Amanda Blain

Business Owner, Super Hero & Geek Girl. Likes Google, Technology, Video Games & Social Media. Over 4 Million followers on GooglePlus. I am the owner of Girlfriend Social the website.

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  1. Arjun Shenoy

    Arjun Shenoy    

    Just loved this game 😀

  2. John Chavez

    John Chavez    

    Dont eat my apple bro!!!

  3. DAV j

    DAV j    

    Can I get a glow stick?

  4. Oremo Ochillo

    Oremo Ochillo    

    I can't believe I am saying this but Apple needs to do some work on its brand.

  5. Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran

    Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran    

    Yeah! 'Cause if video games effected us, then all that time I spent playing tetris would have — … hmm… actually, I am pretty good at packing things…

  6. Jason Clay

    Jason Clay    

    My-be that's how our generation are all fat , lick pac man too much consumption

  7. David Sheets

    David Sheets    

    Thank God there is more than just the overrated Android and Apple duopoly to choose from.

  8. Jason Edwards

    Jason Edwards    

    An Apple a day keeps the doctor away.

  9. Mike Wood

    Mike Wood    

    100th like. I like round numbers :)

  10. Barké Alhassane

    Barké Alhassane    

    Hi my favorite Geek, you always innovate, it's awesome. Have a nice weekend.

  11. Monika Zwiefelhofer

    Monika Zwiefelhofer    

    This will NEVER EVER happen :-) 
    The thieve cannot eat the stolen material – unless he eats himself.

  12. Fanoel Gutierrez

    Fanoel Gutierrez    

    I think Apple did good with the Ipod, but after that, all iPhones feel and work like an Ipod with the talk function. Personally I don't like the almost totally locked interface.

  13. John Knights

    John Knights    

    Android Geeks are obsessed by Apple. Very weird behaviour.

  14. Ananchel Lopez

    Ananchel Lopez    

    No matter how bad Android makes fun of Apple, I still think Apple is the shit.

  15. Alex Hawke

    Alex Hawke    

    You got part of it right, they are shit…LOL. 

    Apple geeks are obsessed with dissing Android too though, it goes both ways.  Wasn't it Steve Jobs that said he would do all he could to kill Android?  

    The vast majority of smart phone users don't really care who's got the better technology according to some blog or "expert". They just want the phone to do what they want.  

    There is no question about it, you can't deny that from a customization perspective, Android is the king by a landslide.

  16. Awais Butt

    Awais Butt    

    Android is really very good vs iPhone I also like android

  17. ailf mim

    ailf mim    

    Android gonna best forever 😀

  18. Leibo R Raibstein

    Leibo R Raibstein    

    Re: the comedian quote

    What, you guys don't do all that? :-)

  19. snehal s

    snehal s    

    Don't forget it's apple 😉

  20. Brian Hanna

    Brian Hanna    

    Wait, don't some people do that already? Just saying. I believe it's called a rave.

  21. DIM SOW

    DIM SOW    

    Club Vibe at casino morongo !

  22. Deondre Reynolds

    Deondre Reynolds    

    Nice Andriods are much cooler than Apples

  23. Jason Olivier

    Jason Olivier    

    +Amanda Blain , I think it was Marcus Brigstock who coined that one. At least, I remember something about him claiming he did…

  24. sevensons hvac

    sevensons hvac    

    Boy showing your close to my age. pack man was always a 50cent machine. in a mall. like your picture .

  25. Drew Schlosser

    Drew Schlosser    

    If Apple doesnt bring it with a larger screen size option and they just give an incremental upgrade with a dual flash and NFC then they will seriously be dropping the ball and opening the gates wide open for frustrated Apple users to start migrating in droves.

  26. DIM SOW

    DIM SOW    

    Club Vibe on a Saturday night in the VIP room !

  27. Herbert Lingott

    Herbert Lingott    

    Love yu Amanda Beauty wommen Nr one you ! ! !

  28. Herbert Lingott

    Herbert Lingott    

    Best Amanda my great love Amanda !!!

  29. Neville Swaby

    Neville Swaby    

    Wow is android taken over ?

  30. Peni Duzit

    Peni Duzit    

    '( Android geek, vs Apple innovator. >"

  31. Paul Robinson

    Paul Robinson    

    Android are blossoming beautifully! IPhone are stuck in a rut. I half wondered about changing to an iPhone.. Then I bought my nexus 4 and… BOOM!

  32. james adu

    james adu    

    For me, Android da best. Hw u?

  33. Steve Austin

    Steve Austin    

    Amanda gettin jiggy with pbrush.exe. go on gurl.

  34. John Adeleye

    John Adeleye    

    Is this an apple plsease do not eat my apple amanda blain

  35. Malik Umair

    Malik Umair    

    True.. Android now getting Success

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