Amanda Blain

Business Owner, Super Hero & Geek Girl. Likes Google, Technology, Video Games & Social Media. Over 4 Million followers on GooglePlus. I am the owner of Girlfriend Social the website.

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    hahahahahaha thanks for this smill its very funny

  2. Paul Louiseize

    Paul Louiseize    

    Just a standard character of the walking dead.

  3. Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran

    Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran    

    I'm going to dress like a vegan; based the reactions, my being so always appears to scare the crap out of people…


  4. Joan Corber

    Joan Corber    

    well, to be you a vegan or not isn't a right problem for a zoombie :D

  5. Robert B

    Robert B    

    I always believed "less is more" and this is simple but rocking

  6. William Alequin

    William Alequin    

    I was thinking, since the whole year I scare every single human been in this planet, why not being me? I mean, it should work…

  7. Djulija Uskovic

    Djulija Uskovic    

    Ooo God he looks like my neighbor… Hahah…

  8. Valdis Kletnieks

    Valdis Kletnieks    

    I'm going to tell everybody I'm going to their party as the Invisible Man, then stay home and play Skyrim. :)

  9. Robert B

    Robert B    

    lol +Valdis Kletnieks that is how a real geek rolls lol

  10. Joan Corber

    Joan Corber    

    beware AManda…go to outdoors must be dangerous these days

  11. Lee Clarke

    Lee Clarke    

    pretty cool but the bed spread i want is cooler lol

  12. Gilbert Straight

    Gilbert Straight    

    A zombie…And I will be EATING BRAINS!!!!

  13. Nick Stankus

    Nick Stankus    

    …I'm actually gonna be a zombie.

  14. Eric Brian Brewster

    Eric Brian Brewster    

    Hi Amanda, hummm good question, it will be cold in Nova Scotia, Canada this Halloween but with a extra sweater on underneath the costume I will be Darth Vader or "Eric Skywalker" Anakin Skywalker's eldest son.   I created my own costume that took me 4yrs to make in finding parts and pieces and have been told the costume is very like the real one they used for the first 3 movies.

  15. Vanessa C

    Vanessa C    

    Pretty creative idea. Guess with Walking Dead many will resort to being a zombie, so that's not an option. Beating the norm, red riding hood it is. Love Halloween, but man is it ever tough when deciding what to be.

  16. Helena Smith

    Helena Smith    

    It is missing one thing though. The apple insignia.

  17. Joe Sylvester

    Joe Sylvester    

    An excuse to party in my PJs… yes please!

  18. Anthony Bush

    Anthony Bush    

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  19. Donagh Reardon

    Donagh Reardon    

    I think the true meaning of Samhain has been lost.

  20. mary smith

    mary smith    

    thats the real halloween sprite

  21. vali Rosu

    vali Rosu    

    For girls is easy every one of them will dress like a hooker for guys are a few options zombie,vampire or pimp

  22. Phillip Sugg

    Phillip Sugg    

    Um.. not every girl dresses like a hooker on Halloween. In fact, most parties I've been to, only a few do that. Maybe if you didn't spend your night in a dive bar every year, you might have a more objective viewpoint of the behavior of women.

  23. Scarlet Charity

    Scarlet Charity    

    Pretty cool but the bed spread i want is cooler

  24. Phillip Sugg

    Phillip Sugg    

    +Amanda Blain and to answer your original question, Darth Maul :)

  25. Abhisheak Komarapu

    Abhisheak Komarapu    

    Hmm so Sad that we dont do helloween in our country :'(

  26. Marcel Gunn

    Marcel Gunn    

    nothing don't take part in it

  27. Dean G

    Dean G    

    a miserable old git avoiding it! But do like the pjs

  28. Harald Jeitler

    Harald Jeitler    

    Halloween is absolutely nonsense!!

  29. Jeremy Mayse

    Jeremy Mayse    

    im going to be myself this year

  30. ADIL CH

    ADIL CH    

    may be not trying to show smthng

  31. mrco sarti

    mrco sarti    

    que Il sont  o  qu'lle qui ne sais pas, qui ne conne' il etes la meme chose

  32. mirco sarti

    mirco sarti    

    i'm monster!!  goodmorning,

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