Android Syncing with G+/Gmail Contacts Bloat Bug

When you start to circle more people here on plus there is a pretty serious bug at the moment with Android phones. Please see this post for more details.

If you Don't want to do all the steps(more for devs or non-believers).. please help troubleshoot by listing your phone model and the actual SIZE of your Contacts Storage file in the comments below.

Here is a simple test to replicate the issue – You can see what me and many others are talking about…Do the following at your own risk of perhaps loosing circles/contacts. (but you shouldn't) Be warned this may take Several hours to resync up and should be done over WiFi. 😉 Some have suggested this is an HTC Issue.. Interested in seeing if the other brands have this issue.

A step-by-step test, replication and explanation of the Google Sync Contact Issue with Android.
(Please adjust for your model/brand but the idea is here people)

Do this by:
Step 1 – Display size of contact file – Settings – Manage applications – All – Contacts Storage – 45.61MB
Step 2Note this WILL delete your call logs – back up if this is important. – Select Contacts Storage – Select Clear Data. (file should now be 0MB)
Step 3 – Go into Contacts – Menu – Accounts – Auto-sync checked – Select Your Gmail(that is used with plus) – Check Sync Contacts
Step 4 – Go into Contacts – Menu – Display Options – Your Gmail(that is used with plus) – select 1 or 2 groups you have created under My Contacts in Gmail. ( I have created one that is "my friends" and one that is "family" Both have a total of roughly 40 contacts in them. ) Uncheck everything else.
Step 5 – Allow phone to sync completely. This may take awhile. Make sure its fully synced, not just a temporary pause.
Step 6 – Display size of contact file – Settings – Manage applications – All – Contacts Storage – 49.16MB

Anyone who Does this please – List your phone model… Answer from Step 1 and then answer from Step 6. Perhaps if enough people do these steps we can determain if it is specific models or everyone is experiencing it but is not aware( newer faster phones wouldn't have as much impact, also not much circling on plus will result in this not being clear its an issue yet.)

HTC HERO – GSM – Before 45.61MB – After – 49.61MB (i assume cause i added a bunch of people for this post) Regardless, it is not only downloading the 40 contacts as so many have stated. *Try it yourself and post your results*

Some more IMPORTANT stats.
Phone is HTC hero GSM – Rooted – Cyanogen mod 7.1. Android 2.3.7
I am circling 3kish of people currently on plus. 22k are circling me. I'd be circling more but this is becoming a huge issue.
In Gmail – Under My contacts I have 2074 (placed in specific groups, including imported from facebook and hotmail imported contacts) in Other contacts I have 7800.
I Do have photos turned on.. which is probably most of this spaces useage.. telling me to turn this off.. also not the answer.

Want the fast version of this test? Check and uncheck some groups under display option… They will IMMEDIATELY appear no sync required.. because they are already on the phone. 0_o You could also choose "only contacts with phone numbers" The results will be the same. All contacts are synced to the phone no matter what I choose.


Why is this an issue? My HTC hero is unusable if I Sync with Google Contacts under my account used with G+. Because I just proved it syncs everyone I ever circle or interact with EVER (even if i dont circle them any longer they remain in contacts) .. and there is no setting for me to stop that. My phone is constantly plagued with 'low storage', contacts takes forever to load and use, I realize this may have to do with the ability to +mention people … but this current format is not working. Between google+(40mb) and contacts (45MB) my phone of 150MB doesn't have much space left…

Possible Solution Please create the option for me to sync only select circles/groups under my contacts… and if possible a different way to + contacts in.. or remove it.(if that is indeed the issue) I'd rather have a useable phone than + contact abilities. Telling me to get a better phone, or use a different gmail account to sync is not an answer. As time continues this issue will become VERY CLEAR as people will be circling more and more people on plus.

I shall plus some Googley/Android people who I believe are relivent here. Yes im plussing in CEOs and senior VPs ( i love you google+) If you know of who I SHOULD be talking to instead… please let me know. :).. and yes.. i submitted this as feedback already. Feel free to do so also.

Google+ mobile – +Punit Soni +Ben Eidelson +Robin Norvell +Leslie Ikemoto +Ujjwal Singh +Brian Laird
Gmail – +Stephen Ng +Majid Manzarpour +Alex Gawley
Android – +Andy Rubin +Art Russ +Attila Bodis
HTC = +Bruce Jones +Jason Burek
Google + Peoples (Since its related to circles!) – +Louis Gray +Chee Chew +Natalie Villalobos

People who have talked/debated about this issue…
+Cam Meadows +Charlene Grommesh +Charles Mims +Mitch Miller +Thomas Clothier +Brenda Curtis +Scott Wakeman +Travis Wise +Stephen Butler +Dale Angus +Stacie Nuss +Dan Glass +Bradley Larcher +Sasha Petkovic +David Kokua +Wardell Latham +anthony cousins +Bogdan Suditu +Julien Bayle +Keith Barrett +Lynne d Johnson +Ali Salem +Ethan Blanton +Max McNally +Nena Blanco .. and many many others…

#android #contacts #feedback

Phew.. longest post ever. May something good from it .. pleeeease!

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