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  1. Jay Rimmer    

    I was going to and then I received a notification! :P

  2. Eric Branch    

    Not there yet but getting ready to head to the gym to run nowhere on a treadmill.

  3. Neil Whiteman    

    Hey! I crossfit! I drive to climb a rope!

  4. Tiffany Henry    

    Just take a jog around the block. It's free, and fresh air. +jussayin

  5. Xhamira D.    

    +Tiffany Henry When you're living in the smog of LA, it's not so fresh xD A little drive to the forest, and it's a little fresher =]

  6. Marc Belley    

    Rode my bike to and from… and went for a lunchtime run. Yay for office showers.

  7. Rebecca Carter    

    Low-tech treadmill: Alternate running and walking in place from your own living room, preferably while watching old TV shows on Netflix. (Anyone else love The A-Team, Charlie's Angels or Red Dwarf?) No need to travel to the gym, and if you have young kids at home as I do, no childcare fees required for this activity!

  8. Gary Stein    


  9. Jedri Visser    

    Just think, if you removed the weights from all the machines in the gym and instead changed a resistance value and use that to generate electricity, then the gym could start paying YOU to go there.

  10. Tiffany Henry    

    +Xhamira D. I live in NY, in the city. sniffs ahhh..

  11. Amanda Blain    

    +Jedri Visser thats a great idea…. get the startup going :)

  12. Mark Stone    

    This captures a big part of (a) what I love about being a runner, and (b) what I love about living out in the countryside. I can step out the front door, and my "gym" is right there.

  13. Alicja Spaulding    

    Or in my case stuck in traffic waiting to use the elliptical!

  14. Franc Castelo    

    u don't need to live in the country for that. i can easily hop on my bike and do about 35 miles of intensive cardio right out my door and i certainly do not live in the country.

    this is really a caricature isn't it? gyms are not the waste of time that some outdoors exercise snobs make them out to be. i cycle or run long distance just about everyday of the week yet i still have a use for the gym for core and strength workouts.

  15. JC Núñez    

    I like how sound it!!!

  16. Sonia Frisby    

    Lmao…that's too funny!

  17. Ralph Uy    

    I'm literally on my way to the gym. Luckily my gym is a 5 minute walk from my place.

  18. matt bedell    

    I am gym, I am creation, I am movement

  19. matt bedell    


  20. Nigel Salt    

    And all those with brain damage due to bicycle traffic accidents.

  21. matt bedell    

    Yes this is such a mental quandry, I'm beside myself owff

  22. Ammar Mallouhi    

    Wisdom ten parts, nine of which silence and tenth few words

  23. Mark Spurbeck    

    or, those who drive around the parking lot looking for the closest parking spot to the door, only to walk on the treadmill as their workout…

  24. Christine McDow    

    That is really, really funny!

  25. Richard Harwood    

    and an amen please, and for the gas wasted.

  26. Andres Soolo    

    Doesn't everybody use a mobile bicycle to get to the gym and ride a stationary bicycle?

  27. Dave Domingo    

    Morons. If they had ridden a real bike.

  28. Michael Harris    

    Great Post. I have found a way to work a 5 mile bike ride into my daily commute, and it is one of the best things I have done in years.

  29. Adam Fakes    

    a paper bicycle ? huh? what the ?

  30. Ponatshego Mantu    

    Hahahahaha! Thats a good 1!

  31. Sabir Ahmed    


  32. Julie Raygoza    

    @david jones WOW! don't you have anything better to do!!!

  33. Mike DS    

    Going nowhere fast….

  34. Aaron aka Frank    

    And when they get there, they'll probably ride an escalator to the door.

  35. Charles Sherman    

    I hope they don't have to walk far to the gym from where they park their car.

  36. joseph frankovich    

    I have no good comments on gym culture except they're a great place to waste my money and a great place to watch trainers stink eye me when I steal their workouts and listen in about their nutrition suggestions. :)

  37. Robert Bailey    

    well if you rode a real bicycle, you would get stuck in traffic too XD

  38. Douglas Downing    

    +Robert Bailey That is only if you abide by the rules of the road, and don't weave in and out of cars or go between the stationary vehicles…

  39. Nikki Rust    

    hahahahaha!! wait… they should just run there

  40. Jerry Heyman    

    I don't get stuck in traffic, but I do resemble the rest of that remark on occasion

  41. Draykon Dynomite    

    Now that's funny
    so true…
    so true…

  42. Jared Oliver    

    and this is being shared .. niiiice

  43. Damian Simms    

    Good thing I don't get stuck in traffic. I weave in and out of traffic on my Bicycle. to go to the beach to go swim that's my gym hey! it's free

  44. Alistair Scarlett    

    Ha ha – not me – I'm stuck in traffic down by the river trying to get to the gym to use my rowing machine. =/

  45. Alex Zinovenko    

    +Amanda Blain We should also have the sam emoment for those who have a leash in their hand , walking an "invisible dog". I've seen that a few times and it always baffles me!

  46. Fathima Mohamed    

    :D read it, thought about it, then laughed out loud about it!

  47. Loobylou Vincent    

    so funny h aaaaaaa i ride a bike to the gym to have a bloody rest lol

  48. Freeda C.J.    

    :D Good one! I don't ride bicycles, transporting or stationary. Still, :D

  49. Shawn Scientifica    

    +Alex Zinovenko Still better than people with a leash in their hand walking their KIDS!

  50. Jakub Pepas    

    Only in America. Nuff said.

  51. Alexander Randall 5th    

    I wonder about the folks who ride the elevator to the penthouse gym to climb on a stairs machine… Just walk up, shower and go home.

  52. JD Liddil    

    That's why I have a treadmill and a Concept2 at home. :-)

  53. Tyler Hampton    

    There are other types of equipment at a gym.

  54. joseph frankovich    

    Q: What do gyms, dating sites, and Facebook have in common?

  55. Charley Schoenberger    

    +Tyler Hampton yeah well you are probably gonna be on the stationary bike sometime while you are there..

  56. Caitlin Ivory-Majors    

    what would be the point in a moments silence? coz they are not gonna hear it.

  57. Boardrider Manly    

    Haha! Too true. ashamed to say i might often be one of them.

  58. John Zappella    

    Here here I'll drink to that

  59. Joel Mackey    

    Bwahhh hahha. I love this. So true. #firstworldproblems

  60. kat migel    

    fell so bad for bike people

  61. Holly Hutton Grimes Rodale    

    Many of us drive because we already have to move the car to in order to take our bike down in the garage rafters.

  62. Tobi Barnhill    

    LOL. Too funny & do true.

  63. Michael Comia    

    The irony I see is many people going to the gym trying to get the closest parking spot they can. They're too lazy to walk an extra few feet to the gym but not too lazy to work out.

  64. jit s    


  65. Karl Smithe    

    You would not be implying that they should ride bicycles to the gym? Only to avoid the traffic of course.

  66. Mark Senn    

    When I lived in Chicago I saw a guy in jogging suit jogging while smoking a cigar. I figured it would probably be healthier if he watched TV instead.

  67. Frank Cuenca    

    right, it´s so much better to stay at home hypnotized by social media,

  68. Bill M.    

    Amazing how ironic we can be in our actions and not even know it.

  69. Brian Salter    

    It's the only way to work off that "light brownie" you had earlier!

  70. Faith Fox    

    hahahahahah! thats preeety funnyy

  71. Kristine Ecker    

    lol hahahahhahahahah made my day! love it

  72. Gary Libero    

    That. Is. Perfect. If you're able, get out and run people! Push up, pulls ups and core work…you don't need much else.

  73. Edward Gonzalez    

    How about a moment of silent for those that after being stuck in traffic go home to sit in front of their TV sets for hours.

    I'd take stationary bicycles any time of the day, and get healthier, than to sit in front of a TV or be inactive.

  74. Shane Lhirondelle    

    thats funny, most the workouts they do in the gym can be done anywhere at anytime pretty much. they waste close to 100 dollars and they probably go only 2 a week and do easy workouts.

  75. Jamie Burkhardt    

    Baha this made me wanna pull a gun out on the pope!

  76. Aaron Brown    

    Hahah these are the same people that mock me as I put put around on my little scooter :)

  77. Kathy Turdak    

    I understand why people would use the gym if they have no room at home for equipment or need the extra incentive of having paid a whole lot of money and not wanting to waste it.

  78. Ella Wayne    

    that actually made me want to scream.

  79. Hannah Davis    


  80. Eric Gould    

    That's good! Time to consider cycle friendly cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

  81. Benny E. Willyanto    

    it's better live in cozy village with all its limited facilities

  82. Mikeyla Barrientos    


  83. Dale elbert    

    mewowz wittasstrixz =-= 9

  84. Mack Thiessen    

    ah… THE TRAGEDY!!! WHY!?!?!

  85. Eric Zook    

    Lol! That's a good one!

  86. Chris Edge    

    Better than not working out at all …right?

  87. Christen Pacheco    

    I LOVE THIS post it is very cleaver and true my brother does this

  88. Robert M Link    

    I always wondered what stationary bikes were for>>now I know.

  89. Victoria Li    

    oh I feel sorry for them………. ah, what the heck? I'm to busy to have a moment of silence.

  90. Lenny Versoza    

    haha im a victim to this

  91. tousif attar    

    i would like to help those

  92. Ivan Vargas    

    then they drive in circles in the parking lot looking for the closest parking…..

  93. arsim mehmeti    

    i like it .. would make big difference

  94. Janelle Jackson    

    lol ok…………i hope they made it lol

  95. Cameron Silva    

    Thats why when I go to the Gym, I go really early in the morning or late at night. avoid the traffic. Best part about when I'm done and coming back home home in the morning, I have no traffic on my side of the road, but the other side is bumper to bumper.

  96. Doc Hogan    

    You miss the point completey, +Cameron Silva ,which makes it even more ironic

  97. aditya chandra    

    they shoulda changed the routine and made to ride bicycles there and then cars in the gym :-P lol

  98. Bharath Raj    

    people are the odds U cant estimate

  99. Jazmin Cortez    

    wow that is stupid but funny!!!

  100. Rakesh KALE    

    hi mam may i fnshp with u

  101. Ping He    

    only if there are proper/safe road/lane for ppl to commute

  102. Lizzy Kaufman    

    I was serious starting this but once I got to the end I just cracked up!!!

  103. niño buque    

    ya right.
    it is really important to us.

  104. Christopher Maxwell    

    Traffic, bicycles, stationary….yep. Still can't get anywhere!

  105. James Haney    

    You keep moving towards the future even if you're standing/sitting/pedaling still.

  106. roshana moody    

    hahahahahahaahhaaha i love it

  107. Charli Baltimore    

    too funny. I don't get how people don't just work out at home

  108. NEIL MAIDMENT    

    Have to love this, I know so many who do this!!

  109. Richard Eddy    

    Ok, that made me chuckle!

  110. Ranjith Am    

    And walk many kilometres on a stationary walker,lift big iron balls, workout with many many iron devices and sweat it out religiously. When it comes to digging a hole or mending shrubs, or mowing the lawn or other feats requiring physical strain, you employ hired labour and either watch them work, or are too busy with your internet, or work, or TV.Great ways to be in perfect shape and health

  111. Alik Griffin    

    They closed the 405 freeway last night, and it sucked. At least when you're on a stationary bicycle nobody tries to cut you off.

  112. Sabine Schnell    

    Hahahahaaaaa…yes, maybe they should take the bike to work instead….good one

  113. trish shewalter    

    This is good & was me tonight on my way to a spin class ; )

  114. Rajkumar Oberoi    

    Stationary bicycle but can run marathon on this animated cargo.

  115. ana samra    

    SILENCE!! thats meant the people around you are SLEEPING!!!! he he he

  116. Omr Ahmd    

    If speech is silver silence of gold …..

  117. Rinku kattal    

    We are walking 10 kilometer in the morning and going to duty on bike for two kilometer

  118. Jean Collins    


  119. Dave Underwood    

    Love it, absolutely hilarious.

  120. Luke Riverstone    

    Love it! I do both though, so I don't feel to bad!

  121. Alexander Orlov    

    Let's have a moment for of silence for all those who are stuck on their chair and can't get their massive asses out of it and who are playing Farmville on Facebook planting stuff as a self-purpose.

  122. Donte Nanez    

    thats crazy hahahahahah

  123. Kamal Sagar    

    when ur stuck play games

  124. girish vyas    

    got somebody who did speak sense!!

  125. Jeremy Self    

    Dis goot. I'm like. =D =P =)

  126. Ryan Rodgers    

    Just get out of the car and jog or bring your bike for a good work out next time!

  127. Ma 'N Jay    

    step out and. run through the traffic.

  128. Sam Person    

    Haha very true:) FUNNY:)

  129. John Biggs    

    I go for a 1 mile + walk with my dog almost every day :-)

  130. Luna Starsky    

    more like lets have a moment of silence for the fat asses on traffic on their way to the closest Mickie D`s.

  131. Maria John    

    -I got cut off by some old lady this morning. So then I honked at her and she gave me the death stare!

  132. Samantha Code    

    Hey…. At least they are exercising…. With the obese problem in the US…. I'm happy with pple working out any way possible…. Be active, eat right = feeling better.

  133. Walter Strohbeck    

    Should put exercise pedals into cars

  134. Samuel Swasey    

    Its the flinstones all over again.

  135. isaac obimpeh    

    Sorry, im at work already.

  136. dalfi amado fabian rubio    

    Hola girl buitiful pretty how aré You

  137. fred dave    

    do u want to blog me over her!

  138. Dutch Revenboer    

    Is that what they call "Irony"?

  139. jose tovar    

    esta muy bueno esa imagen

  140. Elle Gray    

    We complain people aren't exercising enough. Then we complain they're exercising. There's another piece of irony.

    And there's more in a gym than a stationary bike.


    o Maybe people don't like to ride their bikes with the traffic?
    o Maybe people cannot fit their bikes into their car to go to a park?
    o Maybe people like going to the gym to use both a stationary bike and something else like a pool?
    o Maybe people like listening to music while they cycle, but it's too dangerous outside?
    o Is this anecdotal or have all those stuck in traffic been polled?

    We humans sure make too many assumptions about what we don't know of.

  141. John Wesche    

    I shared this a month ago and no one commented or shared it, guess if I had boobs or was famous that would help. oh well still a good post and funny thought

  142. Shaden Mohamed    

    this is definitely a shot of cairo! lol

  143. Povilas Gecius    

    Actually riding a bicycle or running in the place where traffic is stuck is the equivalent of smoking from viewpoint of lungs. So they are doing the right thing. At first look it sounds like really stupid thing though :)

  144. Bipul Haldar    

    Very funny; ppl don't go to gym just ride a bicycle.

  145. Hossen Ahmed    

    I drive sports bike, traffic can't catch me…Because in our country traffic is not on hard way rules,,,Me from Bangladesh…

  146. Onno Manus    

    so beauti,,…………………………….

  147. Rabie Abdulwahab    

    No need to harry as they are going to do a job where they will be stationary on bicycles wasting their energy for nothing just to keep their body fit. In staid of that they can do use their energy for the useful of the community by cleaning the city or by growing or by cleaning their gardens or any thing else useful. I am not against the GYM but against the wasting of time and energy and at the same time the extra food they usually eat. \ Dr. Rabie \ UAE\.

  148. William Vargas    

    and while waiting: one cup of coffee, a cigarette or maybe a beer!

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