Awesome songs :) Great thread! Thanks everyone :)

  67. Machiavelli Coloris    

    Michelle, ma belle, cette est mochi mon tres bien ensemble… tres bien ensemble

  68. Irene Tapial    

    Drive my car
    (8) baby you can drive my car… (8)

  69. Ember Ellis    

    Definitely Here Comes the Sun hands down! But they have many fantastic songs!

  70. Victorie Weasley    


  71. Benny Vandergast    

    Anything by Yay! The Beatles.

  72. Andrew Dunn    

    all fab, 4 me help & hey jude,

  73. Ramiro Flores    

    help me if you can im feeling down and i do appreciate you being around, good stuff

  74. javier montes    

    How about : Nowhere man ,john wrote this on a make or brake creative crisis

  75. Van Dougherty    

    How about Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band?

  76. RNL Lydia    

    oh darling,yesterday,day tripper & don't let me down!! arghh too many lists actually..lool

  77. donna lauder    

    I love maxwells silver hammer the most.

    Lady madonna has a fantastic melody though

  78. Dedi Kopank    

    i like to especially "imagine" song..

  79. Shirley Meza    

    muy bueno felicito tu buen gusto musical

  80. Alan Askew    

    My favourite Beatles song is 'Yesterday'

  81. Ray Hiltz    

    Early period; And I love Her, later period; side 2 Abbey Road.

  82. Brandon Watts    

    agreeing with Ray. The entire 2nd side of Abbey Road is where it's at. Can never listen to just one song. Gotta start at "Here Comes the Sun" and can't stop till "Her Majesty" finishes up.

  83. Dennis Crow    

    Savoy Truffle is the best for playing all the horn parts on the trumpet!

  84. roland de    

    i love listening reggae music

  85. Ariel Pena    

    I can't give you a fav Beatles song, here are my 3 favorites and in no particular order: Hey Jude, Eleanor Rigby, In My Life

  86. Dale Gropp    

    Ah, so many! How 'bout Norwegan Wood?

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