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  1. ed nat

    ed nat    

    each day we have better news, thanks…

  2. Danger otter

    Danger otter    

    Great idea, but you shouldn't press down on a digital scale.

  3. Elaine Torres

    Elaine Torres    

    Uh how do you clean/disinfect it?

  4. T.Stephen Gaunt

    T.Stephen Gaunt    

    I'll take one in vintage maple please.

  5. Justin McIver

    Justin McIver    

    Would need to be resistant to knife cuts, heat resistant to at least 200F, not incredibly slippery, water resistant, and not have a lot of crevices for residue to hide in.  Anything else?

  6. Rob Shinn

    Rob Shinn    

    Very cool, but completely impractical.  The imbecile who designed this thing has obviously never cooked anything.

  7. Rob Elliott

    Rob Elliott    

    does a cutting board really need an internet connection? 

  8. Amanda Blain

    Amanda Blain    

    Everything needs an internet connection… :)

    And i cook lots and see zero issue in a cutting board scale that is connected to the internet… :) Just would need a material we don't have yet coating it :)

  9. Aaron Miller

    Aaron Miller    

    That cutting board, isn't a cutting board. My blades would wreck that thing the first time out. Also, usually not a good idea to ever cut on a slippery surface, mainly because of those long waits at the local ER.

  10. Rob Elliott

    Rob Elliott    

    +Amanda Blain I can the potential to the weigh scale for sure. It's funny I think a cook book is the place I still want paper. I read fiction and even historical text on computers, iphone, ipad.. but in the kitchen I'm still paper. 

  11. Amanda Blain

    Amanda Blain    

    P.s. the word prototype means… its not real… :)

  12. Yifat Cohen

    Yifat Cohen    

    But it doesn't cut the food?!? What type of a cutting board doesn't cut food..?

  13. Heather Coles

    Heather Coles    

    I think this is actually concept art. Prototypes aren't made with photoshop. Not that there's anything wrong with concept art or photoshop! You gotta start somewhere.

  14. Robert Headley

    Robert Headley    

    Glass is bad for your knives. You shouldn't use glass cutting boards. 

  15. Tom Snyder

    Tom Snyder    

    My knifes never touch glass, but, it is pretty cool!

  16. Christopher Soliz

    Christopher Soliz    

    It should have a laser. Then you wouldn't need knives for cutting, and all the real world complainers without imagination could quiet down about a fake cutting board.

  17. donald hakala

    donald hakala    

    I've seen whole counter tops that do this with a scale built into the counter and a hd projector and camera mounted underneath the cabinet to display various recipe and food info… I Love technology:-)

  18. Aziza Edarai

    Aziza Edarai    

    I don't think I'd want to use a knife on that…

  19. victor rivera

    victor rivera    

    I knew the future was here already.

  20. Amanda Blain

    Amanda Blain    

    that is sure some awesome sauce.. i hope i own that one day +donald hakala :)

  21. Jeff Angcanan

    Jeff Angcanan    

    I'll be too distracted to get actual cooking done I think ….

  22. Charlie Edward

    Charlie Edward    

    Good looking scale-chef would never use as a cutting board because glass surface dulls knives

  23. Holland Rhodes

    Holland Rhodes    

    +Amanda Blain I don't think this is a prototype, but rather a render of a concept. I was actually surprised that phones/tablets don't have scales built-in. I found out why… scales have to be calibrated individually. You couldn't ship a phone with a pre-calibrated scale, and because of all the jostling a phone goes through you would have to calibrate it every time you used it. Even this cutting board concept would need to be calibrated just about every time you chopped something on it. You also couldn't have a sealed surface like this. There has to be free movement of the part you place your item to be weighed on. A phone or tablet that wasn't sealed would quickly fill with dirt making the scale inoperable anyway.

    I have two scales: one that's accurate to 1/8oz (~3.5 gram) that can weigh up to 10lbs (~4.5 kilo) and another that's accurate to 0.1 gram (~1/280oz) that can weight up to 150 grams (~5oz). I'll leave it to the readers to figure out why I would have these two scales.

  24. Nensi Scissors

    Nensi Scissors    

    Why don't I have two? One for chicken, the other for the rest.

  25. Olav Folland

    Olav Folland    

    My only complaints are (1) it's rather small.  I couldn't cut up enough chicken to feed my three teenagers on that and (2) what about my food blog – I store my recipes there ;)

  26. Joe Gaspar

    Joe Gaspar    

    Chef: chop chop chop chop "Dawww, Bob posted a cute picture of" slice "OMG!!!! MY FINGER!!! I CUT OFF MY FINGER!!!" ….

  27. Olav Folland

    Olav Folland    

    +Joe Gaspar but more importantly, how much did it weigh?

  28. Frederica Mussolini

    Frederica Mussolini    

    That has some amazing features, but here's a simple fact – chefs hate glass cutting boards, they're far too noisy….

  29. Holland Rhodes

    Holland Rhodes    

    +Frederica Mussolini we hate cutting on glass because it has no grip — the knife slides around. Wood is best!

  30. tajudeen tchat

    tajudeen tchat    

    the idea is good but i do not see the future of this design if not that of orning the kitchen. appart from the fact that it is probably not solid, it will be too noisy while using

  31. Eric Edmonson

    Eric Edmonson    

    +Justin McIver
    Everything you said + it would need to be android of course, gsm w/unlocked bootloader so I can install CM11Cutting Board Edition. Not to mention make/receive calls and listen to tunes through the bluetooth headset, etc.  :P

  32. Eric Edmonson

    Eric Edmonson    

    +Charlie Edward
    We'll just develop knives that are sharpened by glass but won't scratch it, duh!  Lmao!

  33. 강형성


    밥보ㅋ속인다고생각하겠지 즐겁게놀아지

  34. William Pittenger

    William Pittenger    

    Way too small, and I'd break it.  I need a cutting board for bread and pizza dough and a rolling pin.

  35. Jacob Freedman

    Jacob Freedman    

    Question: Maybe, not cutting board… but, a scale/scanner measurement, by scannig the object, as a three dimensional object; as in space, without mass.

  36. Muhammad Arif

    Muhammad Arif    

    Technology God Gift by humen 

  37. Sianna Zabala

    Sianna Zabala    

    That would be an amazing mothers gift for my mom

  38. Troy Davidson

    Troy Davidson    

    I'd like to weigh-in on this. I agree, it's not a cutting board. However, it much more likely weighs using strain gauges and calculating in the flexibility of the board, than scanning a surface and guessing the food's density.

  39. Hannatu Gwani

    Hannatu Gwani    

    Cutting board!!! Right did I miss something? I was looking forward to d board cutting my chunk of meat to pieces.

  40. Dustin Schmidt

    Dustin Schmidt    

    OK, this is really cool! Now like +Hannatu Gwani said, I'm looking forward to this cutting my meat for me ;)

  41. Luc Boucher

    Luc Boucher    

    The scale part is awesome! But….Has anyone stopped to think of what that hardened glass surface will do to knives? Call me ol' fashioned but I'll take my wood board anyday.

  42. R. R. Jr.

    R. R. Jr.    

    Nice I have to find one of these

  43. Ronald Stepp

    Ronald Stepp    

    I second +Luc Boucher, have these guys actually ever tried cutting anything on a glass surface?

  44. Jorge Cisneros

    Jorge Cisneros    

    If you use your expensive Knives or any knife, Cutting on Glass will Blunt ( destroyed) your Knives in seconds. I do laugh when I see Glass Boards as a Cutting Boards…… Glass Boards are for displaying of Cheeses, Fruit platters. Technology is good but some times works against us.

  45. Nicole Okun

    Nicole Okun    

    Like I would EVER use a glass cutting board, never mind that the size of this thing is very limiting. Even the format is weird for a cutting board…

  46. Amanda Blain

    Amanda Blain    

    Folks… If they made this board… Then they could make a new knife material that doesn't destroy your knives….

    Imagination on the internet forever replaced with those who must be right . :(

  47. will mckissick

    will mckissick    

    amanda if ur seeing this post then i need ur help.  some idoit by the name of justin achtula wont leave me alone. plz tell him to leave me alone , im getting tired of it

  48. Christopher Soliz

    Christopher Soliz    

    +Amanda Blain don't worry.  Being right on the internet can never replace having a great imagination.

  49. Gregg Koep

    Gregg Koep    

    Will it last a lifetime like a good wood cutting board? 

  50. mike newman

    mike newman    

    piece of junk, I can weigh exact measures in hand.

  51. mram aboluhoom

    mram aboluhoom    

    This is totally crazy/awsome!!!!! I need this!!<}3 ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.: *☆

  52. Atein Riggins

    Atein Riggins    

    Oh this is very exciting.  Google Glass, The Coin, and now this.  where do I pre-order?  I want to be a beta tester.  

  53. Brym Stone

    Brym Stone    

    novel design, but realistically impracticle. the display would end up caked in food stains. certainly wouldn't be useful in a working kitchen.

  54. Jeff Angcanan

    Jeff Angcanan    

    On the interwebz everyone is right….or so they claim +Amanda Blain 

  55. GloWin


    So, what does it do differently? Just curious!

  56. Jeffrey McKinney

    Jeffrey McKinney    

    I don't know, that is a glass surface not good to actually cut on.

  57. Brad Esau

    Brad Esau    

    Great, more junk people don't need (but will have no trouble convincing themselves that they do). More proof that "smart" devices aren't making people smarter, it's making them dumber. 

  58. Dr. Gary Rutledge

    Dr. Gary Rutledge    

    If glass – It'll ruin knives.  If polycarbinate – it will quickly be unreadable from knife scratches.  At a level of gormet cooking this tries to imply…. chefs seldom weigh things — from experience, they already know "how much".
    That being said:…. for those who would buy this thing…. please contact me… I have a number of remarkable investments for your capital.

  59. David Foster

    David Foster    

    As I feel this is a step in the right direction, I also feel that there is no way some of the things stated could work. How would it be able to detect that it was sanitary? Plus, it seems that it would easily get scratched by knives. I do however love that technology is moving in this direction, but it needs to function! Make my life easier!

  60. Jason Boxford

    Jason Boxford    

    No, this is not every chefs dream. Digital devices on the food surface? No thank you

  61. Rob Shinn

    Rob Shinn    

    +Amanda Blain There are two choices for a touchscreen surface:  glass and polycarbonate.  Which one do you think would play well with knives?

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    sheriti reza    

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  63. Rick Ramo

    Rick Ramo    

    That would go perfectly with the new radiation free polished granite tops.

  64. Ivan Campos

    Ivan Campos    

    That would make for an awesome scale/tablet combo. Would probably be most useful for baking, where quantities must be measured, and with quick access to recipes. Like many people already mentioned it would make for a terrible cutting board, causing damage to your knife blade and fingers from working on such a slippery surface. I've been working in kitchens professionally for years, and I'll take a wooden board any day over glass or even plastic.

  65. Rob Shinn

    Rob Shinn    

    +Rick Ramo Nothing is radiation free. No matter what they tell you.  They cannae change the Laws of Physics, Jim.

  66. Vanessa Nault

    Vanessa Nault    

    Food stains, easy cross-contamination, the inability to properly clean it because you can't use a sink, and if you have too much blood or water on it and it seeps in there goes a few hundred bucks. How is this a chefs dream? That's probably just a few things too, let's be honest.. Lol

  67. WIlfried Elzner

    WIlfried Elzner    

    Pretty cool idea, but in actuality a terrible cutting board.

  68. William Martin

    William Martin    

    I don't know why people think this is unfeasible because you couldn't wash it. I can wash my xperia z1 if I want to

  69. Ivan Campos

    Ivan Campos    

    +William Martin, there are many, many reasons why this product is unfeasible. However, I dare anyone here to go home and try to finely dice a tomato on a mirror or piece of smooth glass; if you can do it without cutting yourself repeatedly I will be impressed. Not to mention what it will do to the blade of your knife, all the more painful if you have expensive knives. I have never used my $200 Japanese knife on a glass cutting board and I never will.

  70. Carter Dawson

    Carter Dawson    

    Hopefully it is scratch proof .X-(

  71. William Martin

    William Martin    

    I've been using fairly inexpensive knives on a glass cutting board for 4 years, they still haven't needed sharpened. I prefer the glass one since it doesn't get all cut up like wooden or plastic ones, leaving grooves for bacteria to cling to. Much easier to clean, much more hygienic, and the only part that would cause any issues with waterproofing would be a charging port – and with wireless charging even that isn't needed

  72. Ivan Campos

    Ivan Campos    

    If you're fine using cheaper knives I don't see a problem. Personally I'm so used to my good knives that I couldn't go back.

  73. William Martin

    William Martin    

    They cut meat that's all I need of them lol. It is harder to cut on a glass board, but the hard surface always makes me feel better when washing it that I've got everything off.

  74. Xatolos Wired

    Xatolos Wired    

    What would that surface do to my knife edges…

  75. Xatolos Wired

    Xatolos Wired    

    +Amanda Blain prototype doesn't mean its not real. In fact, it mean the exact opposite really. Prototype means a functioning unit that is still in the testing phase, not ready for real world usage.

  76. Barry Smith

    Barry Smith    

    +Xatolos Wired A prototype doesn't have to be a working one, it might just be a general overview schematic of how they want it to work.

  77. Kaydia Stampp

    Kaydia Stampp    

    it must be so cool to have one of those.

  78. amarie smith

    amarie smith    

    that looks so cool i wish i had one of those.

  79. Xatolos Wired

    Xatolos Wired    

    +Barry Smith If it doesn't work, then its not a prototype.

    What your describing is a mockup I think.

  80. Brym Stone

    Brym Stone    

    I'm not gonna start another fight in one of +Amanda Blain's posts, but it's widely accepted that if something is a prototype, it's only a demo. Unfinished. Not on the market.

  81. Xatolos Wired

    Xatolos Wired    

    +Brym Stone pro·to·type; noun; an individual that exhibits the essential features of a later type (

    mock–up; noun; a full-sized model of something (such as a boat or a car) that is used for studying, testing, or showing its features (

    To be able to exhibit the essential features, it has to be able to work, prototype. Otherwise, it's showing features and is thus a mock-up

  82. Brym Stone

    Brym Stone    

    That's what I said. Demo = exhibit. Unfinished = essential features. Not on the market = later type.

  83. Kristina Kelly

    Kristina Kelly    

    Great idea.  Isn't awful Amanda that there is so many negative people out there.  Every reality was first an idea.  A prototype is closer to reality than an idea.  Yes I want this in my kitchen too.

  84. Xatolos Wired

    Xatolos Wired    

    +Brym Stone Whoops, sorry. I thought misread you as +Barry Smith, and his comment that a prototype doesn't have to be working, only a visual.

  85. Kristina Kelly

    Kristina Kelly    

    Whatever!!!!!! It's a great idea and just leave it at that. 

  86. Austin Blair

    Austin Blair    

    I would worry about slashing the screen

  87. Brym Stone

    Brym Stone    

    +Kristina Kelly not being negative. Just a realist having been a chef. I agree, it's novel. But even in a kitchen at home, certainly in mine, it wouldn't last long at all. And for anyone who doesn't cook regularly, having what is essentially an Internet-connected chopping board could easily become a distraction, potentially ruining meals. Besides, how do you expect to see the screen if you have food prep in the way? And no doubt others here have mentioned the risks of cross contamination. Is it safe to wash? Risky uncertainties. I'd love Sharpe or the original inventor to be able to overcome these obstacles. It really is a good idea. But again, impractical.



    I love technology…so promising. keep an open mind….

  89. Chef Vo

    Chef Vo    

    I Am Interested…How Much ? 

  90. Daniel Saavedra

    Daniel Saavedra    

    I could only dream of this technology I wish I had a cutting board of that caliber.

  91. Frederica Mussolini

    Frederica Mussolini    

    +mike newman Is that how you make cakes is it? LOL I'm not that big on weighing and measuring but you really need to with baked goods…

  92. Frederica Mussolini

    Frederica Mussolini    

    +will mckissick poor baby needs Amanda to stick up for him! Just block the cunt, or is this how you get UR jollies?

  93. Valters Karklins

    Valters Karklins    

    This is so cool. I wonder though what the price of such a board could be? Go technology!

  94. mike newman

    mike newman    

    BAKING is something altogether different, a science really, but my measures
    and eyes are usually exact. I do enjoy second guessers in the kitchen
    though, as it is a good chance to win bets.

  95. eddy brown II

    eddy brown II    

    Cool for the right price im in

  96. orville leslie

    orville leslie    

    nice cutting board maybe i can have one

  97. Shawn Walker-Smith

    Shawn Walker-Smith    

    Oh yeah. Sign me up for a couple please.

  98. Jorge Gomez

    Jorge Gomez    

    I want that, looks really useful. 

  99. Dimas Alvarenga

    Dimas Alvarenga    

    This is more than useful,its handy..

  100. orville leslie

    orville leslie    

    i think that we all must have one

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