I contributed a bit to this piece on Google plus with some other great names.  Nice to see people promoting gplus positively outside of Gplus. :) A good read for new and old folks alike to Google Plus. It takes a comparison I often make to people… Google Plus is much like Twitter was in the start. :)


Reshared post from +Neal Schaffer

Today’s new blog post is on the subject of Google Plus and an attempt to explain its unique community and value to the rest of the world.  With help from +Guy Kawasaki , I was able to glean insights from some that are true G+ experts – and helpful people to boot.  +Windmill Networking Google Plus contributor and G+ expert himself +Mark Traphagen was able to introduce me to several G+ rockstars who agreed to offer their advice, including +Amanda Blain , +Jaana Nyström , +Linda Lawrey , +AJ Kohn and +Fraser Cain . Rounding out the contributions are +Paul Gailey Alburquerque , someone who went personally out of his way to help me with Google Plus and Google Authorship, as well as Windmill Networking contributors +Chris Treadaway , +Joseph Ruiz and +Debbie Miller who offer their own unique perspectives.

The net-net is hopefully a post that would seem representative of the thoughts of heavy Google Plus users but also appealing to “newbies” who would want to spend more time here.  It is a difficult balance, but by comparing the Google Plus of today with the early days of Twitter, I do hope I struck that precious balance.

Thanks again to all of the contributors who are “tagged” in this post – and I look forward to continuing the conversation here on Google Plus!

Guy Kawasaki and 10 Experts Chime in on the Value of Google Plus – and How You Can Start to Leverage It

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Guy Kawasaki and 10 Experts Chime in on the Value of Google Plus

The value of Google Plus & how you can begin to leverage it for your business or yourself. Featuring advice from Guy Kawasaki, Mark Traphagen, and other G+ experts.

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Amanda Blain

Business Owner, Super Hero & Geek Girl. Likes Google, Technology, Video Games & Social Media. Over 4 Million followers on GooglePlus. I am the owner of Girlfriend Social the website.

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  1. Brent Nicholls    

    I bought this book on my Kindle…it gave me some good advice and if u r are completely hopeless…it will guide u in the right direction! Well worth  buy! +Guy Kawasaki +Neal Schaffer 

  2. Amanda Blain    

    Although the book is mention in the article… It's not what the article is about +Brent Nicholls  . :) Food for thought next time your choosing your picture though +Neal Schaffer  😀

  3. Bearman Cartoons    

    Congrat's +Amanda Blain, Oh and I see my friends +Jaana Nyström  and +Mark Traphagen are in the book as well.  Nice.

    Now has anyone told +Neal Schaffer that he resembles Craig Ferguson?

  4. Brent Nicholls    

    +Amanda Blain funny enough, in the book it talks about the importance of having a relevant image with a post, as most people will read the image, but not often the whole text, and even less click on a link….

  5. Jonathan Lancaster    

    It usually takes Guy Kawasaki less than 24 hours to produce a tome.  Slipping.

  6. Anthony Cacaccio    

    Great read +Amanda Blain ….i set a google+ page up for my business….the boss man likes it better than facebook.

  7. Jonathan Lancaster    

    +Anthony Cacaccio I got the same from that.  I will be experimenting with that too.  Good luck with yours!

  8. Neal Schaffer    

    Hey +Bearman Cartoons , I've never been told that I resembled Craig Ferguson, but in my college days there was one person who said I reminded them of Mel Gibson. Wondering what the common thread is between me and these two?

  9. Bearman Cartoons    

    One's a Scottish Man and one played one??

  10. Neal Schaffer    

    Funny +Bearman Cartoons !!! I don't have an ounce of Scottish blood in me … but I did visit Scotland for the first time ever this year! Maybe in a previous life … hmmm ….

  11. Luke Mulvey    

    Great article, having only been an active user on G+ for approx 2-3 months now +Amanda Blain and posts like this were instrumental to getting me going. Following these suggestions/tips worked. I've found the community on G+ to be one of the friendliest and most helpful around.

  12. Bill Gassett    

    Outstanding well written article!

  13. Thomas Schoberl    

    I have been submitting some work to my internal coworkers on Yammer recently on the positives on G+.  I know there are some very interested takers.

  14. Nobilangelo Ceramalus    

    How can anyone with at least one functioning neuron not be positive about Google Plus?

  15. Janice Mansfield    

    Totally agree with you +Amanda Blain re your observation about G+ having that egalitarian "feel" and free flow to it that twitter had 2-3 years ago!

  16. Arif Fullah    

    Hay Amanda
    Ajari Aku menggunakan Google

  17. Chinelo Obiegue    

    Is better off than all the socia networking

  18. nil cam    

    muy buen lo tuyo……pero hablo español,soy de uruguay

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