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  1. Cory Westgate    

    Also, poly-families, households of obnoxious size, etc.

  2. Wyn Williams    

    Apparently only families with one kid are allowed to be different :)

  3. Aaron Brown    

    So going by that scale, I am a tier two family. My son will be happy he likes two better then 1. :)

  4. Wyn Williams    

    +Amanda Blain on a side note the world will learn acceptance when there are no more humans left

  5. Farhad Divecha    

    My family = Top Tier + Bottom Tier – 3 women – 1 man

  6. Amanda Blain    

    :D i think a lot of people are missing the boat on this one…. guess thats ok :)

  7. Wayne Watson    

    wow.. lighten up guys, it's humor
    ok ok…. batman has no parents

  8. matt bedell    

    So why can't batman have a family?

  9. Farhad Divecha    

    Was my algebra too complicated?

  10. chris james    

    no just the matter of time

  11. Amanda Blain    

    Batmans family all died +matt bedell … except for alfred… remember? :)

  12. chris james    

    thats true Amanda, u got my support about differences of family

  13. Mike Keller    

    My favourite part is the batman at the end.

  14. Dpac Shakur    

    aww. :( the Batman part made me sad (..gonna go hug my kid now).

  15. shayn lynch    

    that is funny, i like the two guys with the child

  16. david porter    

    Batman uses public rest rooms?

  17. Silvia Diaz    

    Noticed there is always a boy child in the picture??
    Batman made my day!!!

  18. Angel Feet    

    wat? i don't quite understand this.

  19. Mark Secare    

    great picture!!!!
    Serious message with some light humor!

  20. Maryam Amiri    

    god knows after 100 years what the families Bcome! maybe the world that we live, became like this because we break the family rules or the human nature rules…any way poor that BATMAN!

  21. TJ Obora    

    Wonderful, another celebrity attempting to fix the world with blonde logic

  22. Justin Beer    

    I knew I was just like Batman!

  23. Amanda Blain    

    Awww +TJ Obora called me a celebrity… :)

  24. Dennis Cao    

    This is a positive outlook! Instead of "orphanages" we should just start calling them what they really are, "Batman Refuges".

  25. Mina Ortiz    

    i like the midget batman!!! :D

  26. Lisa Roberts    

    Little batman should have his butler in there with him.

  27. Reg Ervin    

    Yes they are. Mine is SO diverse…

  28. BJ Cardon    

    Batman doesn't need a family.

  29. Denton Liu    

    What about the polygamists?

  30. Alissa Brown    

    LOL REALLY?? Batman? lmbo XD

  31. james rooney    

    +Denton Liu No one gives a shit about Polygamists,

  32. Amanda Blain    

    And this post is about to hit whats hot… all down hill from here… :|

  33. Michael Gee    

    Shouldnt batman be on the top of the pyramid?

  34. Hunter Sterling    

    Proving theory we are born to love. Comes naturally.

  35. David Griffiths    

    ahh, this made me feel sad :( but maybe there should be a little guy in a butler suit?

  36. Hunter Sterling    

    Can we kick caffeine and sugar? Is non-acceptance a symptom of high BP?

  37. ashraf zaky    

    There's no Place at the top of the Pyramid, because i'm There!! so Hello form Egypt :D

  38. Rose Bobo    

    Ya totally! I have 9 brothers and sisters but I am a only child! They are all my half brothers and sisters!

  39. Jose Preciado    

    batman should have alfred next to him

  40. Maryam Amiri    

    Y U call it blonde logic??!!!
    isnt the fact we live ?! at last it should B an explanation for any interactions exist in the world, if U hv an other idea i would B glad to read …

  41. Danielle Seiley    

    got down to the bottom and went LOL!

  42. Jennifer Isaacs    

    Then there is multipal husbands and/or wives with kids as family.
    Learn acceptance because it happens all over the world. Forget the laws because some places it is legal. Even when it is not it still doesn't change the fact of love, happiness, and peace from how people care for each other.

    Thank you for posting +Amanda Blain . :)
    I am just married to one man but believe every one has a right to be happy and loved the ways they want to.

  43. Jennifer Isaacs    

    Batman has a family with Alfred Pennyworth when he is young, and Robin later. Still he grieves nonstop for the family he lost. Yes poor guy but he finds ways to keep going. Especially with Cat Woman. ;)

  44. Alan Moore Jr    

    It took me a second to understand the Batman circle, I kept trying to see an outline of batman's face by squinting really hard.

  45. Jayden White    

    go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go

  46. Matthew Rees    

    batman = his parents were killed infront of him as a child and he was left all alone. it's saying that.. even completely alone, you should be accepted. you're still a family.

  47. Duarte Roso    

    why is bruce putting is hands up?

  48. Jada Bartolozzi    

    wrong i have the first pic with mom dad and kid

  49. Mike M    

    so who gets to define what a "family" is?

  50. Sarah Corradini    

    LOL.. not only batman, but #harrypotter as well as a host of others.

  51. Emily Kapitza    

    this is so cute and soo true!!!

  52. thomas a.b.c.    

    "all happy families are alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." – leo

  53. Jennifer Isaacs    

    In real life I have cousins that are like Batman. Still every body else that was grandparents, aunts, and uncles pitched together to give them a happy childhood.

  54. Dhguaydg Fudge    

    lol a child living on his own impossible

  55. Paul O    

    So unkind Batman's family to not share their power of invisibility with him. :-)

  56. Stacie Hopper    

    Please accept that I won't accept this. Please

  57. David Mann    

    Interesting how only one of those families can actually make a baby.

  58. Stella Ski    

    although… the picture does assume that all families include children, and that's also a problematic assumption in this society.

  59. Jackie Westbrook    

    wow……..this isnt a good thing but batman is awesome!!!!!

  60. Stephen Pate    

    Yeah but every family can adopt!

  61. Jackie Westbrook    

    its not a good thing that he doesnt have parents i mean… :)

  62. conor tidd    

    They should put and old man next to batman because they forgot Alfred raised him.

  63. Andres Bermudez    

    That's the problem with this world, we have to accept everything that happens, well I say NO, I have the RIGHT to choose NOT to accept

  64. João Mendonça da Silva    

    Parliaments activelly work to develop brandnew graphic extension above existent circles …

  65. tmcbride mcbride    

    I'm sad for Bat man Raised by a buttler ……

  66. eva flores    

    its beautiful having a family..but how god wants it to be!!!!
    nothing againts gay ppl…just doing gods will.

  67. Jushua Temens    

    It needs to be how God designed it.

  68. David Senentz    

    That's true even Batman's family is different

  69. nick whiteside    

    what the ** is that?! a lesbian and gay family?! see a psychiatrist!

  70. Joshua Ducarme    

    What about divorced family's thats one you forgot.

  71. Greta Cranwell    

    i dont see how the batman bit fits in…

  72. Samantha McHale    

    Great and nice to see family represented so.

  73. Debra Tate    

    A family is father mother and children

  74. Josh Walker    

    Ahahaha how many ppl didn't this..

  75. Matt Mullin    

    You also forgot families without children.

  76. Spanky Martinson    

    but alfred isnt part of his family hes his buttler lol

  77. Aidan Smock    

    its a shame the doll maker got arrested but ill bet hes going to escape anyway
    Also i dont know why jocker killed robin if he would just come back from the dead

  78. Adrianna Bieber    

    If God wanted gay people he would've said so and and you know what he didn't
    God created one man one woman not two men or two women

  79. Amanda Blain    

    Disgusting. Shame on all you rude ignorant people posting foolish comments of hate in the name of god! GO educate yourself on history and stop spreading such hate as 'gods word'… Judge not lest you be judged! …

  80. KITTY TARTAR    

    DONT INCLUDE BATMAN HE AINT GOT NOTHIN TO DO WITH THIS adam and eve not adam and steve

  81. Selina Elizabeth Kyle    

    I shared this a couple nights ago. Funny how images get around. Lol


  82. Dallas Jacobs    

    What is funny is how you're homophobic, yet look! Beiber. Case closed.

  83. mauricio veizaga    

    Eww not attracive. Really. Are you blind.

  84. James Paterson    

    jocker shounds like a pervy sex offender. try joker instead there aidan

  85. Debrah Love    

    Adrianna you better get your head out of the sand.

  86. Peter Collier    

    Don't feed the trolls. They bite.

  87. Jennifer Isaacs    

    +Adrianna Bieber Have you ever heard of this
    People are born this way so if you really think a god has a hand in creation of babies then you blame that not the people that are born.
    Second there is beauty and better things than claiming a book made by bigoted human hands is the rules of life we should follow. Just to think of all the love we can share instead of such hate to all the human race instead.

  88. Eduardo Alves    

    If God didn't want gay people he would've said so, and you know what he didn't. Why is it so hard to learn to tolerate behavior that is different from yours? The fact I'm heterosexual doesn't mean I need to impinge my way of life to the rest of the world. God's teachings are of love, respect, humility, never hatred, intolerance and bigotry.

  89. Brandon Needles    

    I love that one. BATMAN, no I dont like DC. But this is realy funny.

  90. Julie Suh    

    He said so in the Bible.

  91. Jada McGarry    

    right this is a great way 2 put it

  92. Jennifer Isaacs    

    Well there is times by the Abrahamitic religions texts say to kill, rape, and do things that seem hypocritical of what love is.
    There are those famed men only and women only bathrooms, language variation of how to address only men and women, applications for jobs requiring what sex (F or M) to choose from and birth certificates. What were you saying about being heterosexual and impinging on others in any way?
    Other wise I do see people holding hate signs from churches but never mind I guess that is freedom of religion.

  93. Grace Summers    

    Its times like this that I realise that I consider myself Batman

  94. cansu tankisi    

    umm i have a question why is there a boy and a boy with a child but know girl +girl+child ???

  95. Henrick Wiesehofer    

    Shit, i'm a Batman,
    And nobody tell me.

  96. Jenn Bradley    

    Cansu, there is …it's in the middle.

  97. Audrey Zhang    

    That would be the second one on the top.
    Also, **no, not know.
    I know I'm annoying, but your spelling is more annoying

  98. Chelsea Mcdaniel    

    there is a girl and a girl. it's in the middle on the top. don't be offended.

  99. erik duran    

    What about Mexican illegal families

  100. Brian Van Opdurp    

    Marriage is uniting souls through ceremony, we are but humans not man not woman #human

  101. Jonathan Collum    

    Batman didn't raise himself, he had Alfred. Family isn't biology…

  102. Zada Smith    

    okay, a little disturbing

  103. Michael Holtham    

    I love this. Gives me a little hope for humanity. If people can find happiness then nobody has a right to destroy it though biggotry.

  104. Hannah Nobles    


  105. Hannah Frazier    

    twas a regular post when SUDDENLY THERE WAS BATMAN.

  106. Toni Malltell    

    +hannah nobles dont say something is STUPID if u dont even kno how to spell it and it takes someone to be stupid to kno wat it means

  107. Emily Hinojosa    

    True i have the first one but i wonder who has last

  108. Ian Muir    

    Toni, you're a fine one to talk about spelling.

  109. Jennifer Isaacs    

    Without really jumping the gun based on the photo. How do you know that the two women are not just aunts and the one circle with two men are not brothers helping to raise a child? Some people that wouldn't know in a restaurant would just assume that they are LBGT only.
    It shouldn't matter if they are LBGT or not just let them be a family. Why show reactions that are hurtful abuse of any kind for children to watch? Please be kind.

  110. jason weimer    

    I think BATMAN HAS THE coolest circle!

  111. Kiarylane Cuevas    

    i barely have time to watch it, but i love it too :)

  112. Luís Rosales    

    It's forgetting Jungle kids. ^.^

  113. Reggie Ajaa    

    That does look like The Batmobile From The Animated Series

  114. Victor Siqueira Gonçalves    

    +Reggie Ajaa You're kidding, right? I think the point is that the child is an orphan, like Bruce Wayne…

  115. Seth Stalley    

    I have to disagree. I don't see the logic in that at all sry

  116. jaquill seabrooks    

    what the hell is this. family than batman.

  117. Reggie Ajaa    

    +Victor Siqueira Gonçalves I was playing bro, I'm like one of the biggest Batman fan ever.. I know Bruce Wayne's history

  118. Greg Neidlinger    

    I thought initially, oh nice, they're making a statement that just because there isn't a male adult, a female adult and a child, but instead, 2 males, two females, or one male or one female doesn't mean there isn't a family…then I scrolled down…I kinda died…I still giggled though

  119. amp dj    

    True, it can be a combination of varieties such as a mother and her sister, father and his brother, or a kid who had his parents killed and he was technically adopted, or anything at the like. As soon as unethical and unmoral situations get implemented here, it is absolute sin. Respect must stay permanent, but we have to recognize the lost souls of these poor uneducated people.

  120. Andrew D    

    No offense to my question, but, to whom is the kid gonna say mom or dad if both parents are the same sex?
    Is it ok to raise a child in a family where the child will be growing up irritated?
    "Michael, tell your mother to come by the school tomorrow".
    - "Which one?"

  121. Kyle Brown    

    it was supposed to be funny quit acting like you care about gay rights you tool

  122. Elliot Schochet    

    +Andrew D there is nothing wrong with gay marriage. you probably have at least one difference from the average Joe. That's just theirs.

  123. Moe A Berry    

    Sodomites, and their supporters, should realize what kind of wrath and anger they are evoking on earth and in Heavens. Death comes to us all. After death we move to new lives, different land, different world. What we do in this life determines where we live and what we do next life. If you don't believe that, you didn't believe you were coming out of the womb when you were in there. It's quite the same thing. If you don't believe there is life after death, look at yourself every time you sleep and wake up the next day!!!! When you move to the next life (pass away), on the other side, you'll feel like you just woke up. But things will be different then, very different.

  124. Gillian Ivy    

    Batman was an orphan, his parents were killed by the Joker.

  125. Darren Nelson    

    Hooray for Batman!! We need more ruthless, orphaned children on the street. I don't feel safe without them!

  126. Joshua Motland    

    I just want to hear someone ask that kid at the bottom: "Who ARE you?!"

  127. Wei Cheng    

    True and agree – but all those variations, except the first one, are either abnormal families or incomplete families.
    And, I believe you do not have to have a "marriage" to form a family. Same-sex couples, please form your families – "abnormal", as I believe, or "normal" as you believe, all the best to you. But please do not call it a marriage – because it is NOT. We do not call "red" color as "gray" color just because color-blind people see red as gray.

  128. James Stallard    

    +Jennifer Isaacs I whole heartedly agree, people should be able to love however they like with as many people as they like as long as it is consensual and not at all forced what is the problem?

  129. Tony Demetriou    

    +Andrew D – is that any harder than both my parents being doctors? So I'd address letters from the school to Dr & Dr Lastname.

    It's a small quirk. You mention it a few times. And then you get on with your life.

    My son has grown up with both his parents, and our housemate friend. The housemate is akin to a second mother to him, often sharing in the duties to raise him, joining us for story time, doing activities with him. Although there's no genetic or legal link, and no name for her role in his life, she's very much a part of his "family."

    And it doesn't cause problems. Occasionally someone will call her his mother, and depending on the situation, she'll just let it slide, or say "No, I'm a housemate."

    The "problem" of which parent to call "Mom" if they are both the same sex is nonexistant. It's the same "problem" of which grandparent to call "grandma" when there are two to choose from. You either pick a different name or title for one, or accept that they both fall under the same title.

    If a child "grows up irritated" from having to explain this on occasion, then they have other, larger issues that they need to deal with. I'll finish your example conversation for you:
    "Michael, tell your mother to come by the school tomorrow."
    "Which one?"

    It's not a terribly irritating or long conversation to have. It might even be longer:

    "Michael, tell your mother to come by the school tomorrow."
    "Which one?"
    "What do you mean?"
    "I have two mothers"
    "Oh. Then bring either one."
    And this assumes the teacher is specifically looking for a female parent. Most likely they'd have just said "Tell one of your parents to come by the school tomorrow."

  130. Jasmine Yow    

    +Wei Cheng speaks sense. It is not about opposing, condemning or rejecting homosexuals, it is about loving them and therefore encouraging them to aspire to live the best way: form families and live in marriages designed the best way. We are all broken people and need help to do that – "straight" or "gay" as we so like to label.

  131. Kendra Brown    

    i dont think it is okay and i dont wanr to start a argument but i know from how my friends life is but she is very upset because she is in this situation and does not have a motherly figure in her life and so i think that a family needs to be a whole with a mom and a dad and a kid. Now again not trying to start an argument so please dont because of what i said.

  132. Jennifer Isaacs    

    I do see marriage as enslavement for some in some countries. Because children are forced into it with out choice.
    How ever there is that marriage and bond that does not always have to be on paper. Though why hide that love?
    If people want to be married to each other I am all for it. What would it really hurt? Just some peoples with closed minds getting a head ache I suppose.

  133. Marilyn McCoy    

    Adrianna and Eduardo, please dust off your Bible and read Romans 1:18-32.

  134. Samuel Shultz    

    i am sick of people thinking queers aren't sick! u people need to accept that (that) is messed up

  135. Lance Frizzell-Reynolds    

    I love how all of the sudden MY family is the end of the world because it is composed of two men. People need to realize that these relationships and families have existed in all cultures since before language developed, and we are not hurting any of you that think it is terrible, or hurtful, or even somehow disrupting society. 14 years later in my marriage and society has not imploded over two men getting married, I can assure you that no matter your conception of Divinity, my 14 year relationship is not considered sinful, and is built on love, not sex like many seem to imply.

  136. fatuma harbi    

    so true everyone has a differnt family

  137. Michael James    

    Well three out six ain't bad.

  138. Greg Neidlinger    

    Yay let's all call gay marriage disgusting to get a reaction! Maybe if we throw in a few things about God, people will even agree, if they don't try to no avail to find somewhere in the bible where God explicitly demeans homosexuality!

  139. luciferians son lucifer    

    Marriage is okay, if an individual desires such an interest. Me though I prefer live in 1st, if it proceeds to marriage, I am for it. It also does not apply for everyone. I am for children after a couple of years, make sure both man and woman are compatible.

  140. Maggie Hart    

    batman, the answer to everything… well, that and duct tape

  141. Anthony Kelly    

    +Andrew D The problem of which parent to call mom isn't really a problem at all.

    It's like seeing a pair of chopsticks and asking which one is the fork.

    Ok, maybe that's a bad example, but surely just as you can have two grand fathers or two sisters, you can also have two fathers.

  142. Luis Canda    

    Funny how it went from batman to the bible… what if Jesus was Batman ….. (gasp)

  143. Tommy Helms    

    r ur parents ded? plus, why wuld 2 females be married?

  144. Grace Summers    

    I saw a butterfly on the ground with no wings, so I poured some RedBull over it, it drowned.

  145. Matthew Rubino    

    "It doesn't have ANY effect on your life. What do you care? People try to talk about it like it's a social issue. Like when you see someone stand up on a talk show and say 'How am I supposed to explain to my child that two men are getting married?' I dunno, it's your shitty kid, you fuckin' tell 'em. Why is that anyone else's problem? Two guys are in LOVE but they can't get married because YOU don't want to talk to your ugly child for five fuckin' minutes?" – comedian Louis CK

  146. Byron Adams    

    If the mother wants to wear pants and the father an apron that's ok.

  147. Antony T Curtis    

    +Grace Summers The caffeine in the RedBull probably killed the butterfly before it drowned.

  148. Mari ooh    

    do you really need the second and third one?

  149. Cyan Reed    

    There's a lot missing, what about multi colored families?

  150. kayla ruiz    

    I like how batman is alone:)

  151. Lindsay Cullen    

    no need 4 anit-gayness Mari ooh……shhhh #dayofsilence

  152. Michael James    

    QUESTION: what would be wrong with having three mummies with two daddies and four goats as the 'special' parents to children?

    I mean why stop the insanity of two only two parents of the same sex, if we're going to do something let's do it properly, why not just have one big commune with no parents just overseers-adults?

  153. Brent Ritzema    

    +Cyan Reed That is a bit racist but let me explain what I think. When you do any type of organization based on color, whether good or bad, you are still being racist. It is racist because you are distinctly organizing people based on color which implies that they are different because of their skin. So that means there is a difference between people based on their skin color, when really, skin color shouldn't decide anything about someone. So in multicolored families, they are really just all the same since skin color shouldn't decide something about them.

  154. Rafael Bidarra    

    acceptance might be as well extend the pyramid upwards: why cut it down at 2 parents?!…

  155. Lance Frizzell-Reynolds    

    That logic is terribly sad +Michael James and I am sorry that is where you mind takes you.

  156. Amanda Blain    

    This is the best use of +Mike Elgan Logical argument post … ever… what ridiculous notions most of you are posting… +Michael James and +Rafael Bidarra you are doing this ->

  157. Vincent Chee    

    So you have gay families in your picture, and you think "that's quite ok."

  158. Grace Summers    

    I had the right intentions :P That's all I can say

  159. Matt Peters    

    So tolerance = accepting your views?

  160. Michael James    

    +Anthony Kelly who said that Adam and Eve were the only people created after Adam there well could have been other people created, and also the scriptures say Adam and Eve went on to have other children and at the point the blood was pure so the incest thing would not have been an issue, in case you were thinking of going there.

  161. Patrick Moore    

    No comment. It's not allowed unless I agree with people I don't agree with.

  162. Nils Lovegren    

    +Vincent Chee Why not? Is that really a problem? No one ever criticizes the guy that married his goldfish, so why criticize gays?

  163. Terence Reale    

    yes it's quite OK +Vincent Chee, in the same manner that there is a variety of different humans, there are a variety of human families. It takes every kind of people, to make what life's about….. that could be a song it's so true… um….

  164. Adam Schmidt    

    BOOOO(B)! I really don't understand why they call the alone child Batman-other than his dead parents- either its just me or I think it should be the joker. lol. I am guessing that picture is saying, every child should abondon their family and do something unique in a weird way, oh and cause massive destruction along with mayhem. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. kayla ruiz    

    They got free rights to be gays!!

  166. Mary rose Besonia    

    I believe in that bcoz that was written in the bible and the bible does not lie…

  167. Tyler Minisce    

    his mom and dad were killed by a mugger when he was little

  168. Michael James    

    +Amanda Blain firstly you have a sexist website as it is just fire woman so we know where you head is at, secondly you never answered my question, what would be wrong with 5 mummies and 7 daddies, honestly, I'd you are wanting integration surely we musty respect those who want to live like that?

  169. Anthony Kelly    

    +Michael James my scripture is a little rusty. I deleted the post when the name Seth jumped into my head :-) and only read your reply after

    Still, there is a little argument left in the incest issue.

  170. Lance Frizzell-Reynolds    

    People obviously missed the point of this post by +Amanda Blain, and fail to use logical arguments to counter it, then stand behind hateful comments and demand tolerance. Malcolm X said "To teach a man to hate himself is one of the most criminal acts you can do." Remember that when you are decrying me and many others in loving, caring, and respectful relationships. I have been with my husband for 14 years, married for 7, and I am 34. My town has not plunged into chaos, nor has my state, and I do not demand religious institutions perform them if they are opposed, I do demand they respect me and my marriage and not try to revoke it though.

  171. AShun Xi    

    Well…the Batman save all above.

  172. Paul Hubert    

    When nothing good can be said…

  173. Amanda Blain    

    +Matt Peters and +Patrick Moore i didn't delete anything from here except extreme hate… Those who are uneducated self centered bigots are revealing themselves just fine. Tolerance … Let me google that for you folks

    tol·er·ance? noun 1. a fair, objective, and permissive(let me google that one for you too …. Permissive – characteristically accepting of something, such as social behavior that others might disapprove or forbid) attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from one's own; freedom from bigotry.

    So uh yeh… Tolerance… What all you people who are outwardly objecting to this statement.. are NOT doing.

  174. Elijah Wilson    

    that's not all true I really disagree with the Lesbian/gay marriage

  175. Rich Curtis    

    There are many abominations besides homosexuality in the bible. Why doesn't anyone get mad over a woman staying in the home while on her period? If you're on board with one abomination, you should be on board with all of them.

    That said, if you don't agree with the homosexual lifestyle, just turn the other cheek. It doesn't affect you in any way. Live and let live.

  176. Amanda Blain    

    +Michael James and now you are resorting to personal attacks that have nothing to do with the issue.

    Since you repeated the question.. you obviously didn't read the page. Deflecting the argument to points that are completely not logical or connected in any way.. is flawed debate.

    Learn to debate or don't comment. Turn the other cheek should be more used than the constant hate that flow from some peoples mouth based on obscure random scriptures and heresay….

  177. Alicia Saporito    

    Rights and freedom for all lol

  178. Ginia Cobb    

    on the + side the child instinctively learns survival yet is angry with all adults, on the — I see a baby wanting to be held & nurtured & protected….. whose to blame?? we all are! remember the 3 monkeys see no, hera no, speak no….. hmmm

  179. Matt Peters    

    How about tolerance of people who have beliefs that you know… differ from yours. Thanks for trying to belittle those who don't agree with you, shows alot of maturity. Grats you

  180. Shauna Opseth    

    I believe a marriage should be between a man and a woman. That's what the bible says and I believe what the bible says is true. I wish people could learn to respect my opinion

  181. Cheryl Hung    


    Why not 'Orphan'???

  182. Resuri Tsugumi    

    Wow this is neat. And of course I accept it.

  183. Lance Frizzell-Reynolds    

    I respect your opinion +Shauna Opseth but why do you get to decide who I marry?

  184. anthony valentin    

    Anyone who doesn't understand this is hopeless.

  185. Amanda Blain    

    +Matt Peters +Joe Render No.. i don't project negative statements towards your beliefs…. nor do i simply keep using flawed logical pointing things back at me… like you are .. here

  186. Resuri Tsugumi    

    Ok I think people can marry whoever they want so it shouldn't matter if the person is the same gender as long as they love each other. So I say whatever to you people who say it should only be between man and women. Learn that the bible doesn't have to be right all the time.

  187. Joe Render    

    funny people preach acceptance but then dont accept those who feel things are wrong.

  188. Lance Frizzell-Reynolds    

    Why should I sit down and not accept having full rights in MY country? How is accepting oppression tolerance?

  189. Amanda Blain    

    +Lance Frizzell-Reynolds :) thanks for sticking with me here… :) this website linkage for flawed logic is kinda neat. :)

  190. Scott Jarvie    

    wait didn't the joker kill Batman's parents?

  191. john samitt    

    lolz he not askin 4 a sa ladies

  192. Greg Neidlinger    

    Ok this is just getting stupid. People are people, everyone is different. Yes, that means everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it does not make everyone right. I may be wrong, as this is a personal opinion, but I believe that all people were made different because if we were all clones, that would be boring. This includes homosexuality, as it is a way people are different. In fact, it and artistic expression are, in my mind, two of the biggest things that make people different. If your opinion differs from this one, tell me, but be prepared to back it up without logical fallacies…If you agree but wish to add on, be my guest. Also, how would you lke it if people discriminated against you for a thing you find to be very normal, such as an accent, your job, the way you walk, etc. (just random examples)…the list goes on and on…who gave you the right to choose what is the norm? As I said, just an opinion, but I like to think it's true, at least partially.

  193. Greg Neidlinger    

    oops awk comment placement…I started typing that right after someone made an anti gay marriage comment somewhere up there

  194. Ron Thomas    

    Yes I believe in the Bible !!

  195. Amanda Blain    

    +Scott Jarvie uh oh… welcome to the depths of the internet… lol

  196. Robin Moore    

    Over analyzed…to death!

  197. Anthony Kelly    

    +Joe Render the first person that I dated was a black woman… a lot of people believed that was wrong too.

    Would it have been ok for other people to publicly judge my relationship because of their own personal beliefs?

    I personally don't find men attractive – I think it's the smell – but I don't think I should go around telling others who they should or shouldn't fall in love with.

    Now, a lot of people believe that gay relationships are "wrong". To those people I say "don't be gay then".

    The problem is people going a step further and basically telling gay couples "your love and your relationship is less valuable than mine".

    I don't understand it. What is wrong with, for example, two women loving each other?

  198. Jennifer Isaacs    

    The Joker is intolerant and always will be.
    How ever Harley Quin still loves him to the abuse and death of her.

  199. Mike Keller    

    Congrats! This is the first post shown in the "Explore" section of Google+ now.

  200. Duncan Mclaughlin    

    Dad & Mom ok Dad ok Mom ok dad & dad no mom & mom no

  201. ??????    

    as long as there is love, it is a family

  202. Tony Demetriou    

    +Michael James – um, yeah. I'm OK with your suggestion of having more than 2 parents.

    I'm in a stable relationship, married to a woman. We have a two year old.

    We also have a good friend who lives with us as a housemate, and she's a big part of my child's life. She helps care for him, and helps raise him. As far as he's concerned, she's part of his family.

    Is he any poorer because he has three "parents"? No. He gets just as much love from his "real" parents, and also gets love from this third person.

    Is anyone confused? No. She knows that he is our child, not hers. He knows that there is "Momma, Daddy, and Catherine." His childcare knows that she lives with us, and is allowed to collect him. We haven't had any dramas or problems.

    Now, I'm not in a sexual relationship with her, so I guess we've got a "traditional" marriage – but honestly, nobody outside of the three of us would know if I was in a relationship with her (or if my wife was in a relationship with her) – nobody has ever asked. It wouldn't make any difference to anyone's lives, including my son. (Except one time when one of my wife's friends saw me with her, didn't realize she was my housemate, and thought I was having an affair.)

    So, um, yeah. Even if we have familities with more than two parents, I'm having trouble seeing what the big deal is. Many cultures have multiple adults who share in the job of raising children.

  203. Jennifer Isaacs    

    Organizations like the KKK, WBC, and Nazis I believe will never be tolerant. So rough to find that true love in mankind.
    There is more to love than just taking the bull but to keep on standing up for what is good for all.

  204. Rich Curtis    

    +Duncan Mclaughlin Why is a single parent better than two parents of the same sex? The child abuse and divorce rates are almost zero. Sounds like it might be a good place to raise a kid

  205. John Verne    

    +Duncan Mclaughlin no, all those combos are "ok". It says so in the graphic above. Please pay attention. There will be a quiz later.

    Also, you forgot that Batman alone is ok. Always alone.

  206. Anurag Wagh    

    Can't wait for the dark knight rises

  207. Hannah McNeil    

    +Anthony Kelly, its wrong because the Bible tells us that a relationship is between a man and a woman only, not a man and a man, or a woman and a woman

  208. Lance Frizzell-Reynolds    

    That is only ONE interpretation of the Bible, and a poor understanding of Biblical Greek and Hebrew.

  209. Rich Curtis    

    +Hannah McNeil So if your kid ever disrespects you, you'll put them to death? And you'll never eat ham and dairy in the same meal? Clearly every word of the bible is not true today

  210. Mark Fenin    

    What people want to say is ok, research and psychological studies have shown that it is really not ok. A world that bases everything on research and proven facts refuses to accept that.

  211. Baron Crandall    

    There are too many extremists. If it isn't hurting anybody now or later then let it be.

  212. Katrina Fletcher    

    +Amanda Blain Thank you. I think that it is disgusting how quickly people have been to judge on your post. I think this has a wonderful meaning and hope others can learn the lesson of tolerance before they are consumed by their own hatred.

  213. Robert Torres    

    orphans wouldn't find this funny

  214. John Shirley    

    An outline of a Butler should really be in the picture with Batman

  215. Nora Best    

    batman is all alone,but he should be bigger

  216. Micah Shellhamer    

    Threaten your child if the don't start behaving the'll end up like Batman.

  217. ??    

    Why is batman a lonely person

  218. Anthony Kelly    

    +Hannah McNeil that means, from your point of view, it's wrong for Christians then. What if the couple in question aren't Christian?

  219. Frank Fernandez    

    what happened to Robin and the Butler?

  220. matthew wilson faderon    

    honestly i was expecting a lot more flaming… but to each his own i guess…

    as they say "different strokes for different folks"

  221. David Hutches    

    Now there are some family values worth fighting for…

  222. Hannah McNeil    

    +Rich Curtis The Bible does not talk killing kids who disrespect you, nor eat ham and cheese in the same meal, it was talking about Jesus's time and even before that. This nation was created by God and lovers of Christians, they came to American to worship God and Jesus, they fought Britain for there way of life, the founding Fathers were Christians, can't anyone see that the Bible is very important and that it never changes?? God always keeps his promises

  223. Matthew Couto    

    I remember when Google+ was devoid of homophobes and religious nuts. I miss 2011.

  224. Rich Curtis    

    +Hannah McNeil You haven't been reading your bible. It does mention both of those things. Leviticus 20:9 for the parent one, I'd have to check on the other

    This country was not founded on Christianity. The treaty of Tripoli makes that clear. Also, we came here for religious FREEDOM. Not to worship god, but to worship any god, any number of gods, or no god at all

  225. Bhruti Parmar    

    truth of life as in "today's times", as such — Acceptance is living with it —

  226. praveen kumar    

    You see a batman i see a grieving child.

  227. Ignatius Sands    

    Except he's not happy like the figure in the circle

  228. Mary Bush    

    HAHAHAHA that is so funny. I love Batman!

  229. Katrina Fletcher    

    +Hannah McNeil This country was based on freedom from tyranny and religious freedom. The Christian stuff was added later. INCLUDING the under God in the pledge of allegiance. The fact that so many people believe this is proof that our school systems are failing miserably.

  230. Heera Raj    

    oh i remered somethign really funny from this "batman nananna"

  231. William Onwuka jr.    

    Never knew what hate brings to anything.

  232. Sammi Yang    

    Normal family,les,gay,……BATMAN!!!

  233. Brandon Thompson    

    That's how he rolls…. or flies, lol. :)

  234. Jayy Nagar    

    Quiet serious in my opinion…

  235. Yamell Rodriguez    

    +NORRIS EASLEY You're too intense for Google+ sir.

  236. mary doles    

    you go mr president, i'm for you to win big time!!!!! keep focus and do not get negetive

  237. Dillon Britt    

    Batman still has Alfred and robin, and batgirl

  238. Ali Rasol    

    Why is it always you find someone who tries to push gay marriage down your throat??

  239. Ermel Twano    

    lol Bat Man! Just put sunglasses on and say I'm Bruce Wayne or Bat Man!

  240. Lance Frizzell-Reynolds    

    lol Why do you, +Ali Rasol, feel the need to deny simple human rights to me? I am human, my marriage is not gay, it's a marriage.

  241. Kevin Barwell    

    The penis goes into a vagina. I have nothing more.

  242. Riel Aquino Gonzales    

    Lol! People are funny, and sad … well, to some extent I guess. :D

  243. Armando Garza    

    This is stupid. Batman had Alfred. And billions of dollars. If the gay and single couples have children, whose to say… sigh Id rather not partake in this madness. Stupid I say.

  244. Ali Rasol    

    +Lance Frizzell-Reynolds coz you cant create a new element by adding the same element to it so its naturely wrong

  245. Kyle Turpin    

    Thanks for the bait. Got to block a lot of intolerant assholes in one quick spree.

  246. Paul Senff    

    Charlie sheen is really Batman.

  247. Ryan Cook    

    Where's Alfred? Batman did not grow up alone.

  248. Barbara Ann Sword    

    And we're all a little dysfunctional

  249. Frank Herrera    

    hilarious!!! i like that. great post

  250. Andrew Price    

    Batman also had the Robins, one of which becomes Nightwing then Batman even, and the Batgirls.

  251. Christopher Adams    

    Thats bad math Emo Child + Rich = Batman or Child = Future Hood Rat

  252. Frankie Saucedo    

    i think i know someone whos batman……….

  253. Isabel Galea-Ley    

    Ha, batman. but the rest is so true.

  254. Chaitanya Geda    

    Why BATMAN does'nt have family?Anyone can guess?

  255. Mansoor Ali Sial    

    blood sucker kid = batman. hahaha

  256. Allan Jocson    

    Dark Knight get's his own tier…

  257. Lindsay Loe    

    That is really cool! :) especially the batman part Haha

  258. Jemima Battandersson    

    My Maiden name was Batt, I'm female does this finally mean I'm Battwoman? (well it was worth a try) Love the posts, reading them has made my day!!

  259. Watson Lavigno    

    In that pic I see one family, 2 gays, 2 opppps and the man

  260. Michael Neese    

    Brainwashed by agendas and advertisers.

  261. Arti Lee    

    this perfectly describe the new meaning of "family" in modern world. yet…it also explain why loneliness mushroomed among modern people

  262. Janelle Jackson    

    batmans awesome…lol automatically think of christian bale haha

  263. Craig Crowe    

    firstly lol @ the picture.

    Second, Love the way the people who say "The bible tells me so" have obviously not read or understood it, and many of them seem to be going on Rhetoric and hyperbole that they have seen or heard from others.

    Biblical marrage types:

    Folks, I respect your right to have an opinion, but i ask you this:
    If it has no direct impact on your life, and is doing no harm, and is between consenting adults. what has it got to do with you?

    My family consists of me and my long term GF, I have no intention to have children and neither does she (the bible has things to say about that too, the primary being "go forth and multiply") but doesn't make our family any less valid.

  264. manoj rajwade    

    bat and man…………………….

  265. Michael Walker    

    I think you're confusing tolerance and acceptance. I will tolerate homosexuals. I will not, nor should I accept what goes against every fiber of my Being. Why should I give up my beliefs so others can have theirs? They should give theirs up for what I believe.

  266. Spider Webb    

    I think Michael is dickless! Stand up for it own rights….pussy !

  267. Lynn Petersen    

    They forgot Batman's best friend. Tisk, Tisk poor Alfred never gets any love

  268. Cecilie Harvey    

    Nooooo, it makes me wanna cry…

  269. Josh Carr    

    a tear slowly rolls down my cheek

  270. Trang Hoang    

    Please, marriage, have baby and make nice familly! That we happy and uor life will be meaning!

  271. Amanda Blain    

    +Michael Walker this makes no sense to me at all… so everyone who doesn't believe the same things as you about everything should follow what you believe? Religion? what about how you believe you should cook spaghetti? what about your view on tv shows? the whole world needs to follow what you believe?

    Flawed flawed logic. If you are truly tolerant.. you accept people are different and can do what they want with their lives without YOUR interference. When you say you tolerate but they should not be allowed….. that is where this cycle is broken.

    *Tolerate, disagree, don't practice it yourself… but let those who want to, do as they like*. This is Tolerance.

    On some level.. i hope you understand that.

  272. Zaid Abuzir    

    Being a gay is being a gay not being part of a family!

  273. Deborah leonard    

    Good post some daft comments tho….

  274. Diyako Sh    

    Hhhh where is superman !

  275. Michael Marshall    

    For anyone saying the #Bible does not condemn homosexuality:

  276. Viradiya Pritesh    

    this is a batter family & happy fam…..

  277. Joshua Condict    

    Why do all these families only have one child?

  278. Amanda Blain    

    +Michael Marshall here's a link for you too Notice the history of the words and the versions used. Take some time.. read it… make a decision for yourself.

  279. sagar inamdar    

    Amanda+ your this sharing is very meaningful. I like your sharings.

  280. Sean Corrado    

    The problem with this post is that the poster is confusing tolerance with acceptance/ condonement . From a Judeo-Christian standpoint (since it’s the stereotypical homophobic group), people have the God-given freedom to sin (i.e. engage in a homosexual lifestyle). Therefore, it is tolerated insofar as the individual engaging in the homosexual lifestyle has that freedom of will. Now, the issue is that the poster is commanding people to accept it and based on the comments, I surmise that acceptance equates to condonement. That’s equivalent to telling people that they must condone prostitution. For many, prostitution is an immoral act and I would surmise is the reason why it is illegal in most states. You can claim that this is comparing apples to oranges but if we break down what marriage and prostitution are at the core, we come to the realization that both are personal contracts. Now, if I engage in prostitution (as either a john or prostitute), by the poster's inferred line of reasoning, not only must one tolerate it, they must accept and condone such activity. However, when I frame the argument in those terms, it because clear that such a claim is audacious. In summary, one can make a case for promoting tolerance of immoral behavior based on our free will to sin however, attempting to force people to accept/condone behavior contrary to their beliefs is, in and of itself, intolerant. Perhaps the LGBT lobby should stop framing the argument in terms of "people are born gay" and instead frame marriage as a personal contract between individuals and remove all government involvement to include tax breaks.

  281. thomas a.b.c.    

    for wat its worth we agree wu amanda

  282. Amanda Blain    

    I prefer turn the other cheek and the golden rule.. which are much more prominent through the bible.. than obscure hard to translate passages in versions no one has ever read.

    To each their own. But attempting to tell people their personal life choices are wrong and somehow impact everyone else.. is beyond me. Most of these comments are shameful. Love, understanding, respect…. acceptance of differences… to me this is a good person and so many of you who commented here are missing that mark…

    Well +Sean Corrado you at least you attempted to debate well.. :) (since im really done with this after several hours of pointless debate.. i'll remove this to be fair to you)

    There is a 500 comment limit here.. so sorry… this will be the last post for a bit. Have a nice day/night everyone.

  283. Lance Frizzell-Reynolds    

    Since people keep accusing +Amanda Blain of misunderstanding the difference between tolerance and acceptance, I suggest EVERYONE take a look at the Declaration of Principles on Tolerance by UNESCO to understand the meaning of Tolerance, which is Article 1. However, it goes further and looks at the social dimensions and so much more.

  284. Sophia Cartledge    

    +Amanda Blain and +Lance Frizzell-Reynolds You know what? I am realy inspired by y'all's comments right now. Thank Y'all!!

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